What Is The Best Taser Available Today?


January 26, 2008, 03:55 PM
What is the best taser on the market today? I'm specifically looking for one that has some range to it -- so that I don't need to be involved in hand-to-hand combat before I can use it!

Thanks. :)

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January 26, 2008, 11:20 PM
Sir... do not depend on a taser to 100% save your bacon...also you may never be able to deploy it in time to avoid injury.

January 27, 2008, 05:16 AM
That's how every self-defense device is, you may not be able to deploy it in time. However, if you only rely on hand to hand techniques, many self-defense experts say that someone who has a weapon usually has an advantage over someone who doesn't even if they're good at hand to hand. Whatever you do use to assist you, it's important to have it available all the time, and to be practiced with it.

Relying only on a gun can easily get you in jail, because almost all of the state laws say that you have to meet force with force, and deadly force will not be justified in many assaults. The force you use in self-defense has to be appropriate to the situation. Reasonable self-defense is legal, fighting or attacking another is not and excessive force makes you look that way. Most police officers I've talked to have said that they will arrest someone who shoots an unarmed person and that it doesn't look good in court. You hear on the news how one guy walks over to another and starts punching him. The second guy pulls out a gun and shoots him. He claims self-defense and no one believes him and thinks that instead he was wanting revenge for getting punched. Then he's on trial. So, having a tool that's lesser force may be useful. You don't rely completely on a tool, but it gives you an advantage if you know how to use it.

I've heard that the Taser X26C and the Taser C2 are the good ones out. Taser C2 is the newer one and with the push of the button sends out electricity longer than the X26C does, which means the assailant will be laying on the ground longer. The X26C is shaped like a gun so that may be nice in aiming. Both of them have lasers which will assist in aiming. The C2 is supposed to be more concealable, so you may be more likely to carry that one around. You can look at the civilian consumer section of their website at http://www2.taser.com/products/consumers/Pages/default.aspx

January 27, 2008, 01:56 PM
IMO...If a guy pulls any type of a weapon on me from a m-4 to a stick its met with firearm force from me...if a guy comes up and starts punching me my handy pen is going to seek very soft tissue and from their I have few tricks I will need to show the dude based on his attiude.

I like tasers for police work and if thats what you want for "less lethal" go for it.
Take a class taught by well versed persons and be sure to take a taser hit before you edc it....

January 27, 2008, 07:48 PM
The problem with a taser and deploying it at longer ranges is that you need both probes to hit. With a taser x26, the probes drop 1 foot for every 7 feet that your target is away. Couple that fact with adrenaline, a moving suspect, etc, and it would be easy to miss.
I believe that Taser International only sells the 15 ft range cartridges to civilians; none of the longer range cartridges are available for civilian use... Tasers are also illegal in a couple states. I know for sure that they are illegal for civilian use in Wisconsin and Michigan.

January 27, 2008, 10:12 PM

A taser, there's really only the one company, is a close in device. At the ranges that you can hit with one you are within range for your attacker to close to contact before you have much chance to deploy it if it isn't in your hand.

Don't mistake it for some "magic bullet" that will allow you to stun an assailant with a word.

February 8, 2008, 05:58 AM
On the instruction manual, it says that you should have a backup to any defense tool you have, including a TASER. At least that's what it says in the manual to the C2 TASER I just bought.

June 30, 2008, 11:19 PM
I would not carry anything except TASER Brand Electronic Control Devices made by Scottsdale based Taser International. They have the patented Taser Shaped Pulse Technology which overrides both sensory and motor nerves causing overwhelming incapacitation. As you have probably seen in the C2 demos and the LE applications even persons under the influence of hyper stimulates and narcotics are taken down immediately with this device. I read about a demo at a gun range where this big guy was supposed to try and reach an ASP training gun while being Tased with the C2 and if he was able to reach the gun he would get a free Taser. He did not get the Taser and he immediately locked up and screamed. I have heard it feels like hitting your funny bone only 20 times worse through your whole body with your muscles locked up.

I have purchased 4 Taser C2 units for my family members and I like this model because it does not look l like a gun so you can carry it in your hand and not attract unwanted attention. IT looks like a PDA or cell phone from a distance. I have fired several cartridges and it is very accurate. Spend the extra 50 bucks and get the laser sight. The C2 has everything you need to stop the threat and with just one push of the button it delivers a 30 second cycle in which you set the Taser Down and get to safety. File a police report and Taser will send you a new unit free of charge. With the X26C each trigger pull delivers a 10 second burst so you would have to pull the trigger three times and then set it down for it to work as long as the C2. As long as you deploy this device properly the guy is going down. If you miss the Taser has a back up stun device.
While I still like OC spray the Taser has undisputed incapacitation ratings that no other less than lethal weapon can claim. If you or your wife donít feel comfortable carrying a gun (Yes many people donít) then the Taser is the next best thing.
Taser is doing a special for the C2 where you can buy it for several payments of 43.95 instead of paying the $350.00 up front.

July 1, 2008, 12:14 AM
from what I have seen, the taser is more effective as a man-stopper than most handguns are. this doesn't mean that a taser is better than a handgun, it's just that with a handgun a guy can take a hit or two and keep coming... with a taser he goes down right away.

July 14, 2008, 03:13 PM
The taser stun gun (http://www.safetybasement.com/Taser-gun-with-laser-sight-M-18-L-p/44001.htm), as one post clearly noted, has a higher incapacitation rate than a 9 mm hand gun. It is true that both probes have to stick to take down an assailant. however, if that does not happen for whatever reason, the taser is also a stun gun such that in close contact you can stun the daylights out of the attacker.
I own the M18 Taser with laser (http://www.safetybasement.com/Taser-gun-taser-for-citizens-and-law-enforcement-s/140.htm). I have never used it but take it with me when I feel I need it.
PSAlso as accurately noted by a previous post, merely having a weapon is no cause to feel safe. if you cant use it in the heat of the moment then DONT GET IT! because it could be used against you.
Half of self defense is deterrence. If your body language says you are afraid then you are and you just may have lost half the battle. if your attacker knows you have a weapon and that you will use it, or they see the way you are behaving in the encounter and you look confident and non afraid they might think twice. ofcourse you also have to be good at guaging the attacker on whether they could easily pull the trigger, if so you may want to tone it down and in certain cases give in to their demand. You should be able to size your attacker in real time.
One type of self defense to learn about is verbal self defense. It is one of the methods that may work on certain type of attackers. But it is one to add to your arsenal of potential methods.
There are many types of self defense. One of them is called verbal self defense. If you are a person who can read an attacker type and know what to say, you may never have to use your weapon. Remember the weapon is a last not first resort.

PS - just as a note, in case some are not aware, if you use a taser gun in self defense and write a police report, taser International will replace your taser for free when you present the police report.

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