OK, I did the research, now what's the real story on TN, AR, MI laws?


July 15, 2003, 09:33 PM
I'm going for an interview for a job in the Memphis area. It looks good to get the job, and that is gooood news. 3 years of "consulting" (fancy name for an engineering temp!) is enough! My family needs some roots.

So I looked up the state laws on the NRA site, but what's the reality? How's the climate for the 2A in these states? (The corners come together close enough that I think I could commute from any of them, though the job is in Memphis.)

Input from those who have experience there would be much appreciated!

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July 15, 2003, 09:53 PM
Do you mean Mississippi or Missouri?

July 15, 2003, 10:05 PM
I'm in AR, on paper 2A looks good, politically it sucks.

I spent some in various states awhile back, TN real good folks. Coming in from Nashville toward Memphis quite a few nice small towns...off the beaten path.

Check the taxes too...AR sucks again

July 15, 2003, 10:19 PM
Sorry, Mizzippippi. It's raht close.

(Did I get that right?) ;-)

(BTW, bjeng, I agree with your sig. Except that they aren't just leaving it in place - they're building it up!)

I spent some time in central TN last fall, and I liked it. Had no idea of moving there at the time. But it sure is pretty country. One thing was a problem though.... I've got this belt my father gave me - nicely tooled leather, with a buckle that's a replica of an old west Federal Marshall's badge. I had more than one person ask me if I were a Fed. And not with a completely pleasant tone, either. :scrutiny:

If I get the job, the buckle does NOT go to Tennessee with me! :D

'Coure, I had the same reaction in part's of Montana and Idyho a couple of years ago. :p

"small towns off the beaten path" Yeah - that's what I'm lookin' for!

July 16, 2003, 12:13 AM
I live in Memphis. Pretty gun friendly town. At least four indoor ranges and two oudoor ranges in the area.
Cops here seem to be pretty understanding towards "good guys" with guns.
A friend of mine is a County Deputy and has told me of several instances where he has stopped drivers and found that they had guns but no CCW. The stops were either traffic infractions or DUI roadblocks. He says that unless you are drunk or seem suspicious they usually don't make an issue of it and just write a ticket for the original traffic infraction.

There's really no reason not to have a CCW here; several places hold weekly classes and there is little red tape to cut through.

If you want to know more about the Memphis area, email me.
DON'T buy a home or rent an apartment without some insight about crime and traffic problems in your perspective area.

Let me know if I can help,

July 16, 2003, 08:40 AM
Thanks, BamBam. I'm off to the interview, and then a trip to India for my present employer. I should know if I got the job by the time I get back. I'lll check in then.

If I get the job you can bet I'll tap you for more info!

Thanks again, gents!

July 16, 2003, 09:30 AM
TN is great for the 2A. We just recognized carry permits from all other states. Can't beat that.

July 17, 2003, 05:20 AM
I spent some time in central TN last fall,
That's Middle Tennessee to you ;) Think of Tennessee as three states with a river dividing us. On the right you have the republicans on the left the democrats in the center are all the moderates. Funny how that works. I am of course joking (but only a little). Overall Tennessee is pretty gun friendly (at least the people are.) Come on down and enjoy the greatest state(s) in the union. :)

August 1, 2003, 10:14 PM
Well, I got to the interview AFTER the India trip. Long story involving planes with mechanical problems and airline incompetence. Suffice it to say I'll not fly Continental again!

Anyway, interviewed Monday evening after flying back from India. That's more than 24 hours travel time, so I was in great shape!

But I havn't heard anything yet, which is probably not good news....


Interesting the differences in airport security in other countries, though.

August 1, 2003, 10:42 PM
I still say TN and I'm an AR native.

That's Middle Tennessee to you OOPs sorry :D

I have been back to the "other side" of Knoxville, since last fall. You people are great, but still "I" was in the middle of nowhere. You folks are like us. "How do I get to such and such" reply" well north of the big highway (I40) you'll see Jone's farm follow the dirt road till you pass Martha's horse pasture, follow the dust and when you end up at Bill's cattle guard crossing you're close". LOL by golly I found it!!

There was a strip I was "makin good time" at wee hours of the morning...jiminey who put a toll booth in the "middle of nowhere"...kinda "stood her up and nose-dived" to toss coins. LOL

That stretch b/t Nashville and Memphis...beautiful...and one can make real good time.

Yep, go to TN. I will be flying low...err visiting again.

August 2, 2003, 11:41 PM
I'm an AR native.

I would say that if you are moving to Memphis, you are screwed all the way around.

You'll be living in the flat, hot, mosquito-infested delta no matter which state you pick. At least the barbecue will be good...that's one consolation. And who knows when the New Madrid fault will coke off again.....and when that happens, no more Memphis, anyway.

I saw one poster say that 2A "sucks politically" in AR, and I must confess, I'm not sure what he meant by that.

In my section of AR, (far western) there is no gun registration of any kind, and even Class III licenses are plentiful. Just about every doctor lawyer, and other person with enough salary to afford and who wants one has a Class III.

Maybe it politically sucks for the other AR guy who posted......But then, he probably lives in one of the Democratically controlled poritons of AR.


August 4, 2003, 08:15 PM
The barbeque will indeed be a consolation! That was the only thing I ever found good in Texas. (Ohhhh, I'm gonna get it for THAT crack!) And having lived 40 years of my life in Southern California, I'm not really worried about a little shake, rattle, and roll of a local fault. :D BTDT, quite a few times, and in a major way.

I can sure think of better places to live than a flat, hot, humid, mosquito infested delta, but right now that's still a lot better than the current situation. <sigh> They filled the opening in Knoxville. Mountains! THAT'S my kind of country.

Believe me, if my kind of job were available in Montana, that's where I'd be trying to go!

Thanks for the input, folks. Still waiting to hear....

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