Federal Buckshot With FliteControl Wad (Farnam)


Fred Fuller
September 23, 2007, 02:08 PM
From recent updates to instructor John Farnam's Quips, Quotes and Lessons Learned ( http://www.defense-training.com/quips/quips.html ):


Federal "Flight-Control"

07 Sept 07

Federal Flight-Control Shotshells:

At a LEO Program this week in OH, one of my students, Training Officer for a large agency, brought a copy of his department's short-barreled Mossberg 590 shotgun. He came with two brands of 00 buckshot ammunition. His agency does not issue slugs nor any other size of buckshot.

Current department-issue is WW "reduced-recoil" buckshot, and he had a supply of that. However, he is considering switching over to Federal " Flight-Control," also in 00 buckshot, so he had some of that also.

The Federal rounds are full-power (not "reduced-recoil), and the recoil difference is noticeable when one shoots one, then the other.

However, what jumped out at all of us was the difference in patterning! Shooting at ten meters, WW rounds consistently produced twelve-inch, uniform-density patterns out of the short-barreled shotgun. Out of the same shotgun, Federal rounds produced dense, eight-inch patterns. A two-thirds reduction! From an eighteen-inch-barreled shotgun, the same Federal round produced four-inch patterns, an eighty-percent reduction, all uniformly dense, and with no flyers.

Wad technology employed by Federal is clever. The one-piece, plastic wad has fins that deploy after exit from the muzzle. When deployed, the fins resemble those on a high-drag bomb. They are designed to immediately slowthe wad and prevent it from overtaking and passing through the pellet mass. It works in spades!

A similar effect can be attained with conventional buckshot rounds on shotguns equipped with the wad-retarding Wad-Wizard device or that have been modified with a Vang-Comp. Now, Federal has incorporated the technology into the shotshells itself.

When using this ammunition, even in a short-barreled shotgun, one is essentially shooting a "bullet" between the muzzle and seven meters. Maximum useable range has been effectively extended from twenty meters to twenty-five meters; thirty meters with an eighteen-inch barreled shotgun!

For those using shotguns for serious purposes, Federal Flight-Control is a good way to go!




Field-use of Federal Flight-Control 00 Buckshot:

09 Sept 07

Field use of Federal 12ga Flight-Control Buckshot, from a range officer with a large Midwestern PD:

"Last week, one of our patrol officers confronted a single, armed, robbery suspect at a range of ten meters. When the suspect made threatening verbalizations and gestures, the officer fired a single shot from his department-issued Remington 870. The round was Federal Flight-Control 00 Buckshot.

The tight cluster of 00 pellets struck the suspect in the right side of his hip. He went right down, offering no further resistance. At the hospital, attending sturgeons asked if the suspect had been hit with a slug. We assured them that it was a single, buckshot round.

X-rays revealed that several pellets were still in the suspects's body, but that most had transverse-penetrated and subsequently exited. Tissue destruction was copious, so much so that the suspect's right leg had to be amputated at the hip. He is expected to survive, but has obviously sustained permanent, disabling/disfiguring injury.

We are most please with this round's fight-stopping ability. This suspect went from dangerous/threatening to meek/crippled, all in less than a second!"

Comment: It is difficult to imagine a better fight-stopping effect than described in the foregoing. Federal's new wad technology represents a pivotal improvement in shotshell performance, breathing new life into the "old-standby" police shotgun. Something we all need to look at seriously!


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September 23, 2007, 02:28 PM

September 23, 2007, 04:16 PM
Good to know, I have been buying this since my local store started requiring LE ID for the Hornady 00 Semi-auto ammo. I haven't had a chance to pattern it yet, but will post results when I do.

September 23, 2007, 04:45 PM

Thanks for great information again.

I have never preferred or suggested any reduced recoil loading, especially the Win brand.
My take is based on the "ball" in the Win load disrupting patten [IMO/IME] and that ball "bouncing back" therefore a potential safety problem in training and quality practice.
Another take , comes from again my T&E over the years on loads, chokes, patterns and all. No good way to describe it , just there exists a "ratio" of payload, to bore and components being effective.
T-o-o many years ago, I piddled with reduced recoil loads in 00, slugs and such and <teeters hand> did not see a positive result.

Hard shot, good components, and enough "oomph" , in a balanced "ratio" works, and does so in many "shotguns" and "barrels".

Flight wad, yeah, great idea, and it works.


September 23, 2007, 05:28 PM
Are there any reduced recoil loads that use this stabilizing wad system?

September 23, 2007, 05:39 PM
IIRC, the Federal reduced recoil ("Tactical") 00 also uses the FlightControl technology.

September 23, 2007, 05:44 PM
Here ya go: http://www.le.atk.com/Interior.asp?section=1&page=pages/federal/fed_shot_tactical.asp

NEW! Welcome to a revolution in buckshot cartridge design.
Federal Premium® has turned shotshell technology 180 degrees with the new FLITECONTROL™ Wad. This exciting and innovative shotshell system delivers the tightest buckshot patterns available for law enforcement—all without expensive barrel alterations or aftermarket choke tubes. Tactical Buckshot also features copper-plated shot and recoil reduction that, when combined with the FLITECONTROL wad, result in the most dependable and predictable pattern performance available. Tactical also features a solid brass head for reliable function—not brass-plated steel that can swell and cause extraction issues. To top it off, all Federal Tactical Shotshell offerings are loaded with the unique and famous, Basic-Lead Styphnate 202 primer. Federal Premium Tactical Buckshot is offered in reduced recoil 8 and 9 pellet 00, and a full power 9 pellet 00 for semi-automatic shotguns. New Tactical Buckshot featuring FLITECONTROL transforms the most basic police shotgun into a precision shooting tool."

NEW! The Shotshell Revolution continues-
Federal’s Tactical TruBall Rifled Slug provides an amazing accuracy improvement for smoothbore shotguns. The unique TruBall system locks the components together, centering the slug in the barrel. This unique system promotes clean separation of components after muzzle exit to ensure greater down-range accuracy. TruBall is capable of 2” groups at 50-yards—more like what you’d expect of sabot slugs shot from a rifled barrel. Federal Tactical Slugs also feature an all brass head for improved extraction and ejection and a blue hull for easy visual identification. The TruBall Rifled Slug ushers in a new generation of rifled slug systems and provides the confidence you need in standard police shotguns."

September 23, 2007, 05:55 PM
Another real world example of what I noticed in the difference between 14" or less SG and 18-20" both with the same (or cylinder )choke. The experts claim that bbl. length doesn't effect pattern!

September 23, 2007, 06:51 PM

Gee, it must be twue, if Intraweb say so, don't cha know? ;)

Gordon, I pay attention to your posting, reviews, perspectives and such.
We may be "near" in age , still you do have some backgrounds many do not, have experiences many will not (hopefully they never will) and continue to "educate" yourself.

Dude, we may be near in age, still you have credentials and resume' I do not. :respect:

Gordon you and I know...others too
Makes no never mind what a shotgun /shells is marked or what some one "says" - what does them suckers actually do, is the key.

Test, Evaluate, Investigate, Verify and Know for one's Self is the key.

What do I know? I am the idiot adding Malto-Meal, or Grits to Nickel Plated , hard shot in 00 and other sizes for "testing and wanting to know".

FWIW a 18" open cylinder 28 gauge barrel "can" be real effective with a load of Nickel plated 00 pellets...[that barrel may have been tested shorter, but we cannot go there]
Sorta missed the original barrel length, with fixed full choke, but hey, thems the breaks in testing and "wanting to know".
I did not "fail" with the full choke test - I was just "educated" is all. :uhoh:

Robert Hairless
September 23, 2007, 07:55 PM
I've had similar results from the Federal Premium Law Enforcement #00 (LE 13200) in my Benelli M1 and M4 and my Remington 870, all with 18" barrels. It has the Flitecontrol wad and is reduced recoil. In the Benellis from 7 yards up to about 12 yards it produces a hole that looks as if it were made by an oversized slug. A pussycat to shoot. I've been using it happily for about two years, I think.

It's the Tactical shell that perpster mentioned.

Dave McCracken
September 23, 2007, 10:04 PM
Thanks, Lee for passing that on. Guess I should get some and try it out.

September 23, 2007, 10:20 PM
Here's some pics of what some Federal 2-3/4 00 Vital Shok with the flight control wad does out of my 20 inch IC rifle sighted barrel at 10, 15, 20 and 25 yards.
10, 15 and 20 yards
Two at 25 yards.

Needless to say I have 100 rounds of the stuff on hand here at the house.


September 24, 2007, 01:48 AM
I fired a box of the reduced recoil version
and got a single hole at 10 yards and a 4"
pattern at 15 yards

The shotgun used was a older Mossberg
500A with a 18.5" cylinder bore barrel.

Robert Hairless
September 24, 2007, 10:40 AM
bpisler, your results are similar to mine at those distances.

September 24, 2007, 03:08 PM
Couple of things;

- Federal is using the same item number for the new Federal Premium Law Enforcement #00 with the new flite control shot cup (LE 13200) and the old, normal wad rounds. I’ve seen a lot of the old stuff for sale. You have to look for the word “flitecontrol” on the box to know it is the new stuff.

-Federal is using the same shot cup in a variety of “hunting rounds”:

PFC157 12 Pellets - 00 Buck 3 inch
PFC154 9 Pellets - 00 Buck 2 3/4 inch (shown in post #12 above.)
PFC154 low recoil, 9 Pellets - 00 Buck 2 3/4 inch


I seems the PFC154 low recoil is the same round as the Federal Premium LE 13200 but in a different box.

- Remington was offering their own increased range buckshot, using their Hevi-shot alloy instead of lead, claiming 40% tighter patterns and 18% more penetration:



But I can’t find it on the Remington web site any more.

- Any way the best prices I’ve seen for the Federal FCW rounds are $1 per round (figuring in tax, shipping, etc.) Has anyone found better prices?

September 24, 2007, 03:17 PM
- Any way the best prices I’ve seen for the Federal FCW rounds are $1 per round (figuring in tax, shipping, etc.) Has anyone found better prices?
Ammunition to Go has the LE Flitecontrol stuff for $150/250 before shipping. Even after shipping that should be much less than $1/round.


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