CCW for dress clothes?


September 9, 2007, 11:01 PM
So, I love my HK P2000SK. The VMII is great with an untucked shirt.

I carry ALL the time with it when I am dressed casual.

However, I have been sticking the gun in my briefcase when I dress up.

This is less than ideal, of course.

I do have the deep clips for the VMII that go on the pants and the belt goes over that. I tried it and just as I got in the door coming home it fell out.

To be blunt I have a muscular ass. Sorry. It had to be stated. :embarassed:

My hip/butt pushes out the holster at an angle. One of the clips came totally out as I get in/out of my car often.

Plus, I was still confused how my dress shirt was suppose to cover the top of the holster. I get pull it out a bunch so it goes over the top? But that looks rediculous- and regardless my hip/ass pushes the clips out.

SO......that method of carry is out. I switched the clips back tot he belt loops for casual wear.

The gun goes in my briefcase.

I saw what MAY be a better IWB holster as I searched all over...but it's the same system. No matter what I think IWB will not work for my dress clothes.

But wait...even in hot weather I can wear a sports coat. So, I tried to put the SK in my inside pocket and it was just too heavy/bulky and the butt didn't clear the pocket. :frown:

Crap. Back in the briefcase it went.

I am wondering about this:

It looks doable with some shirts. But still- reaction time will be way down having to untuck, lift then draw. Dunno. I think my body is built well for that though.

There's also smart carry:

But it seems people need to wear VERY loose pants for that.

Hmm...dunno...maybe it could work. Actually, I can't see how the gun in a pouch wouldn't be a HUGE odd buldge when sitting down with customers.

So, my thoughts were leaning towards getting a try pocket gun. S&W AirLite or something similar- maybe a kahr.

I COULD put the SK in the DeSantis pocket holster and while it doesn't look bad walking around, it feels heavy and when sitting it a big ass buldge that looks like a book. That's just too uncomfortable to me to wear all day.

My thoughts were to keep the SK in my briefcase which I have by my side always, but have a true pocket gun I could use until I could get to the SK - IF I still needed it.

I cannot wear an ankle holster as I have HUGE calves.

I just tried putting my SK in the sport coat jacket pocket by itself and while it goes mostly in crooked- it's just still too heavy.

Keep in mind it's Orlando and most of my clothes is very lightweight.

Should I try a good shoulder rig? Just put the gun wear it would end up and I dunno. Plus, it just seems awkward to access.

I could always have my sport coat and suit jackets pockets modified to fit the gun. Still the weight really pulls that side of the jacket down a lot.


Those of you with flat asses/hips are lucky for IWB! :rolleyes:


I could get someone to create a compartment on the back of the briefcase with Velcro so I'd have very quick access. I may do that plus get a very slim true pocket gun to always keep in my pocket.

The new Walther PPS looks pretty attractive for that purpose. That or a small wheel gun or MAYBE a kahr.


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September 9, 2007, 11:59 PM
A shoulder holster is not nearly so slow and clumsy as it looks/seems. I carried a 1917 in one for many years and could draw fast enough to shoot rabbits with it. You would do best to have your sport coat/ jacket cut with a little ease built in to the weak side, though. If you are worried about the "bulge" showing in the coat, just have a couple of ladies' shoulder pads sewn into the other side to balance things out. (Or, hang your magazine pouches there. :D )



September 10, 2007, 12:21 AM
I wear a sport coat or suit every day to work, but I usually remove it from time to time. For me, the best way to carry is a S&W 642 in my pocket. If I'm wearing a suit, I'll carry a KelTec P32 in my pocket, or either of the mentioned guns in a Don Hume JIT slide holster, depending on whether I'll be wearing the jacket part of my ensemble or if I'll take it off.

I've tried SmartCarry, and it wasn't right for me, but I can see why lots of people like it. I'd only carry this way if I was absolutely worried about the repercussions of being caught carrying, which I never am.

September 10, 2007, 12:40 AM
Those of you with flat asses/hips are lucky for IWB!
Not really. When you get into the 'skinny rat' category, belt carry of nearly any kind is difficult.

I dress up, m'self... and it's gotten to the point where it seems odd to not having a tucked shirt. I use shoulder carry: reg'lar white t-shirt (v-neck models are great) and some kind of button-up collared shirt over it (great concealment, good comfort). You can take the buttons and sew them to the outside of the buttonhole area, and use velcro to keep your shirt shut. Or a single undone button or two - which is easy to conceal when wearing a tie.

I use Ken Null's SMZ rig for a 4" K-frame.
This model requires a twist to the side to release the gun. Retention is great, and the high-elbow draw you get with the traditional vertical rig isn't needed.
Shipping time is extremely fast. One week after sending the money order, the holster was on the doorstep.
Here's another variant:
Thumbreak instead of the SMZ's snap. Your model of pistol isn't listed on the website, but you can call to see if they've got a model for it. The web list hasn't been updated in a while.

September 10, 2007, 12:48 AM
Another vote for pocket carry. I'm a consultant, and 'dress up', but frequently take of my coat. It's just easier to use a pocket holster. It helps that many slack have HUGE pockets. I can easily fit a full sized 1911 in my front pocket.

Another advantage to a should rig that mny wife like to point out - you can sit in the 'throne' without it being a major juggling act.

September 10, 2007, 08:34 AM
I am not sure about the HK. I use a smartcarry for my Kahr CW9 when wearing dress pants. It really is not noticeable. I can get away with using it on my pt140pro, but it is more noticeable. With the pt140, I was twisting it to the side and putting it under my front pocket.

September 10, 2007, 09:18 AM
Another idea is a tuckable IWB holster. I use a Blade-Tech UCH ( ) which works pretty well for dress clothes. I tuck in the shirt over the holster and then stretch my arms up to add some slack to the shirt. This gives enough slack material to cover the holster and gun, while still looking natural. The only thing showing is the clip, which blends well with dark colored belts/slacks. Still haven't found a good way to hide reloads, however.

September 10, 2007, 09:25 AM
I gave up trying to wear my XD-40 with a tucked in shirt, despite my CrossBreed SuperTuck Holster. The gun is just too big not to print. If I'm wearing a suit or sport jacket and I know I'm not going to take the jacket off, I'll wear an OWB belt holster. Barring that, its a Bersa .380 in a pocket holster.

September 10, 2007, 09:38 AM

? just throwing it out there. i am looking at getting one

September 10, 2007, 05:40 PM
Seecamp in a pocket holster.

At just 13oz. loaded, it won't sag your lightweight clothes all out-of-whack.

That's how I carry wearing suit/coat/tie/tucked-in nice shirts where ANY of the available belt clips (even on a tuckable holster) is a dead giveaway.

September 10, 2007, 08:48 PM
I'd go for the Smartcarry and a smaller gun. I have no prob hiding my Makarov in one, it just about disappears. I'm 215# and 6'1", I'm sure some people's sizes/body types won't work with it, but I was very impressed after being skeptical initially. I usually carry a 1911 in my VM2 and never had any good luck getting it to work with a tucked in shirt either.


September 13, 2007, 08:40 PM
Went to local shop JUST to feel out some guns as they are usually VERY over priced.

Looked at Kahr and even Rohrbaugh. Looked at the pricey 340 S&W 357 magnum. Looked cool, lightweight, but darn...

Considering this isn't my primary carry I didn't want to go that high.

I liked the kid who seemed to like nice weapons- had a Rohrbraugh himself. Looked at the S&W 642 which had $500 and change on the sticker. Again- I figured I'd get it from Buds or gunbroker. But I really wanted a solution now.

He then mentioned they had them on sale for $389! That's what Buds has them for. SOLD! Got it, and new DeSantis pocket holsters they just got in, plus 1 box practice ammo and 1 box Speer carry ammo.

Will carry this little guy with me ALWAYS under any conditions. Granted- just 5rds .38 special, but it won't tickle and may give me time to get access to my HK P2000SK if needed. I'm showing 13 houses Saturday so I'll feel comfy with the 642 in my pocket.

Some pics of the "family"

September 13, 2007, 08:42 PM
I got the active carry shoulder harness which actually may work well. The smart carry should come tomorrow or Sat.

Regardless, when I'm dressed up at least I now have 'instant' gun access.

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