what ever happened to the days,,,


July 7, 2003, 08:49 AM
when you could say "stop, or i'll shoot!!"

then fire a warning shot

and then let 'em have it if they don't stop?


did that ever actually exist ??

or is it yet one more hollywood fabrication? :rolleyes:


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July 7, 2003, 09:37 AM
Hollywood and liberal ideas about how people will stop because they're scared of you... Most criminals I know (and I deal with them daily) just love those who give warnings - it gives them time to make themselves scarce, or, if they're close enough, time to close with the good guy and grab the weapon (which can be done in a frighteningly short time from close range).

July 7, 2003, 10:15 AM

You know, I've always wanted to do the sexy hair-flip thing while drawing ,with a well manicured hand, a snubnose. I'll be able to hit bullseye on everything up to 100 yards away without even using my sights.

Well, that's how the original Charlie's Angels did it, anyway. :scrutiny:

July 7, 2003, 10:36 AM
Never liked the idea of warning shots myself.
It is still an application of deadly force and it wastes ammo that you may well need later.

July 7, 2003, 10:42 AM
Warning shots & shooting to wound...pure fiction ;)

Duncan Idaho
July 7, 2003, 11:00 AM
Whatever warning the street thug needs should have been issued to him by his mama. It was her job to tell him "Don't be a :cuss: :cuss:, or somebody will shoot your :cuss:.

July 7, 2003, 04:05 PM
so "stop or i'll shoot" would be a lot like a yellow light, it means go faster,,,


i needed those laughs...



Mostly Harmless
July 7, 2003, 04:19 PM
I've heard it said that if one wants to stop a street thug in his tracks, one should speak his language.

Thus a polite "stop or I'll shoot" is inadequate.

I believe the appropriate vernacular is "Freeze M---F---- or I'll blow your brains out!" (this assumes that said thug actually has brains, which might not be the case).

A loud verbal warning (especially if there are potential witnesses) is useful in proving self-defence later if necessary. Wasting ammo on warning shots isn't.

If the threat isn't stopped by a verbal warning, shoot until it does stop.


July 7, 2003, 05:08 PM
Warning shot? Like, up in the air? What goes up, must come down, and you are liable for that bullet where ever it lands.

Nope. No warning shot.

July 7, 2003, 05:42 PM
Old military method seems best to me:

1. Aim rifle at intruders COM

2. Move safety lever to full auto, while maintaining the sight picture, yelling
"HALT! Who goes there?" ( or, in the civilian context "FREEZE MF! ...)

3. If it moves again, no matter how little a move, or if you thought it did,
gently move the weapon's trigger to the rear, releasing it when three
rounds have departed the weapon. Repeat as required until the down
range motion has ceased.

Simple, direct, and it still works for me, though I'm likely to use a shotty or a pistol in preference to an AR. End result should be about the same.

July 7, 2003, 08:23 PM
i concur with darin...what goes up,will come down.i remember an unfortunate incident where a guy that was running on foot from a stop.officer fired an warning shot intended to go over the guys head-only it didnt go over his head,it hit him in the back of the head as he was running down the field.it only takes a single stray round.

July 7, 2003, 08:27 PM
If you're one of a pair of criminals....

And I shoot the crook next to you...

THAT was your warning shot...

And I'll be giving your partner his warning shot momentarily...:evil:

Standing Wolf
July 7, 2003, 08:28 PM
Two warning shots to the chest, followed by two warning shots to the head should do the proverbial "trick" for violent criminals.

July 7, 2003, 08:43 PM
seeker_two: :D :D :neener:

July 7, 2003, 08:59 PM
It should be more like....



"Or I'll Shoot!"

Or in the UK.......


"Or I shall say stop again!"

Carpe Carp (Seize the Fish)

July 7, 2003, 09:07 PM
I like seeker_two and Standing Wolf's ideas of warning shots! :evil:

July 7, 2003, 09:26 PM
I like the way the Navy does things. Warning shots are NOT allowed. If you have to pull your weapon, and fire it, there best be a dead BG. Or you got lots of 'splainin to do. Like, where did the bullets you fired impact?


July 7, 2003, 09:29 PM
I like seeker_two and Standing Wolf's ideas of warning shots!

They beat me to the punch.

July 7, 2003, 09:48 PM
I saw that movie, "Stop, or my Mom will shoot!" Only in Hollywood.:rolleyes:

July 7, 2003, 10:14 PM
Everybody has seen "It's a Wonderful Life" a jillion times, si? I'm still jarred by the scene in which Ward Bond (Officer Friendly) hauls out ol' Snort and starts letting fly at Jimmy Stewart (George Bailey) who is showing a clean set of heels, running thru a holiday crowd. Musta been the way it was then, but it sure ain't how it is now.

July 7, 2003, 10:25 PM
Reminds me of a well-known policeman and firearms instructor's "April Fool" story. To spare any blushes, I won't name him (some of you will doubtless know who I'm talking about), but here it is, roughly as I heard it from him:

A trial was in progress in New York City. The defendant was charged with armed robbery of a small business. He was seated in a wheelchair, while the police officer in charge of the stakeout team that had captured (and wounded) him (and killed his partner in crime) was testifying as to the events that occurred during the robbery.

The prosecutor said "Officer, please describe for us the events leading up to the shooting."

The officer said, "Sir, on the morning of the day in question, we received information that Store X might be robbed. We accordingly sent a two-man team, myself and my partner, to stake out the store. We concealed ourselves inside the store and awaited developments. The defendant and his partner entered the store, pointed their firearms at the clerk behind the counter, and demanded money. We called on them to throw down their weapons and surrender. They failed to comply, and offered resistance, at which point shots were fired, resulting in the death of one robber and the injury to the defendant."

After a bit more questioning, the officer was released, and the defendant was put on the witness stand. His lawyer asked him, "Was the officer's version of the events of that day correct?"

"S***, naw!" answered the hapless defendant. "Me and my homie wuz pointin' our guns at dis dude behind da counter when all of a sudden there wuz this awful noize, and my homie wuz lyin' there without no haid, and I wuz lyin' on da ground in da most awful pain, and dis cop wuz standin' over me wit' da barrel of a shotgun stuck raht in my mouf, sayin' 'April Fool, motha******!' "

Warning shot, indeed... :D

July 7, 2003, 10:34 PM
Warning shots & shooting to wound...pure fiction

And less than lethal ammo.

My warning shot is the subsonic bang that'll reach them before the slug catches up. (850 fps):D

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