Ball Powders


January 5, 2008, 05:41 PM
I was talking with the Dillon rep, about the powder dispenser. He told me that extruded powders don't meter well in their powder measures, and that ball or small grain powders should be used. :uhoh: :what:

My experience with reloding has been exclusively with the rock chucker.

Being retired now, and having more time to shoot, I stepped up to the mack daddy Dillon progressives. But the man in the factory has me in panick mode.

Which company makes ball powders?

Have a Blessed and Happy New Year

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January 5, 2008, 05:47 PM
Just about all of them.

Google any of the powder manufactures websites and they will tell you which ones are and which ones aren't.

January 5, 2008, 05:55 PM
It's pretty simple to find spherical or ball powders. I'm not sure what you're planning on loading but I've found AA#5 works great for .45 ACP, and H335 works good for me in .223 and .308.

Have a good one,

January 5, 2008, 06:36 PM
Love Accurate #2, #5, and #7. Have to get some H335.

January 5, 2008, 06:45 PM
I'm loading 45ACP, 44 Rem Mag, 454 Casull, 30-06, 308, 303 British, 7mm Rem Mag. and 300 Win Mag

January 5, 2008, 08:53 PM
benchmark works well and you most likely won't have a problem with varget unless you are trying to get the cases loaded to the hilt with it. more problems from spillage I think than causeing problems with the loader. those two powders can be used for the 223 and 308 as well as a multitude of other rounds. h335, 322, aa2230 and other stuff works really well also. I also just got a new xl650 and will start trying to get my loads together. G

January 5, 2008, 08:55 PM
45ACP - AA #2 for lighter plinking loads, AA #5 for full power.

44 Rem Mag - H-110, AA #9 or W-296 are all great for full power loads. AA #2 or HP-38 for plinking loads

454 Casull - same powders as .44 mag, only more of it.

All of the above pistol powders are fine-grained ball type powders that meter very well in the Dillon powder throw.

I'll bold the rifle powders below that I know to be ball powders. The RL-xx powders may be ball type, though I'm not sure. The Vihta Vouri (VV) powders are fine-grained extruded powders that meter quite well in powder throws.

30-06 - W-760, RL-19

308 - W-748, RL-15, RL-19,

303 British - RL-15, RL-19

7mm Rem Mag. - RL-22, VV-160, VV-560

300 Win Mag - RL-22, VV-160, VV-560

January 5, 2008, 09:06 PM
The RL-xx powders are extruded powders.


January 6, 2008, 12:25 AM
I use AA 2520 in 30.06 and similar rifle calibers. Most of the AA powders are ball powders.

January 6, 2008, 01:15 AM
All the Ramshot powders are ball. They are also extremely clean burning and meter EXCELLENTLY.

January 6, 2008, 01:56 AM
Real good information, keep it coming

January 6, 2008, 08:51 AM
Check out Ramshot's web site and load data. AS stated above they are all ball powders and meter like a dream. I am a big fan of Ramshot powders and use them in just about everything I shoot.

January 6, 2008, 09:20 AM
44 mag HS-6 meters well, so does bluedot but not ball.

223 & 308 H335 & BLC2 both meter great

45ACP Win231 & HP-38 Hodgdon purchased winchester and many say Win231 and HP-38 is the same powder. Supposedly comes off the same line at St Marks. I still say make sure you get HP-38 load data from hodgdon or a reloading manual.

January 6, 2008, 11:05 AM
WIN 748 ball powder

January 8, 2008, 11:07 AM
IIRC the Lyman manual has a listing of ball, extruded and flake powders. Most manufacturer's websites will also list forms of each of their powders. Have fun. BTW, I have been using W231 for my .45acp, and it meters very well.

January 8, 2008, 11:16 AM
45ACP Win231 & HP-38 Hodgdon purchased winchester and many say Win231 and HP-38 is the same powder.

I used to work for Hodgdon Powder Co. ALL of the Hodgdon ball powders are/were repackaged Olin/Winchester powders. One of my favorites for 38 spl wadcutters, Hodgdon Trap100/Win 452AA, is no longer made although I still have about a pound of it.

H335 is good for .308 as well as BLC2 which was repackaged military surplus powder. Bruce Hodgdon used to work for my Dad at the Gas Service Company in Mission, KS and did the powder business as a second job before he left them to pursue the powder business full time.

I could tell you some stories about BE Hodgon, god rest his soul, but some other time. :)

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