Maybe I'm coming around?


Black Adder LXX
September 22, 2007, 04:48 PM
:clears throat:

...Ok. I have disliked glocks ever since I first shot one 2 years ago and it jammed on me at the range. I have repeatedly been annoyed by Glock owners spouting off about how they're perfect (and the first one I ever shot jammed). I have shot a buddy's G22 and really disliked the ergonomics of the grip as I tore one big raggedy hole through the 10 ring.

If I'm anything, I try to be open and intellectually honest. That's probably why in SPITE of the dogmatic "perfection" crowd, I have earnestly tried to *like* Glocks. I have given them every opportunity when they've been around to try. I mean there must be *some* reason why folks buy them by the truckloads...

Well, I may be coming around. A buddy of mine recently got a G27 sub-compact, which I shot very well. I actually was more natural with it than with my own M&P 9c. For the first time I actually didn't totally hate the feel of a Glock. Then another buddy of mine got a G19 compact, which I have yet to shoot. Well, I went to the local gun show today and spent some time at a few Glock tables. I found the G19 and handled it for a while, and I didn't hate it either. I guess the full sized pistols with their block-ish grips don't fit my hand at all, but the Compacts and Subs fit so that I don't catch those blocky 'corners' on the grip.

I guess the next thing will be to get my buddy with the G19 to let me try it out. I know I shoot Glocks well, and if I don't hate to shoot that one... well... :deep breath: ...i might... consider putting the G19... on my... list... next...

Maybe...I am willing to be open minded... But I refuse to be one of those annoying 'these are the only guns on the planet' types...

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September 22, 2007, 05:32 PM
I hate the feel of that little bar in the middle of the trigger, definitely left my finger sore. Don't hate the guns though, outside them being butt ugly.

Suppose I'll get that on any gun with that 'safety' though.

September 23, 2007, 03:41 AM
But I refuse to be one of those annoying 'these are the only guns on the planet' types...

Well, to my way of thinking, thats a good attitude. It's cool to have favorites and all, but I get sort of annoyed with the guys that look down their nose at everything but their particular favorite.

I disliked Glocks for years, but the more I have messed around with them, the more interested I have become. I don't know that I will ever buy a Glock specifically, especially since the S&W M&P seems to fit my hand so nice, but I will say that they are on my short list.

September 23, 2007, 10:27 AM
I do acknowledge that they are not for everybody, nor are they perfect. I have missed with them and, a "perfect" gun wouldn't have let that happen.:D I used to think they were ugly but I now think of them as "utilitarian" in apperance. I too am open to new things and I bought a Springfield XD because of it similarity to the Glock. I absolutely, unequivocaly HATED it. I could not get rid of that thing fast enough. That said, I am sure that it is a fine gun and I know they have a dedicated following. It just wasn't for me. I hope it now has a good home and is loved by someone as much as I love my Glocks.:D I recently picked up a Smith and Wesson M&P and instantly fell in love with the feel of it. I am hoping to get a chance to fire one to see if I truly want to buy one. I love 1911's and have owned a couple of them over the years but I will not keep one or carry one for Self Defense. I just can not get used to the idea of cocked and locked carry and I long ago determined that all my defensive pistols must be able to funtion basically the same way. For me that means not "having" to disengage a safety. For years I had a couple Smith revolvers, a Smith 4516-1 and a Glock. The Smith 4516-1 was DA/SA with a decocker safety so, since the first shot was DA it was safe to keep it loaded with the safety off which is what I did. All I had to do with any of the guns was point and pull the trigger, KISS. Anyway, back to the Glocks. They are not pretty but they WORK in pretty much any condition. I do not believe that any gun has been as brutally tested as the Glock. For me, the reason I like them so much is that the the compacts carry pretty easily for me and they function almost flawlessly. The only malfunctions that I have ever had, and there were only two, could easily be traced back to the ammo in one case and, the mag in the other. There has to be some reason that they have as big a share of the Law Enforcement market which, I believe is at about 40%. What I don't understand is why some people are convinced they are junk and have cornered the maket on Kabooms. Trust me you can blow up any gun, I have seen Ruger Blackhawks that were torn apart and it usually comes right back to the ammo, most often reloads.

September 23, 2007, 10:33 AM
I am an "EOGO" Equal Opportunity Gun Owner. I have a glock a couple S&Ws some autos some revolvers, and I really enjoy them all. My Glock is a factory reconditioned police trade G17 1st gen My wife and I love to shoot it it seems to work flawlessly unless you limp wrist it. I love the captive recoil spring, on my S&Ws I call it the "Goddamnit" spring, as this is what I yell when it flies across the room. All guns have their ups and downs but one mans trash is another mans treasure.

Black Adder LXX
September 23, 2007, 11:15 AM
I used to think they were ugly but I now think of them as "utilitarian" in apperance.

You know what's funny? I have never really thought of Glocks as ugly... Well not *really* ugly :)

I've never included looks as a part of my beef with them. For me it has always been about ergonomics. I don't even mind the grip angle. It's the way the full size grips fit in my hand. I've always thought that I wouldn't mind having one if it weren't for that issue. I shoot pretty well with all my other pistols, and they all feel great in the hand.

And I don't own a nickel plated sissy pistol...

September 23, 2007, 01:34 PM
But I refuse to be one of those annoying 'these are the only guns on the planet' types...

Glocks aren't the only guns on the planet? When did this happen? :neener:

Glad to hear you are coming around. Glocks are great, not the end all be all of firearms, but they are great. Good luck with your decision.

September 23, 2007, 05:06 PM
I really wish Glock would offer some ergo options in their pistols.

I shoot them very well, I'm impressed with their reliability, but I've never had one feel right in the hand.

September 23, 2007, 05:11 PM
I was the same way...tried the full size glocks and couldn't find one I liked...picked up a used g30 a few weeks ago and it feels great in the hand and does good at the range...

I also have a m&p 9c and love it...the g30 gives me another option for ccw...

I do own a nickel plated sissy pistol...a 4" python...:)

September 23, 2007, 05:24 PM
Resistance is futile.

Baba Louie
September 23, 2007, 06:01 PM
They may not be perfect, but ya gotta admit, they do have better marketing than, say... Colt, right?

Glock's are just guns. Your basic utility infielder. Something that can get dropped into a gravel pit and you don't freak out about it. Just shake out any loose little pieces of rock and keep on shooting out the center of the target. It WANTS character like that. Your basic Colt Gold Cup, Les Baer TRP, Ed Brown "Special Forces" or Wilson CQB... maybe not so much of that kind of character wanted. Probably wouldn't hurt 'em. Too much.

And that spongey trigger? It's at least, consistent, if not crisp. Nice short reset too.

Before my Dad passed away, he shot my G17 a time or three. He hated the plastic, hated the trigger. Totally blind in his right eye, he still outshot me, and said, "It might be fugly and an abomination, but it is accurate." ;)

Black Adder LXX
September 23, 2007, 11:48 PM
WEG- that is an awesome Borg-smiley thingy whatchamacallit!

September 24, 2007, 12:53 AM
I hated the GLOCK until I bought one. Be careful, they grow on you. :D

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