.460 Rowland anyone?...


November 21, 2007, 09:35 AM
anyone else load for this or own one? I need a good 200gr XTP load with unique or possibly blue dot for hunting. Gonna carry it with me this season and see if I get any close in shots on a doe. Haven't killed anything with it yet. I have 230gr XTPS as wel but figured the 200's would allow a better charge weight...space is pretty tight in those. Boss had a kit along with a .22 kit for his colt...I kinda fell in love with it...does interresting things to milkjugs filled with water. Will have to see what it can do on a doe.


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Big Boomer
November 21, 2007, 10:52 AM
why yes I do load for them :)


There are a few more but this is the most comprehensive data.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours ;)




November 21, 2007, 01:40 PM
That thar is purdy bud! Mine is not so much purdy on the outside but does great things with it's regular bbl ect in place. Just slapped my buds kit on my daily beater carry gun (once a GI Springer- now everything but slide and frame is pretty much wilson or ed brown...including all small parts) It still needs sights and a re-finish...if I end up doing this it may well effect that choice so maybe it's just as well I put it off (then again i could just get a second slide).

It's a lot neater looking on his stainless colt...I'm going to borrow his over the season and order my own around christmas. (Ho ho ho...I'll shoot my eye out...I know) I'll probably order the blued comp model thogh this does look kinda neat I guess. I gotta run home and work up some loads. I see faster powders for all the data with big speed numbers. I think I'll just doe some +P 200gr XTP loads and work up from there until I'm satisfied. the factory stuff is pretty dang hot! I just have a little 185gr GA ammo left...not really what I want to shoot bambi with after seeing the milkjug just explode at 20 yards.



Big Boomer
November 21, 2007, 04:22 PM
If you have not shot any of the 460 Rowland's in it yet, you might have some serious issues trying to get it to cycle. The compensator IMHO does "too good" of a job.

I have to work on a spring selection most of the time it won't eject the casing. I put a 25# mainspring in it, and a 24# recoil, reduced recoil spring to 18# might have to go less, but I'm thinking of dropping the mainspring back down to stock. I have mine converted for 45 Super too, might be part of the problem. I changed the timing by adding an EGW flatbottom firing pin stop.

Those rounds are impressive damn near 44 mag level's, people around me go ***!? when I fire it off. I did get hit with some shrapnel in the face last time I was out, but I think it might have had to do with lead blowback. XTP's were never meant to go 1500+ fps.

I've got to iron out a few kinks before it's reliable. I've only put about 50 rounds through it so far.

You must also becareful to make sure that your locking lugs are fully engaging or you can sheer them off. This round is about 3-4X what the max pressure specs are for a 45acp. As long as everything is set up properly it will work just fine but be careful!

If yours is cycling fine without tossing the brass to the moon, tell me what spring combo you are using.

November 24, 2007, 03:01 PM
On his stainless colt he had a lighter spring the stainless gun has more friction than mine (you can feel it quite a bit racking it) I'm not sure what mainspring he has in it. It cycled fine this weekend in mine with stock 24# spring but I have not shot it but 2 x's-LOL. (I believe he said he needed to use a 20# for it to work right in his SS Colt) 24# spring he never uses seemed just right in mine. It actually felt like lighter recoil than his gun has I have a reduced power mainspring...I don't recall what offhand it is...the standard wilson..I wanna say 19#'s? I know it's several pounds lighter than factory spec. I'll compare his to mine and let you know on that. I've shot his quite a bit and just tested one round for function and zero on mine (as I'm waiting for a new bag of GA 185gr ammo and 100 rounds of new brass that should be waiting for me at the shop monday.

Now onto the great news! I shot my first handgun kill buck with it friday morning! I was setup about 10 yards back off the corner of a greenfield when I thought I heard antlers dragging branches...I decided I was hearing things (wishful thinking) then hear some more creeping in sounds. I was pretty sure there where some does hitting the trail that crosses the middle of this greenfield regularly and I saw some heavier tracks several times over the last 2 seasons but have never really sat on it as the second field has a very comfy shooting house and also has several good trails crossing it and a nice salt lick. I just decided this was the morning and didn't want to walk another 300 yards anyway so there I sat. Waiting for the doe I just KNEW would show up. I had hoped to get a good 15-25 yards shot from where I sat with the wind in my face..everything was right. Here comes my doe...WRONG!

Out stepped a 205# (I thought 7 point at the time) I could see 2 "Y" shaped points facing me as he stpped out and scanned the field. He rolled his head looking right passed me without stopping and I saw a good 3 points up top of far side...I figured 2 guards and the rack was wider than his shoulders (he had a BIG gut on him to...and plenty of fat as we caped it out and butchered him later) I looked at the .460 in my hand and over at my 7 mag laying next to me for just such an occasion. He was 15-18 yards on my right at about 2:30 and had just stepped into my shooting lane...nearly perfect broadside. I just didn't think I was going to get on him in time if I reached for the rifle. I also was looking at that big ole' shoulder thinking about the little nosler 185gr at 1550 fps. and just picturing it blowing up on it.

This was not an ideal situation for this gun. I also had NOT shot it with this kit on it enough to feel really great about it but it seemed very close to point of aim at 15 yards the ONE time I had tested it (I believe I had 4-5 rounds of .460 in the mag. It just never occured to me I'd REALLY see a good buck this weekend. I was there for my doe so I could have fun with a handgun harvest and then settle down to buck hunting the rest of the season -adding a late season doe at the end to top-off the meatlocker. After a second or two considering all these things at an instant I just decided to raise the handgun up and see if I could get it on him and feeling good...if he broke I'd squeeze one off and hopefully nock him down long enough to grab up my 7 mag. It balanced like a target pistol with that comp hanging of it. Offhand (as he was to my right and I didn't want to move anymore than I had to) I was amazed he missed all that movments even with the shiney arse stainless comp hanging off the end!

He put his head down and ate some grass and looked cassually up at the far side of the field. He just didn't even know I was in the world. I love it when that happens. I got that odd feeling of calm...I KNEW I would make the shot. I could just feel it. Like when you are in the zone with a bow. I could feel it was going to be solid. I was steady on target with a gun I'd shot thousands of times at 15-18 yards. But I just didn't like how big that shoulder looked facing me. I did something on the spur of the moment I'm about sure I'd NEVER have done had I had time to think about it. I lined up on his swollen neck right in the middle...I figured if anything it might be a couple inches high and hit the spine square. I'd knock him down and either have a followup as he bounced back up or grab that rifle and punch his ticket as he headed away for the farside of field trail or old logging road. It just felt good...only way I can explain it. I dunno what really possessed me to take it over a "boiler room" vitals shot.

I squeezed and he dropped like a wet sack of concrete. He occassionally kicked a bit laying on his side but never even partially got up...he was DOWN! And he was still looking HUGE on the ground (for around here 200+ is a dang good whitetail) I sat for about 15 minutes as he bled out...his does behind me the whole time not willing to step out but not willing to run off. I waited about 20 minutes after his last twitch...a doe came within 15 yards of me behind me before she caught my scent trail...they where gone he was really "gone" no "2fer" for me (legally I could have shot a doe as well and been fine) But I aint complaining! He ended up being about 205#'s with a 15" spread 6 point (four on one side) no guard on the "Y" 2 point side..about 3 1/2 year old buck. He should have been a 7 point but it looks like he may have knocked the guard off and it had some funky growth in the area but no real guard to speak of. He really needed to be taken out of the gene-pool either way. Had he been symetrical he would have been a beautiful 8 point.

Either way he was big and mature and my first handgun harvested whitetail! The backstraps where HUGE as where the rear quarters. I'll post some pics monday when I get them (took plenty) Dropped his caped head off for mounting same day (will be about a year...but he does great work fairly cheap). Incidentally the bullet was recovered just under skin on farside of neck fully mushroomed (haven't mic'd it yet but I'd say it's as big as a .45 can expand to jacket stayed with core...looks like some minore jackt petals and fragments are missing...most there folded under some core lost as it was FULLY expanded to the base One petal broke off as we pryed it out. All together it weight about 120gr or about 65% weight retention. Which given the close shot and speed amazed me. It didn't even fully penetrate the neck though. I think my handloads will be worked up with a heavier bullet leaning towards 230 grain now. This looks like the same Nosler Corbon loads their hot .45 acp ammo with..having put down a 1K+# cow with their 230gr +P load before and now seeing this I may be ordering some bullets for this .460 rowland kit! They seem to really hold together well even at .45 magnum type speeds. I clipped the top half of the windpipe several arteries and framented and notched the spine (which is what dropped him so well I'd guess and kept him down while he bled out)

It worked -be it luck, instinct or devine intervention...next time I'll have a heavier bullet and go for the classic heart/lungs vital shot (probably should have this time). A .44 would have been as bit better...I've owned one (SBH) but I shoot a 1911 better than anything else...so it's pretty neat to have this kit for one to move it ito a great woodswalking type piece for hunting season. I just wish they still loaded the 230gr version of the .460! No problem I'll just roll my own. Great kit great gun...I know love me 1911 33% more :D

(PS- I know it sucks I don't have pics right now...I PROMISE some good ones monday!) Just w anted to post while it was fresh. Think I'll go hunt the afternoon! C-YAH!

November 24, 2007, 04:56 PM

Can't wait to see the pics.

November 26, 2007, 06:50 PM
Here he is...205 lbs. 15" spread 6 point (missing his G1 and G2 on left side...or he'd have been an 8 pt.) Shot at 15-18 yards in the neck with a .460 Rowland kit from clark custom guns on my springer buildup 1911. Dropped like a sack of bricks. Man I had some GREAT backstrap lastnight! My first handgun harvested whitetail...sheez...I'd have settled for a doe :what:

Tastes like...victory :)





November 26, 2007, 06:57 PM
Dang, nice job.

205#'s and he looks like a midget next to you....:neener:

I'm still looking forward to my first handgun kill. I did not even buy a hunting license or tag this year, it sucks being unemployed....:banghead:

November 26, 2007, 11:29 PM
Nice work!

Has anyone here converted a S&W 625 revolver to a 460 Rowland?

Is the 460 a conversion only caliber, or does anyone now make a 460 straight from the factory?

Once Dan Wesson made a limited run of a 460 wheelgun.

November 27, 2007, 09:19 AM
you can send your cylinder in to them and they'll convert it for $100 I believe... http://www.clarkcustomguns.com just hit .460 Rowland box and there is load data and details on sending in cylinders under gunsmithing.

Deer Hunter
November 27, 2007, 11:01 AM
If you had this done to your 625, could you still fire .45 ACP/.45 Super?

November 27, 2007, 03:12 PM
I'm sure you'd have to use half or full moon clips to keep them back. You can actually fire .45acp in the .460 kit but it won't cycle the slide due to the heavy spring

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