Titanium Taurus .44SP?


July 17, 2003, 07:10 PM
I am very interested in a big bore snubby. What do you all think of the Taurus Total Titanium 44. It has the matte blue finish and would cost me 315.00 out the door. This is a NIB revolver. The dealer also has the stainless model for the same price. This looks like something that I will do tomorrow, bu I have a few questions:

Would you choose the titanium or stainless? Why?

Is this a good price?

What is the best defensive load for the .44sp?

What are the drawbacks of this particular gun and cartridge?

I would appreciate any comments and advice that could be given!

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July 17, 2003, 07:25 PM
That's not a bad price for a NIB snub Taurus. I'm not real familiar with that particular model, although I am a fan of Taurus' stuff. I think that I would go with the stainless, only because I'm not sure how strong the titanium frames are. Check the revolver forum, as there was/is a current thread on 44 special SD ammo.

July 18, 2003, 12:51 AM
I bought a stainless 445 a few years ago, just after Taurus started making them. Had to send it back to factory twice for repair ( broken firing pin spring ). Lost confidence after gun broke the second time. Mine was very accurate with Win. 200 grain Silvertip ammo. I recently saw another for $309. and was tempted; but held back. I'm waiting for someone to start a thread saying how they've put 1000 or so rounds through their Taurus without a problem.............

Good Luck,


July 18, 2003, 03:42 AM
That's a very nice price for the TI gun. You did not say the intended purpose.

If it's for carry go with the TI. If for home/car go with the steel. The steel gun will be easier to clean if you intend to shoot alot. The TI blue finish will wear away in places with lots of shooting and cleaning. As a general statement - the Taurus steel guns are usually better out of the box (less problems) than their TI guns.

Speer makes a 200 grain Gold-Dot HP that's one of the best SD rounds around. You can get this in the Gold-Dot line or loaded by Georgia Arms. This bullet may also be available in the Blazer line, but I'm not sure.


July 18, 2003, 06:59 AM
A young fellow at our range bought one of those blue Ti Taurus .44's for $289 closeout - supposedly new - from a dealer. It would become hard to cycle - then freeze - after a few cylinders full (Federal Silvertips). It has traded hands several times - once through a 'smith - since then. Still a problem. It looks nice, but I would avoid it... but - I am prejudiced!

I bought two new, but discontinued, S&W .44 Specials - a 296 & 696, earlier this year. The 296's were initially well over $700 list, but I have seen them for $349 in a store - CDNN has them at $389. It is a hammerless, fixed sight, 2.5" Al-bodied, SS tubed barrel, and Ti cylindered five-shot with a 200 gr maximum clad-only bullet requirement. The revolver weighs in at 21 oz loaded with the CCI Blazer 200gr GDJHP's, a perfect PD/CCW combo, albeit a bit big for a pocket. The recoil is brisk - and much better controlled with bigger grips than the boots included. The 696 is a SS 3" full-hammer/lug and adjustable sight version at twice the unloaded weight - great for home/auto. They listed for ~$535 - sold for $439 when available locally. Long gone now, despite being discontinued last fall.

If you can't go for the S&W - or find one - the Charter 2000 .44 Special Bulldog, improved over previous models, would be a decent choice. It and the Blazer ammo are available from Academy Sports/Outdoors chain stores. I'd check on the availability of spares & service before trying a Taurus - your life may depend on it! Whatever you get, shoot it regularly.


PS The S&W Airweights, the hammer version 637 and hammerless 642, were reduced in wholesale price sometime back due to a slowed demand. They are .38 Special +P rated and sell locally for $339 & $349.

July 18, 2003, 10:46 AM

I have a stainless Taurus 85. It is a good gun and I do trust my life with it, but I want a big bore. I have confidence in Taurus, but am not sure about their Ti guns.

I found out this morning that the stainless .44 is the Ultra-Lite model. It has an alloy frame. Are these better than the titanium?

BTW, I checked, and a steel gun in stainless will run 325.00 before tax. Is this a good price?

Why would they have the Ultra-Lite and Titanium guns so cheap? The dealer told me that Taurus had a promotion on these guns. Anybody heard this?

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