How many antis have you converted?


July 19, 2003, 07:57 PM
There's 5 I turned into hard-core RKBA supporters (one of them was a hard-core antis. One of these guys is now spreading Oleg Volk Posters (TM) to school students in the Ukraine. :D

And 6 who I made doubt their positions (don't know what conclusions they've reached)

That's the people who I can remember off-hand. How many have you succeeded with?

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July 19, 2003, 08:31 PM
My wife got me back when she was my girl-friend. I was an easy convert...there is nothing on this earth sexier than a woman with a .45. :D

Since then...four people I have converted. At least 30+ I have made to give ground and doubt their position...if they cared one way or the other, they'd probably have to go pro-gun. They just don't recognize the importance.

So...34 down...150 million to go...:cool:

Standing Wolf
July 19, 2003, 08:39 PM
Only one true convert, although I've defanged several anti-Second Amendment bigots by introducing them to target shooting.

July 19, 2003, 09:55 PM
None. I simply don't know any anti's..

July 19, 2003, 10:01 PM
Three converts for sure. I know they are for sure because they all own at least one firearm now. ONe owns at least four now.

I've had influence on several others, but can't them as confirmed converts yet.

Take them shooting, smile, be polite, emphasize safety and fun.



July 19, 2003, 10:03 PM
Haven't converted any antis to diehard gun fanatics, but I have managed be bring a dozen or so antis from the HCI/News Media propaganda level anti to a neutral level of beliefs about the 2nd Amendment and guns in general. Don't hang out with antis, so the opportunity to convert them doesn't occur often.

July 19, 2003, 10:06 PM
Not nearly enough ... tho am lucky that most folk round here are reasonable and gun wise.

It is always a challenge ... but the icing on the cake is gettin em to the range ... and then seeing them grin!!:)

July 19, 2003, 10:29 PM
i doubt i've converted any. i've destroyed the arguments of all who see themselves as professional victims.

people who willing put themselves in the position of being a victim simply have no place in my life. furthermore, anyone who tries to take my god given rights away are never to be negotiated or reasoned with.

George Hill
July 19, 2003, 10:29 PM
About a dozen.

July 19, 2003, 10:40 PM
I've converted a few,I can provide pics if you want.:D

July 19, 2003, 10:55 PM
I really don't know how many , or those that have at least become perhaps neutral and getting closer to conversion.

I think I've a family member go the other direction. Recent politics and his circle of friends. I paid for his CCW course, he never followed through with license...original thought was money...I think he has been "sheepleized". Lets just say anythng happens to my neice/nephew I gonna be very unhappy. Due to recent events when my neice wanted to come over he wouldn't let her. She is 5, she knows 4 rules, she pitched a fit, and to spite her daddy...with her jr sized safety galsses, ear protection she was taking apart a GI mag and putting it back together...see, I'm a good uncle :D

July 20, 2003, 11:15 AM
I've gotten several to get rid of the "guns are bad attitude," but not to the range.

Today should be my first full conversion for one person! (Leaving for the range in about 30 minutes. :D)

El Tejon
July 20, 2003, 12:49 PM
I'm having problems getting over the irony of Mr. Wolf's posters, regarding individual liberty and freedom, IN THE UKRAINE! Man, it's a wierd world.

What was that Tamara quote? Add this to it.:uhoh:

Kentucky Rifle
July 20, 2003, 01:32 PM
6 or 7. Not a very good score to put up, I'm afraid.


July 20, 2003, 01:36 PM
I've found that when debating with antis, I rarely make an impact on the anti I'm debating with ... however I don't know how many witnesses to the debate have switched to my side (in several online debates I have recieved PMs or emails from people who watched me debate and anti, telling me that they leaned toward anti but my arguments have made them rethink their position).

Since I argue online a lot, I have no idea how many I've "converted".

Die-hard antis are usualy too far removed from rational thought to be converted.

Kentucky Rifle, there are 6,004 members of this forum ... if each of us converts 6 antis that's 36,024 former antis. I wouldn't call that insignificant :D

July 20, 2003, 01:40 PM
Focus on the fence-sitters, not the antis.

Taking folks to the range is the best way to 'convert'.

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