Get a grip! Rear slide grip suggestions?


December 4, 2007, 12:55 AM
What are my options for adding a little more bite to the rear slide grip? The finished slide of my Kimber Warrior is a little slippery at times (although manageable) and I wanted to ask around.

I suppose the only option would be to strip the paint off the slide, shave the rear slide grip treads to give it a hard angle and repaint. Not something I think worth my time or $$. But if figured I'd at least pose the question and wonder if anyone has thought the same.

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December 4, 2007, 05:25 AM
That sounds to me as if you might just want to live with the issue until you can bring yourself to take it in to a good gunsmith and tell him to work his magic with the slide serations. That will require a refinish of the slide. All and all, like I said, until you are willing to spend the money and time to get the slide serations reworked, I would recommend you just live with it. I've always kinda wondered what it would be like to have a gunsmith do a 20 or 30 lpi checkering on the face of the slide's rear serrations (the tops, not the groves) just to give it a little extra grip in there. Just a passing idea I've had.

December 4, 2007, 10:16 PM
3M traction/anti-skid tape - available @ Ace Hardware for about $0.67/ft. This is the stuff that gets stuck on ladder rungs, the bottoms of bathtubs/showers, and on potentially slippery areas of floors like ramps, so that folks don't lose their footing when the floor or their feet are wet. Available in different grades/grits/textures, such as grit-impregnated "skateboard tape" or a crinkle-rubber texture(which I use).

I cut a strip of tape to fit the flat on top of the slides of my Glocks between the rear of the ejection port opening and the front of the rear sight; this gives my fingers & palm just a bit more traction on the slide, and it makes one-handed "wounded shooter" slide-racking drills a lot more positive.

You could either do the same, and/or try cutting very small, narrow strips of traction tape that you could stick inside the existing gripping grooves on your slide. Maybe even put a small patch on the slide flats at the very end of the slide, just aft of the gripping grooves. The tape won't cost you hardly anything in terms of $$, time, cosmetics(especially on your black slide), added friction on the draw, or wear on your holsters('cuz the tape on top of the slide never touches the holster), and it lasts a good long time - and if it does ever start peeling, just rip it off and cut another strip.

December 4, 2007, 11:11 PM
I use skateboard tape on my Warrior's front strap. I also switched out the flat main spring house for an arched version. You should also use the Warrior's original grips. They may be ugly, but they grip extremely well.


December 5, 2007, 03:25 AM
good suggestions

yea doc, I didn't care for the plastic warrior grips- it consistently gave me small blisters on my lady-hands after shooting 100+.

I really like the look of the gunner grips but for as much as I shoot it I wanted to be comfortable. I think the wood grips I choose is perfect, besides a little class never goes unnoticed. :D

Doc, do you like the arched grip? What maker did you pick? Ive seen MSH's to for a lighter trigger pull or whatever, bleh

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