Charges fit the Crime?


October 7, 2007, 05:59 PM

Okay, I saw this on another forum and was curious if people here think
that the charges fit the crime.

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October 7, 2007, 06:12 PM
Yes, I do.

"Things like this do go on at universities today," said McCafferty. "These two subjects should know this isn't a very good prank to play."

That's a big duh right there with Columbine still influencing school policy left and right and the Virginia Tech victims barely in the ground. These guys are grade-A morons and probably scared the hell out of a lot of people.

October 7, 2007, 06:17 PM
Jumping out from behind bushes and pointing an Uzi airgun at people at 3 a.m.? What idiots.

"...both men had the odor of alcohol." Who would have guessed that. Morons.

Pointing pellet guns at people to scare them? Assault.

"Police reported being called to the campus around 3 a.m. today about two men armed with airguns jumping out and scaring students.

Police reported a campus security guard caught one of the men with a handgun. A second man threw an Uzi machine gun to the ground and ran away, police reported.

The second man was caught by police on Wellesley Avenue Extension and was identified by one of the students as having a fake gun, police reported.

Gregory Shrader, 24, and Daniel Buck, 23, both of 705 Wilkins St, were each charged with felonious assault, disorderly conduct and having a weapon on school grounds.

Both men told police they were just having fun and were just trying to scare the other students. Police reported both men had an odor of alcohol."

October 7, 2007, 06:48 PM
Yes, I do. I agree, but on another forum, people were saying that the charges were excessive. (Due to the felony charge they will lose the right to bear arms.)

October 7, 2007, 06:52 PM
They have already proven that they are happy to get drunk, go out and risk getting themselves killed by pointing weapons at people "for fun." That's not the face of responsible gun ownership.

Doing so with toy guns is bad enough - I'm glad they won't be getting the opportunity to do so with the real thing.

October 7, 2007, 06:57 PM
i think the charges are fine. there was just a law passed here or downtown or something, that treats airguns and fake weapons exactly the same as real weapons. they are now illegal to carry, let alone pretend to use.

October 7, 2007, 07:11 PM
Police Chief Bill McCafferty said both men were just trying to scare people for fun.

Too bad they were doing this on a campus and not on the street where they could have run into someone with CWP. I'm sure they would have thought it real funny when they pull their toy gun on someone and they get a real one pulled back on them. I certainly wouldn't have hesitated to pull my ccw and shoot in self defense. Late at night, dark out, couple guys jump out at you with what very well could be a real gun, sorry guys I'm not going to stop and ask you if that thing is real.

IMO they got what they deserved.

October 7, 2007, 07:15 PM
I would say that the charges were extremely harsh had this been two 12 year olds playing cops and robbers with very realistic toy guns. But it wasn't. People that old trying to incite fear got exactly what they deserve.

Bazooka Joe71
October 7, 2007, 07:17 PM
Too bad these morons weren't shot....Preferably about ~6-8 inches below their belt buckles.

October 7, 2007, 09:16 PM
I wonder what the headlines would have been had an armed off duty cop been one of their "victims" and said off duty cop shot and killed one of them? Or they had scared someone bad enough to cause a heart attack and death?

October 7, 2007, 09:27 PM

(Due to the felony charge, they will lose the right to bear arms.)

The best thing for all concerned!:D:D

October 9, 2007, 12:34 AM
Hi Alligator,

Actually these people should consider themselves most fortunate. Had they pulled that joke anywhere near my hometown in Indiana they would have discovered to their sorrow that either:

A.) a fairly high percentage of the residents carry real guns or

B.) had they filed the plastic front sight off, the toy wouldn't have hurt so badly when some ex-veteran vigorously inserted same in a bodily orifice.


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