First shotgun for skeet


November 25, 2007, 10:50 PM
Hi, my wife is interested in shooting skeet, and I would like to get her a shotgun for Christmas. The problem is, I don't really know anything about shotguns. I am really into handguns and rifles, but I haven't even shot a shotgun except for in boy scouts 12 years ago. So what would be a good gun for skeet? Although she is a 24 year old female, she is fairly strong and can handle .357 magnums out of a snubby, and she didn't complain about the recoil from .44 magnums either. So I'm asking more "what would be a good first shotgun for skeet?" than I am "what would be a good shotgun for a female to shoot skeet?" If it can also serve well for home defense, than that would be good, but not someting I base my decision on as we have other guns for that purpose.

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November 26, 2007, 05:00 PM
Any shotgun that you can hit the clays with is a good one, that being said there are some things that would make it easier. It kind of depends on your budget. My wife started on a browning xs sporting in .410. She then when to a browning 525 sporting in 20 gauge. I shoot a browning auto-5 in 16 gauge (see the trend, I like brownings). Most important is to get a shotgun that fits her and that she will enjoy shooting and not be afraid of it. My wife won't shoot my auto-5 or my sxs hammer gun because she thinks they are scary. A 20 gauge is a good start. An O/U or SxS is probably the most simplistic to learn on, nothing to jam or malfunction on one that is well kept. Most sporting guns will have extended screw in chokes, this make switching them easier. There are several manufactures that makes good guns. If the above is out of your price range a semi auto would be my next choice and last a pump. The fit and feel is probably the most important feature of the gun, if the length of pull is too long it will not sight naturally and she will find it awkward to shoot. A good gun on a budget is a remington 1100, lots of them around. I would also suggest going to the local club and seeing if they have rental guns to try, that way she can try out a few, many shooters also are willing to let people try out a gun. If you are around northern Virginia PM me and maybe we can meet at the range, between my self and my buddy we have plenty to try.

Here is a good site about sporting clays. (

Here is a site that explains shotgun fiting. (

November 26, 2007, 05:10 PM
Do you mean skeet the game, or do you mean shooting at clay targets in general? Just a couple days ago the disctinction came up in another thread.

November 26, 2007, 05:17 PM
While a .410 may kick the least, it's small pattern makes it something of an expert's gun. I would suggest a 20 to start out with. You can shoot skeet with just about any shotgun as long as you can point it well and it fits you. I started with a full size Mossberg 500 and it works great. Over under and side by side guns that are made for skeet are nice, but can get over $1000 real quick. My dad used a side by side 16 when he was into it, to use an example of a gun that is great for skeet but is expensive to feed and find parts for.

November 26, 2007, 05:24 PM
Oh, well, if we're gonna talk gauge, I'd say just go for a 12. Most versatile, most readily available shells in any load she wants.

O/U or semi. I've noticed that many women I've run into, including me, prefer Berettas and Benellis. Balanced a bit differently, slimmer forearm than Remingtons or Brownings.

November 26, 2007, 05:45 PM

Get a empty long gun box and wrap and present this.
Also inside, or with the card, enclose a note, money, gift cert, whatever.

Let her pick out the gun.
I have been suggesting and doing this forever, for both ladies and gents, and kids.

She really needs to get with some seasoned shooters, ladies preferably, and shoot a variety of shotguns.

Seasoned shooters can assist with gun fit, and ladies understand ladies are built different and gun fitting may include the contour of toe, heel and inside of butt-stock/recoil pad.
Not that some guys like me don't do this with ladies.

Now "If" she were to get with some ladies, and it was determined a particular gun, fit her, or there was a good used one she went nuts over that fit her, she shot, and all agreed this gun would be best for her...

This is where you and the gals flat lie and tell the wife that gun is sold.
Get this gun Disguised (Vacuum cleaner box really pisses off a lady being unwrapped ) and Surprise the hell out of her.

I am that good at all this.

Here is the deal, folks get a gun, and it may not be the one that is best for them.

They "try" this gift, still they really wanted to be listened to on what they wanted, or what they tried, or really want to try before they choose.

They do not want to hurt feelings by saying this gun is not liked, does not fit, or whatever.
So...they lose interest, and maybe "say" they lost interest in Skeet (whatever use) and don't get involved.

Ladies want to be listened too, just like guys and kids do.
It means a LOT when someone pays attention to what someone says, or hints, or others share how they want something.

Empty box, wrapped, takes care of the "unwrapping a gift" part.
Next is letting her get what she wants by actually trying a variety.
This means a whole LOT, and trust me, I have been doing this...heck my Mentors did this when I was a brat.

Unwritten Rule - never gift a lady an appliance.

Vacuum cleaner was NOT what that lady wanted, she was MAD upon seeing that box once the paper undone.

She changed her tune once the gun was seen inside the box. Her hubby went from <expletive> to the most wonderfullest hubby ever.


Excercise bikes are not "well recieved" either, especially since the lady just had a baby girl ...
All sorts of "comments" are made seeing that paper undone...
Beretta O/Us do change things, like not having to sleep alone on the couch forever and "you can forget ever attempting to have a son".


November 26, 2007, 05:49 PM
Remington 870.

November 26, 2007, 05:58 PM
+++++ a bunch with Steve (sm). 'Taste' in shotguns is as individual as it is in clothes and fit is just as important. Buy a woman something in a color and style she doesn't like, and too large a size as well, and you will get the same reaction as just picking out a shotgun YOU like for her.

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