Corpus Christi, Texas


July 20, 2003, 02:07 PM
I've been considering applying for new job in Corpus Christi Texas. As a gun enthusiast what does Corpus Christi have to offer? All info appreciated. Thanks!

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Parker Dean
July 20, 2003, 03:44 PM
Well, lets see there's heat, humidity, mosquitos,... did i mention humidity?

Only two ranges listed in the phone book, both on the South side of town.

The indoor range is called The Sharpshooter (361 980-1190). It's an ok facility located in the knee of a strip mall. I've noticed that ventilation leaves a bit to be desired since if you get a couple of guns going at the same time the range starts getting a bit smoky. 15yrd pistol and 25yrd rifle ranges IIRC, and 8 or so positions for shooters I've never counted. The pistol range has more than the rifle. This probably won't be a problem as I've never seen the place busy. The times that I've been there I've had the place all to myself. BOTH ranges. Probably means they won't be there much longer, but OTOH they've been there about a decade. Their Yellow pages ad claims IDPA matches and Pin Matches (there?!!) which I knew nothing about until I read the ad. I'll have to check into this.

Actually the matches I was aware of occurred at this other range on sunday mornings (actually all day but they started around 8) It's a few miles down the road from the Sharpshooter. Just go down Airline until it tee's into Yorktown. Go Left about a mile and be looking for a gravel road Right (South) Go down that road about a mile and after a curve left you'll see a pasture gate on your right. Go through that gate and up the "hill" and you'll see a house on the right. Thats the office of Starry Shooting Range (361 992-1935)

It's a rather scruffy looking place but it seems to generate more business than the Sharpshooter. You're pretty much on your own here unless the "range officer" decides to wander down towards the range to check if anyones bleeding. It has 25yrd pistol and 100yrd rifle. Downhill. The pistol range isn't that pronounced but the rifle has a definite grade to it. This is because the location of the range is right on the upper portions of the Cayo Del Oso (Oso Bay) and the rifle and pistol range fire towards the water. Ten years ago the berms were low enough you could see the water over them but he's raised the berms since then. You'll notice quite a bit of shot up trash on the ground of the pistol range. This is frowned upon but happens anyway.

This "facility" had the pistol match stages. If you stand at the office facing South You'll see two low corrugated steel structures straight ahead. These are the rifle and pistol ranges. Rifle left and pistol right. Further right is the "skeet" range. Just sort of an open field with a well used launcher at the corner of the pistol range berm.

To the left of the rifle range you'll see a road going down towards the water. This is the pistol match range. 8 or 10 stages, I can't recall exactly, firing East which is fun in the morning.

There's also the Corpus Christi Pistol and Rifle club snobs :D who have a facility out on Old Brownsville Rd and FM 763 (361 852-1212 P.O. Box 7117 78467) While I know where their range is, I've never been there nor have I talked to any members. The snob comment is just my take on other people's reactions when I have mentioned that organization in the past.

After that it's try to find a quiet out of the way place which is both not quite cool and surprisingly hard to do. The large ranches patrol and guard their territory and prosecute for trespass. Just about everywhere you could go is private property and posted. If it's the limited public access areas (rivers, drainage, etc.) then there a a large amount of people around.

Most of the time it seems that a deer lease is about the only other option and some of those stipulate no firing unless trying to take game. Others don't give a rip as long as no one gets hurt.

OTOH I live in a rental here on the Nueces River just outside the city limits and the amount of gunfire on the weekends is just amazing. I guess some people just step out their back door and let fly. A lot of it is shotguns after dove but some handguns are heard. You can tell since they like to empty their mags ASAP. This particular property isn't suited to that as there is a house closer to the river on both sides. But those houses have people that shoot every now and then.

December 24, 2003, 02:23 PM
Parker Dean,

Are there any gunshops you recommend in the area? After I knock out some debt in the next few months I plan on fullfilling my extensive wishlist :)

I'm looking for a shop or person that is transfer friendly.


Parker Dean
December 24, 2003, 05:24 PM
That's a real good question. :)

It was only in the Spring of 03 that my interest in firearms re-kindled and my new purchase this year was done in Nacogdoches, 6 hrs away.

Pretty much only asked one shop about transfers and that was Kodiak Arms over on Leopard St. He'll do it for the usual fee, $25 IIRC. Since I wasn't a regular the owner wasn't all that personable, but the employee in the aftenoon didn't seem to be too bad. The place seems to have the typical complement of GSC's hanging around. I was wanting them to order a new 1911 back in the Spring but the owner kept blowing me off so I doubt I'll deal with them again if I can help it.

9MM over on Crosstown Expwy is a LEO-oriented shop. Seems to be quite customer friendly in that the times I've been in there they've been busy with calls and counter customers but I did not hear a sharp word. If there was anything new I wanted I'd probably try to work with them if at all possible.

Texas Gun Shop on S.P.I.D. is hunting and reloading oriented. Been friendly enough on some ammo purchases and when a friend was asking after some 500 S&W chambered revolver from IMI. Probalby try them after 9MM.

Smith's Guns in the Padre Staples Mall has been there at least 30 yrs. Unfortunately the staff comes across as gun snobs, so unless you're after whatever they think is good they'll feel free to let you know their opinion on guns like "that".

The Sharpshooter on Airline. I use the range there. The staff hasn't said anything egregiously bad yet, but at the same time I'm not impressed. I can't really put my finger on it but I just don't get that "I wanna do business there" vibe.

Blue Water Pawn and Gun. One of the largest in-stock selections of new and used handguns in town. OTOH overpriced and proud of it, IME. I could probably stand to deal with them regardless if they had something I really wanted.

Triangle Gun in Calallen. I dropped in there one day on a whim. The building comes across as an old mobile home but it's bigger than that so it must be some old manufactured commercial building. When you walk in the place is practically claustrophobic with stuff stacked everywhere. It was dark and no GSC's hanging around but a lot of rifles on the wall. All older non-Black Rifle stuff. The place is owned by an older gunsmith who wasn't curt but neither overly friendly. It was on my mind at the time to ask about transfers but he was busy in the back working on a gun that was giving him a hard time, so I didn't. Probably be the last place I go unless I'm looking for an older used rifle.

Those are the ones I've been to. There are a couple of others scattered around, like Heavy's Guns but I haven't been by yet.

December 25, 2003, 11:21 AM
Corpus Christi has some of the lowest priced housing for a large city in Texas. About 30% cheaper than Austin. CC also has some of the lightest traffic for a city of that size in the country due to a reasonable population and extensive highway system. There is some guy who posts a top ten list on the internet and CC made top ten for both housing and traffic. Relatively low crime rate and only a few miles up Mustang Island is Port Aransas. If you have a FWD you can go south on Padre Island National Seashore, just be sure to take enough food and gas because you are on your own for hundreds of miles. Since it is the size it is I would not expect good prices on guns locally, no large distributors are based there. There is a Saxet gun show every month, but I have never been to it. The best prices are going to be at shows in Houston or Dallas where you have distributors selling and in Texas distance neither show is that far away. Dallas, the furthest, is 400 miles each way. To much for a day trip, IMO, but fine for an overnighter. Houston can be done in a day.

It is a large enough town to have most things that you would want, without a bunch of people.

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