S & W 610 in 10MM Magnum Auto is BACK!!!


November 9, 2007, 01:04 PM
Yep,under New Products on S & W web site

Two 610 models listed - only tech details
* requires moon clips
* can also use .40 S & W ammo

Bbl Len. = 3 7/8 inches
Weight = 42.5 oz
O.A.. = 9 1/2 inches
Bbl. Len. = 6 1/2 inches
Weight = 49.4 oz
do the math for
O.A.L. = 12 1/8 inches

Who will be the first to get one converted to
.38-40 just to give purists a fit.... snork .

Next we'll see a K or J frame for the new cartridge
from Federal, the 327 Federal Magnum

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November 9, 2007, 01:16 PM
Is it a 10mm or 10mm Magnum. There's a difference.

November 9, 2007, 01:31 PM
S & W only lists caliber as 10MM but the previous
offering of the 610 is the 10MM Auto in popular slang
probably more appropriately called the 10MM Magnum
AUtomatic or something like that.

November 9, 2007, 02:28 PM
This is awesome!

November 9, 2007, 02:28 PM
10mm Magnum is a wildcat that is often made by reaming the chambers of a S&W 610 "just a little longer." 10mm does not equal 10mm Magnum. The 10mm Magnum is "kind of" the same concept as the .357 Maximum.

That all said, thanks for the heads up!

November 9, 2007, 02:53 PM
<<Is it a 10mm or 10mm Magnum. >>


It does shoot 40 mm as well



November 9, 2007, 03:04 PM
It does shoot 40 mm as well

All Righty, Then!

November 9, 2007, 03:06 PM
Well that takes care of my Christmas list!

November 9, 2007, 04:00 PM
It does shoot 40 mm as well

Ummmm....perhaps a .40 caliber as opposed to milimeter (mm). Yikes...talk about heavy recoil in a handgun! :neener:

November 9, 2007, 04:38 PM
Now THAT's a hogleg worthy of the name!

November 9, 2007, 04:58 PM
<<Ummmm....perhaps a .40 caliber as opposed to milimeter (mm). >>

Yes. Meaning 40 S&W. Hey.... typo.

November 9, 2007, 06:27 PM
Now maybe I can afford a pre lock model for less than a grand!

November 9, 2007, 08:13 PM
Sheesh, it's a heavy beast. I think I'd rather have a .44 MG for most things this revolver is useful for. The moon clips don't impress me for outdoor use and this thing would be WAY big for an IWB.


November 9, 2007, 08:40 PM
Weight is an issue but only with the shorter barreled version.
imo they could have given it a 4 inch barrel but have it a
half lug for the extractor and it might get close
to 40 oz.

Yeah, N-frames are weighty - I've decided to opt for a
Alessi Field Master shoulder rig for my 45 oz 625 5" Bbl.

Tom Servo
November 9, 2007, 10:09 PM
It does shoot 40 mm as well
I once ran across a sheriff's deputy in the early 1990s who was carrying a Glock. This was still something of a novelty, and when I asked him how he liked it, he replied, "well, it shoots 40mm..."

I couldn't help it. I replied, "and you carry that on your HIP? Wow."

It's nice to know the 610 is going back into regular production, as I've wanted one for awhile, but prices are a bit out of my range.

November 10, 2007, 04:44 AM
This is pretty neat. This would be a great SHTF type of revolver. 40 sw is found everywhere, and 10mm would be fine for some game. Make a great bedside partner to a cops glock.

November 10, 2007, 12:29 PM
Woo hoo!

Parker Dean
November 10, 2007, 03:37 PM
Great news. I'll have to look into buying one here in the near future.

November 10, 2007, 05:17 PM
and not a dis on this one but it's not for me. The 10mm is basically a larger caliber that duplicates the .357 Mag's power level but basically can't do anything the .357 can't. I'm not enamoured with a round that requires a moon clip either. If you add a rim to the 10mm, you basically get the .41 Mag (almost) but not quite.

Anyway - good for you that want one! :)

Richard Simmons
November 10, 2007, 06:14 PM
A 200gr bullet at 1300fps and 750ft lbs does a lot more than "duplicate" a 357. How can you "basically get the .41 magnum (almost)" out of a round that "can't do anything the .357 can't". Your contradicting yourself. As far as needing a moonclip goes they are about as fast as changing a magazine and faster than using a speedloader. What's not to like?

Another thing to consider is that the .357 offers you the ability to use the .38 Special where the 10mm offers the .40S&W. The .40S&W offers more performance than the .38 Special, even in a +P loading and, at least in my neck of the woods, a box of .40S&W is cheaper than .38 Special.

November 10, 2007, 06:30 PM
I get 785 ft lbs/1401 chronographed FPS from a 6.5" Blackhawk firing a 180 grain Hornady XTP. That will do anything a 200 grain 10 at 1300 fps will do. Buffalo Bore offers an off the shelf 180 grain load that matches my load.

However, this thing is a lengthened 10mm, calling it a "10mm Magnum" and I've heard no stats on this one. I'm thinking it might be able to equal the .41 mag which can push around 1000 ft lbs out of a 6" barrel with a good load. I will be interested in reading a handloading article on this cartridge.

And, hey, a box of .38 wadcutter costs me about a buck 75, not counting brass which I occasionally have to buy some more of. Ammo cost is not a concern of mine so long as the gun will shoot cast bullets. And, wadcutters are exceedingly accurate and make great small game loads in the field.

November 10, 2007, 07:41 PM
I have two 610s, a 5" and 6 1/2". Could care less about comparisons of fpe. Simple fact is, a 40 caliber hole is a whole lot bigger than a .357 hole. I find hot loads pleasant to shoot, which is not the case, for me, with 44mag. The guns will take care of anything I care to hunt, instead of run away from. You don't need moon clips, by the way. 610s do just fine without them.

November 10, 2007, 10:16 PM
I'm not sure about weight limits, but the new 610 should be A fine IDPA gun.

Click Click Boom
November 11, 2007, 09:06 PM
Guys, It has been listed on the S&W Site for years. I think I found that listing a while back on posted on it. Smith said that they are not going to make it.

But now its on there front page of there web site. I bet its going to bae a small season run of model 610s

Seven For Sure
November 11, 2007, 09:14 PM
They never made a fluted 4" before. It's on the same page as the new 63. They have supposedly started shipping already. We shall see.

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