glock 36 vs. kahr CW45


January 28, 2008, 02:25 PM
I'm looking for a new auto for my wife. She is sold on 45 acp but most are too fat for her small hands.
I've found the glock 36 and kahr cw45 single stack as something she should be able to handle. She wants my Ruger KP90 but cannot
really get her paw around it securely. Any other compact 45's with small grip?
Also are there any problems with the new Karh? Thanks.

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January 28, 2008, 02:58 PM
Most new guns have some teething problems initially. Kahr will make it right, but if having to send it back bothers you, wait six months or so for the bugs to identify themselves and be worked out.

Taurus has a single stack version of of their PT-145 Millenium-Pro, don't remember the designation, maybe PT-745?

Looked at a sub compact 1911?


January 28, 2008, 02:59 PM
Taurus PT-745 single stack Mil-Pro.

Don't forget the 1911. An officer's size frame may work.

January 28, 2008, 09:11 PM
A 3" 1911 with slim grips, is pretty small!:) But, a G36 don't get much simpler. Good luck, and take her to get fitted.:D

January 28, 2008, 09:15 PM
+1 on the PT-745, it's my summer CCW for the last 3yrs. Nice little .45:D

January 28, 2008, 10:12 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. I checked out the Taurus site, she likes the looks and we are going to go this weekend to check them out. Only problem I have now is trying to restrain myself.... $ kind of has a way of burning a hole in my pocket when I go, had my eye on a SP101 :D

January 28, 2008, 10:31 PM
Glock 36 is a simple gun to use. No problems there at all tried true.

3" 1911 no dont, not designed for that size. I had one it didnt work all the time, no way.

Kahr great gun, very thin, recoil can be great due to size. It is very controllable and accurate gun. So get her one and enjoy it.

January 29, 2008, 01:45 AM
Just a thought, but ultralight pistols in larger calibers are not always a good choice for females. It's simply an issue of hand and wrist strength; they are very prone to failure as a result of limpwristing. I'm of the opinion that one should be able to control their CCW one-handed and off balance. Even my little sister, a rather seasoned shooter, cannot control the little Kahr .45 well enough to prevent jams when firing one-handed.

Again, I'm not suggesting that she can't handle the recoil from a pain-tolerance perspective, but make sure she can control the pistol well enough that the slide will always return to battery.

As an aside, the S&W 4516 splits the difference in size between your P-90 and the little Kahr, and they're still weighty enough that they can be enjoyable at the range. Basically, they compare to an officer size 1911, but without the problems that plague so many 3" 1911's. I just picked one up for $400 brand new (10 years old, unused)

Bennett Prescott
January 29, 2008, 05:12 AM

Have her shoot the 36, I have average sized hands and it's very comfortable, and my much slighter female friends who have shot it like it just as much as I do. Whether or not your wife enjoys the recoil of .45 ACP in a small, light pistol remains to be seen... I find it entirely acceptable.

January 9, 2009, 11:25 AM
disregard pls.

January 9, 2009, 12:02 PM
seriously look at the CW9 kahrs, now there is agun she can shoot umntilthe cows come home. 9mm about half price of 45's .
he cw series kahrs ar ethe best buys by far in the kahr line, just one heh of a nice handgun..

January 9, 2009, 01:25 PM
I have a G36 and love it. Same size as the G19 and shoots great.

I would, however, have her shoot one first. It can be snappy, and if this is her first CCW gun, may not be the best choice.

January 9, 2009, 02:15 PM
I had a PT745. Piece of poop! Jam Jam Jam...

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