Lake City .223 Priming problem


October 26, 2007, 03:49 PM
Well weve all bought bulk brass from Ebay (prior to their new ban:fire:) or gunbroker etc...well I got mixed once fire .223 and the lc head stamps wont prime with lee sfty prime. Ive smased several primrs just too get the case out of the shell holder. All other head stamps wotk great. I am using winchester standard rifle primers. Thanx in adance...Again...And im sure there wil be more help needed later...

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October 26, 2007, 03:59 PM
Did you remove the primer crimp?

October 26, 2007, 04:03 PM
I had exactly the same problem with mixed brass. Destroyed many primer parts in my Loadmaster. :banghead:Discovered that all I had to do was use a pocket primer reamer. I use on that fits in a drill bit and I can power my way through a whole bunch in no time!:)

October 26, 2007, 04:18 PM
How can you tell by looking at it that there is a "mil" crimp?

Or do you just have to measure/trial fit?


October 26, 2007, 04:19 PM
Will try the poket reamer again, and no I dont know how to remove the crimp. Can youenlighte me please...and Thanks...

October 26, 2007, 04:42 PM
Decap the brass and use one of these in the pocket:

That's probably the cheapest way, but probably the slowest too. Dillon makes a pocket swager for around $90-$100. Search for "remove crimp" (no quotes) in the handloading forum and you should get plenty of hits.

Definitely don't chuck the brass. LC is good stuff.

October 26, 2007, 05:16 PM
Let's back up a step. See on your Winchester and other commercial/civilian cases how the primer pocket has rounded or bevelled edges. This allows new primers to guide themselves into the pocket easily. Now look at the primer pockets of your decapped LC brass. The crimp that held the old primer in place is still there, therefore the opening for your new primer is not as large plus it does not have the necessary bevel.

Using a case mouth reamer like the one mentioned above is fine for numbers under a hundred at a time. You'll only have to do it once to your crimped primer pickets.

Just remove enough brass to mimic what your commercial cases look like.

October 26, 2007, 08:01 PM
Here are a couple of examples.
I remove them with a dull drill bit, just be careful not to go to far.

October 26, 2007, 08:38 PM
Thanks for the pix Rusty!


Freedom in theSkies
October 27, 2007, 04:38 AM
I like the RCBS Primer Pocket Swager. Fast and precise.
Comes with both Lg. & Sm. anvils.

Mr White
October 27, 2007, 07:37 AM
+1 for the RCBS primer pocket swager. You can prep a lot of primer pockets in a short time with one of them. Costs about as much as a set of dies.

October 29, 2007, 06:28 PM
I like the Dillon swager. It is slow going with the 223, but it hums right along with 308 etc. It is a bit more expensive, but it is a standalone tool, and doesn't take up a die station or press in order to work. It is quite precise and a good value.

I've tried other swages, and they didn't get enough leverage, or if they did, it deformed the rim or extractor rim on the casings. The Dillon has a backup rod which extends down into the case to hold it firmly against the swage so that it may remove the crimp without placing any strain at all on the extractor rim of the case.

Dr. Dickie
October 31, 2007, 11:47 AM
No disrespect to the folks above that got good results withe RCBS. Glad you like it and it works for you. I bought one for the RCBS partner press I use to prep my rifle cases, and I found it to be a complete POS. Complete waste of money.
I have almost all LC brass for .30-'06, 7.62 Nato, and 5.56 Nato, so I need to do lot of primer pocket swaging. I got the Dillon, and it is wonderful. Worth the money, and no problems. Just my experience.

October 31, 2007, 03:40 PM
I got the RCBS pocket swage many years and used it to swage 1,000's of 45 and '06 without problem. I ran into problems and bent the rods trying to swage too much at once. RCBS replaced the rods without cost to me. As my shooting changed to more GI 308 and 223, The Dillon super swage is the only way to go.

October 31, 2007, 04:00 PM
I have an RCBS, and it will work, but is a LOT of trouble. If you have a lot of cases, get the Dillion.

Steve in PA
October 31, 2007, 04:54 PM
I use the RCBS Swager to deprime .223 and .30/06. I did over 2k of .223 and about 1k of .30/06, no troubles here.

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