Your End of the World Gun Collection


Kind of Blued
January 29, 2008, 12:48 AM
I made mention elsewhere that if necessary I could be totally happy for the rest of my life with no more than about 25 firearms. I then set out to see, like I usually am with the topic, if I was lying to myself.

So I made this list under the precedent that if I could only have one firearm for the rest of my life, it would be #1, and if I could only have two, it would be #s 1 and 2, etc.

I found that I had to prioritize in regards to what I would need to firearm for. It turned out that the first priority was self-protection if the SHTF. I thought the M1A1 would be good, and I could hunt with it for food. If things became good enough to actually leave the house, I would want the S&W J-Frame.

One through nine are basically for survival, hence, once I hit number 10 and I am actually able to enjoy the firearms as more than tools, I want a friggin' Blaser.

I originally did 10 rifles, 5 shotguns, 5 pistols, and 5 revolvers. There are now 11 rifles, 4 shotguns, 5 pistols, and 5 revolvers. I combined the four categories into one list as my last step.

So on and so forth... I'm pretty sure that I can legitimize the selection and placement of every single one, so if you're surious, ask.

Anyway, it was quite a bit of work, but feel free to make your own.

I - Rifle
S - Shotgun
P - Pistol
R - Revolver

1) I - Springfield Armory M1A1
2) R - Smith & Wesson M&P 340 CT
3) I - AK-47
4) P - Kimber Ultra Covert II
5) S - Customized Remington 870
6) I - Thompson Center Encore (Barrels - .204, .45/70, .300 Win. Mag, & popular rifle calibers.)
7) R - Colt Python
8) I -Marlin Golden 39A
9) S - Benelli SuperNova
10) I - Blaser R 93 Stutzen
11) P - Browning Buckmark Hunter
12) P - Sig Sauer P226 Elite Stainless
13) I - DPMS Mark 12
14) I - Barret Model 95
15) I - Customized Ruger 10/22
16) P - Rohrbaugh R9
17) P - Kimber Grand Raptor
18) S - Browning Citori XT Trap Gold w/ adjustable comb
19) R - Smith & Wesson Model 29 (Blued – Long Barrel of course)
20) R - Smith & Wesson Model 500 Hi-Viz Interchangable Compensator
21) I - FN FS2000
22) I - Blackpowder Kentucky Rifle
23) S - Mossberg 930 SPX
24) I - Remington XR 100 Rangemaster (.204 Ruger)
25) R - Ruger New Vaquero (7.5” in .45 LC)

I could actually probably do without those last three, for sure the Vaquero. Anyway, there it is.

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Just Jim
January 29, 2008, 12:57 AM
The true end of the world SHTF is when we run out of ammo:what::banghead:


January 29, 2008, 01:01 AM

The ability to have on person a concealed gun if matters get bad is my first firearm priority.
First knife priority is a small, non-locking, slip-joint, with carbon steel or CV blades.

One may not be able to stay where they are, and being able to blend in, be mobile in travels, is real important to me.

The ability to hide this handgun, or transfer to a trusted person is important to me as well.

Being able to evade secure settings, with like kind, I again want a handgun and that knife.

Like some mentors that had/have some experiences in areas where they could not have guns, and dealt with checkpoints and other matters...

"With these, I survive[d], and with these, I can also get what I need".

One mentor for instance, used small caliber Berettas semi auto and a less than 3" closed pen knife...

Not a "what if" instead the real deal...

January 29, 2008, 01:13 AM
The true end of the world SHTF is when we run out of ammo ...

Don't worry, there's plenty of cellulose in t.p. and lots of nitrate otherwise in the S.

Remember Kirk and the Gorn?

January 29, 2008, 01:24 AM
Bare necessities
1. AK-47
2. Saiga-12
3. P220 SAO
4. P239 SAS

I could come up with 25, but really it would include all sorts of firearms I dream of owning.

January 29, 2008, 01:32 AM
For something end of the world? I'd go with two .357 Magnum Ruger Blackhawks with a 9mm Conversion cylinders. Between 9mm Parabellum, .38 Smith and Wesson, .38 Special and .357 Magnum, I'd be set on handgun ammunition. For a backup, gimme a Smith and Wesson Model 60 2" .357 Magnum, and some comfy grips for using the hot stuff.

An Uberti .357 Magnum lever-action carbine, a Beretta CX4 carbine, and a Remington Model 700 in .308 Winchester make up the reach out and touch someone set (the Uberti and the CX4 would do close-up rapid fire, the Remington takes care of dangerous things further out).

Six guns, two of which can handle three calibers, and two carbines which can handle those three calibers, and a serious rifle for some reach. An efficient arsenal.

January 29, 2008, 02:26 AM
If the world's going to end, why skimp? I'd want:

Browning M2
Two State Arms Rebel .50s
A couple PKMs
Three of whatever super duper bolt rifle Zak Smith drools over
Half a dozen 18" M1As
Two Krinkovs
Two Mossberg 500s
Half a dozen 1911s
Half a dozen P3ATs

Plus suppressors for most all of them, a shipping container of belts and mags, and two containers of ammo.

I guess that's a bit over 25, but it's close. :evil:

Kind of Blued
January 29, 2008, 03:54 AM
I was trying not to make it about the END OF THE WORLD completely. I originally came up with the list with the idea of me marrying some broad that made 25 my limit, and me trying to figure out how to have all of the bases covered.

Of course, maybe the end of the world would be more fun.

January 29, 2008, 07:36 AM

- Gerber multi-tool

- small, reliable, accurate .22 handgun
- easily concealable, cheap and readily available ammo, would do in a pinch for defense but would probably be used more for collecting food

- 12 gauge (short barreled pump would be ideal but a single shot would do in a pinch)
- ammo is big and heavy so this would be used more for a "get out of town" defensive weapon. I'd load up on buck and slug, however would avoid as much confrontation as I could. Remaining ammo could be used for collecting food. If the end of the world is anything like Katrina, I expect this to be confiscated by the first LEO I encountered hence the .22 handgun mentioned above.

Hopefully I'll have some stash of firearms out in the country somewhere, maybe close to some sort of pre-built shelter...? In that stash I'd like to see a healthy supply of ammo for the following:

(make and model not as important as caliber and action as long as it is reliable)

in order of importance:
- 12 gauge pump; probably an 870 (ghost ring sights)
- .308 bolt action rifle (scoped with BUIS)
- .223 semi; AR-15 or variant (scoped with BUIS)
- .22 semi; 10/22 or 795 (scoped with BUIS)
- various handguns from .22 to .45

I was going to get into detail about what supplies and clothing I have ready as well but since this was started as a gun question, I'll keep it to that. :)


January 29, 2008, 08:53 AM
sm, why the choice of a non-locking knife?

I ask because when I was 11, I closed a knife on my hand and haven't owned a non-locking knife since.

January 29, 2008, 08:53 AM
I remeber about 25 years ago, Guns and Ammo used to feature the occasional survivalist article, and they had an end of the world (Dec. 21, 2012) gun list. I always thought it was interesting that the list included an air rifle, a percussion revolver, and a black-powder shotgun. It makes good sense, though.

January 29, 2008, 09:38 AM
The true end of the world SHTF is when we run out of ammo
Don't worry, there's plenty of cellulose in t.p. and lots of nitrate otherwise in the S.

Remember Kirk and the Gorn (
Where did Kirk get TP?
Oh wait, he probably had some on hand in case he needed to wipe out some Klingons on Uranus.

January 29, 2008, 10:39 AM
I'm about 15 guns short ... :rolleyes:

Just Jim
January 29, 2008, 10:46 AM
To the original poster:

How much does the ammo weigh for the 25 guns your going to have at SHTF??? In tons,pounds and ounces please:D:D


January 29, 2008, 10:57 AM
Personally, I like my 45-70 for true EOTW problems. This caliber was designed for black powder and black powder is FAR easier to manufacture once the supply of smokeless runs out.


Why do I feel like I need to take off my tin foil hat and get a shower now?

Just Jim
January 29, 2008, 11:00 AM


January 29, 2008, 11:06 AM

Yes, but primers existed before smokeless, as well. It will take some doing to get those right but the materials are also easier to obtain and create than smokeless powder...

Please stop! I feel dirty knowing I have actually thought about this!

Just Jim
January 29, 2008, 11:12 AM
Please stop! I feel dirty knowing I have actually thought about this!

:D:D Me too:what:


January 29, 2008, 11:23 AM
Please stop! I feel dirty knowing I have actually thought about this!

With or without Kirk's t.p.?

January 29, 2008, 11:41 AM
With or without Kirk's t.p.?

Hey, whatever he used, I know it wasn't TP. Don't you watch Star Trek? NO ONE goes to the bathroom in the future. I always just assumed they'd evolved beyond it.

January 29, 2008, 11:51 AM
What about gathering all THR members and be stationed at a huge hanger with sleeping bunks and of course a fridge? I can borrow more guns?:D

January 29, 2008, 12:41 PM
I'm sure most of you have been here, at least through JWarren's sig, but has a lot of really good EOTW/SHTF information. The biggest things to think about in this situation is:

Availability of ammo - It will start becoming very valuable as it is used up/hoarded, and the manufacturer's stop producing.

Reliability over accuracy - I know accuracy is very important, but when the SHTF you are not going to have time to clean your custom match rifle or 1911 that can shoot a mag through 1 hole, or take it to an armorer or get spare parts when it gets jammed up wit ha little mud and dirt.

Portability - Unless your plan is to bunker down in your pre built fortress, than you aren't going to be able to take 25 guns with you. Of course if you are prepared enough and have stockpiles of ammo and food, and 10 foot concrete walls and a moat, then that sounds fun too :)

Concealability - When you have to make the long hike to a safer destination after "whatever" has gone down at your current location the last thing you want is to be the guy carrying a rifle slung on your shoulder. Weapons will become a very valuable commodity and resource, and the antis who didn't believe in them before will quickly change their minds and go to great lengths to acquire them. It's easy to say "I'm prepared to shoot anyone to protect my stuff", but they won't come up and try to rob you with a knife. They will run you down with a car, or take you out before you know they are there. A handgun or a compact rifle or shotgun is better in this instance.

When the EOTW happens, we won't all know it right away. Society will slowly crumble over many years, and people's thinking and behaviour will also slowly revert to a much more feral and instinctual mindset. I would recomend getting away from people as soon as you have an inkling that "$#it" is going down.

If you want a good example of how it will really happen, read "World War Z" by Max Brooks. It's a zombie book just to warn those of you who dislike that kind of stuff, but it shows how society slowly collapses, instead of the "one town outbreak" that we always see in the movies. If the "it" that happens is a nuclear bomb in NYC, I know that nothing will really be different in my small little SoCal town, so for a true EOTW to happen, it has to be something pretty major.

For the record, my 3 choices (currently anyway) are:
CZ P-01 w/ .22 Kadet kit
Reminton 870 w/ 18" barrel and folding stock
Keltec SU-16 OR SAIGA .223

January 29, 2008, 12:50 PM
I could get along quite well with a single-action revolver and a lever-action rifle in .41 or .44 Magnum caliber, and a good .22 rifle...with the .22 being the most useful. A good, strong fixed-blade knife, a hatchet, and collapsible entrenching tool would round it out.

Right now, it looks like a Remington Rand or a GI Colt...a Winchester '94 in .30-30, and a Henry .22 rifle will get the nod, since I don't own a SA revolver and a levergun in the calibers mentioned...though I may rectify that someday with a .41 levergun. I've got a M-58 Smith in near mint condition. :cool:

Of course, I wouldn't sell the .45s, though. Always good to have an old slabsides handy.

January 29, 2008, 12:55 PM
If the world is ending, why do you need guns at all?

January 29, 2008, 12:57 PM
IMO yours looks like a collection more than a battery of useful arms.
Not that I have a problem with that - it's just that realistically a guy is only going to need so many.

My line of thinking is that to be well armed (not to be confused with well equipped) I'd feel comfortable with the following. I also think they should be bought in this order unless an impending ban caused you to buy the AK before the CZ-452 just so you could get it.

1. Centerfire handgun that you're comfortable with. Although almost any other choice is better than this in terms of usefuness or power, you also can't just sling your Mossberg 590 and go into town to buy some flour. But you can stick a Browning Hi-Power in your waistband and conceal it pretty well. It also would be an effective deterrent out to 100 yards. Not ideal but it will cover a lot of what a shotgun or carbine would do as far as defense goes.

2. Rimfire rifle of your choice. Ammo for them is still the cheapest and doesn't take up much space. You can fill a .50 cal ammo can with .22 ammo for about $100 - that's about 4K rounds. It is underpowered but if you have to hunt it will take game up to the size of deer with good shot placement. It could also be used for defense if need be. When I was a kid I could hit small rocks at 150 yards with my dad's old Remington 512 and it's open sights. At that range a 14 year old with a box of thunderbolts and a decent position could make life very uncomfortable for an attacker. They also don't make nearly as much noise. A .22 rifle is severely underestimated.

3. Centerfire rifle of your choice. They have range and power that the handgun and .22 don't. If I knew I was going to have to fight I'd want a rifle. For the $250 that you'd pay for a Marlin 30-30 or even the $150 it would cost for a Mosin and some ammo, it's hard to come up with a reason to not own one. But I don't think they are quite as important as the handgun and .22. Others will disagree.

4. Ammo. As much as you can afford without letting other things go. I'd like to have an ammo can full for each caliber I have and probably two for the .22. And I'd like to add another can for each gun I add. It is expensive and hard to make that happen but in my dream world I'd have at least that. Preferably more.

5. A shotgun. I prefer 12 gauge. I don't want one for hunting because the rifle and .22 are more effective for that. My uses for a shotgun are for close range defense so most of my ammo would be buck or slugs. IMO, they are just the best tool for that. I'd keep some birdshot around just because you never know when you may need it, but it's mostly a defensive tool. I'd want a hundred to two hundred rounds of ammo for it but no more. Again, others will disagree. Shotguns do have my respect but if you have a .22 and a handgun and a rifle, you have most of what the shotgun would be used for taken care of so it is kind of supplementing all of your other guns.

I may also choose a compact handgun in the same caliber as my primary handgun for this choice. There is a lot to be said for a handgun that can go anywhere you can.

6. Don't forget cleaning supplies. I'll admit that I'm kind of weak on this. I've been known to use motor oil as a lube and t-shirts for patches. My guns do still get maintained but I would be smarter to just invest some money into $20 worth of dedicated cleaning supplies.

IMO, if you want more than that you might be well advised to either add parts, more ammo, or more mags. I also like the idea of redundancy for at least the rimfire rifle, handgun, and centerfire rifle if the money is there for it. If you break one you still have another and the broken one becomes an almost complete spare parts kit. I kind of try to stick to a "standardized" system.

I think I could do pretty well with just 4 guns and if I added a 5th it would probably be a very concealable handgun. That's what I'm kind of trying to do with my collection right now. It needed thinned out and rebuilt to be more practical so that's what I've been doing with it. Money is tight for me so I'm not there yet. But I am working on it and hope to be "done" within the next couple years.

To me, a collection of 25 guns is about 20 more than I would ever need (15 more if you add a spare of each). That's thousands of dollars that could have been invested for ammo, magazines, useful accessories, night vision, food, water, dental work, antibiotics, making your vehicle more reliable, gasoline, a generator, tools, property in the country, blankets, or a whole lot of other things that would make your likelyhood of actually surviving a bad situation a whole lot more likely.

OTOH, I also wouldn't ever try to talk someone out of owning 25 guns. I love guns too so have at it.
And it is your money. At the very least, if one quits you'd probably still have something you could replace it with and something else that would use it's ammunition. And you'd have enough that if you really got hard up maybe you could trade a 1911 and some ammo for a stake in someone's farm (assuming you could trust them).

As for me, I do want a couple more guns and some more ammo. But I have to admit that first I should get a couple more blankets, a good sleeping bag, a couple essential tools, some food that is stable for long term storage, a little dental work done, etc.
After all, you'll have to eat, sleep, and drink just about every day whether it's SHTF or not. But I can't imagine you'd need to fight that often.

January 29, 2008, 01:05 PM
you really should have titled this something like "25 guns to own before i die." I dont think you're getting quite the responses you expected. i'll throw a relatively accurate list together off the top of my head.

GI 1911
target 1911
doulbe stack race gun 1911
CCW (probly KAHR) single stack 9mm
compact .38 snub, S&W
S&W .357
S&W .44
S&W .460
Ruger .454, maybe alaskan
about 7 SAA's
Marlin 39 or henry
Single Six
.22 semi auto
.50 semi
.308 bolt target
Belt fed, prefferably automatic AR or similar
Marlin 45/70 guide gun
Lever action Wild west guns Bushwacker
Double bbl, 700 nitro express or 600 overkill

and a peice of artillery for good measure

p.s. I DONT OWN ANY OF THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:banghead: oh, except the single six, which i probly included because i own it. i also forget a double bbl coach gun. throw that in there too.

January 29, 2008, 01:06 PM
If it's the end of the world....none of us will be here to fret about it, right?

However, the SHTF tool which I could not live without: Knowledge.
Although I do not advocate such normally: Emergency firearms are easy to build from common items with common hand tools: as demonstrated in the Philippines during WWII and on American streets daily.
We have no cartridges? Flintlocks or matchlocks are not difficult to build from scratch, neither is black powder. No need for pretty nor perfect, they only have to function. James T. Kirk was onto it. I'd use lead instead of diamonds though.

January 29, 2008, 01:11 PM
If the world is ending, why do you need guns at all?

Maybe because everybody's world won't end at exactly the same time...

January 29, 2008, 01:14 PM
If the world is ending, why do you need guns at all?

The idea of the thread isn't EOTW.

The OP is musing about twenty-five weapons that he would have were they to be the only ones that he could.

Think of it, then, more like TEOTWAWKI.

I do agree with the posters who have stated that twenty-five is unrealistic, given the idea that weight and mobility become issues when we shouldn't have to worry about carrying more than we can sling across our backs, not to mention the need for food and water.

Really, let's think more in terms of what we would need as a bare minimum, in order to defend ourselves against reasonable odds, and to secure food that doesn't come out of a can or a vacuum-sealed bag.

January 29, 2008, 01:21 PM
I already own my EOTWAWKI arsenal.
Ruger 10/22 - food & self defense
Mossberg 590 - food and self defense at closer range
Ruger Single Six - food and self defense at close range
Ruger SBH - food and self defense at moderate range
Enfield converted to .308 - food and self defense at long range

January 29, 2008, 01:27 PM
Think of it, then, more like TEOTWAWKI.
Okay then, I'll just stick with what I have:
(A) Knowledge
(B) .22LR 9-shot 6" barrel revolver with as much .22LR ammo as is comfortable for me to carry.
(C) .9mm compact pistol with 50 rounds of HP's.
(D) a good knife....not a Rambo knife, a good knife.

January 29, 2008, 02:17 PM
Personally, I like my 45-70 for true EOTW problems. This caliber was designed for black powder and black powder is FAR easier to manufacture once the supply of smokeless runs out.

Pump my arsenal up to 8.

A 9mm Commander-sized 1911, and a .45-70 rifle. Because, if it IS the EOTW, you know you're going to need a rifle that can kill a Tyrannosaur.

January 29, 2008, 02:21 PM
A 9mm Commander-sized 1911, and a .45-70 rifle. Because, if it IS the EOTW, you know you're going to need a rifle that can kill a Tyrannosaur.

DANG! I didn't even think of that. Glad I'm prepared for when the Tyrannosaurs get let loose at the end of the world!

January 29, 2008, 02:28 PM
Mak, you are officially in my cool book.

Kind of Blued
January 29, 2008, 02:37 PM
Forgive me all. While the title is misleading, I expected people to read my original post.

30 cal slob
January 29, 2008, 02:40 PM
well, i've got all mine.

now, all we need is a little EOTWAWKI. :neener:

January 29, 2008, 02:48 PM
What would you like the title to be?

Possibly, "Your Final Rest-Of-Your-Life Gun Collection" or something along those lines?

I'll be happy to change it.

January 29, 2008, 02:50 PM
JWarren, and 1911Tuner share great real world advice.

Folks asked so I will post here as to what folks put back in my day.

Time line: I was born in '55
JFK shot when I was in the 3rd grade.
LBJ steps up to President.

Now Mentors & Elders were assorted ladies and gents. LEO, Military, Veterans of Conflicts and some worked out of the USA from time to time and had to deal with Communist Checkpoints and other "inconveniences".

Not knowing what all might happen with USA Gov't, or if the Ruskies attacked, and all the Civil Defense Drills, and places to go.
WE did more CD drills than Fire Drills when I was coming up.

Some countries had gun bans, where civilians could not have the same guns, and/or calibers as Police/Military.
This concerned Mentors & Elders.
I mean what if the USA said folks could not have the same guns as our Police and Military??!!

Single shot shotguns, single shot .22 rifles, .22 pistols were hoarded up first, with lots of ammo and put in drums and secured in off site areas.
Reloading components and reloaders for the shotguns.

These would be simple guns, not needing much upkeep, reliable, and would work for getting food. Heck, if matters got that serious, .22 has taken a lot of deer by Poachers for food for instance...

.38spl revolvers, hardware store guns, some S&W, Colts, and again reloading means.
Lever action rifles in 30-30, 1911s, BHPS, Single Action Revolvers...

Mentors started simple with simple guns and ammo, and "stair stepped" thinking to fit various needs.
A small J frame sized .22 revolver, even a hardware one, was easy to conceal and get around with. So were the small Beretta .22 guns.

Reality was, some had/did use these small Berettas, in .22 cal abroad, with pen-knives to do what they did to preserve Freedom.
Nobody, nobody every made fun of these same folks carrying a Colt Woodsman, and later Ruger Standard were seen used.
These folks, ladies and gents would shoot the lit cigarette out , or tell them which eye on a critter to shoot to fell it and they would shoot that eye!

Gun Control Act of '68 was being discussed, and folks had no idea what all might happen, or what to expect.
Folks used experiences from being in War, from being in countries were guns were restricted, Communist Checkpoints and what folks did, over there.

Traveling amongst persons, not all nice, meant blending in, and concealed meant concealed.
Hunting for food, or pest control meant not attracting attention to, so simple guns did not look threatening, along with being legal.
Not that there might have been other "tools in the toolbox" near.

Some of the best lessons come from History.
Some other lessons can be learned from poachers and those that live on the streets and hobos that ride rails.

Tactical is the street person wearing clothing to protect him/herself from harm, that lesson blows from being kicked, hit and hassled.
All survival tools are on person, and concealed in them clothes too.

Barter comes into play if matters get serious.
.22 ammo, wicks, for oil/kerosene lamps and Zippo lighters. Flints, for Zippos, matches, mag fire starters, candles and candlemaking components...pocket size sharpening stones, simple small knives (slip-joints and fixed)...
You get the idea...

January 29, 2008, 03:07 PM
Forgive me all. While the title is misleading, I expected people to read my original post.

Forgive me for being part of the thread derailment. Even limiting things to a 25 gun collection would be a hard drawn out process requiring years, cost billions of dollars, and result in thousands of lives lost.

January 29, 2008, 03:09 PM
I reread the post - now I see what you're saying.
I'd still keep the same basic idea I started with but I'd add a No4 Enfield.
It wouldn't really be practical for me but I want one. Probably add a Browning Buckmark too because it would be a lot of fun to shoot and still useful.
While we're at it, and Uzi carbine with all the fixin's.
Might as well dream big.

January 29, 2008, 03:10 PM
I don't think the people were way off on the posts.

The original post talked about ordering your guns in such a way as the absolutely most important ones are at top of the list.

Much of the "deviation" has been in discussing which guns SHOULD BE at the top of the list.

I simply can't put a list of 25 guns as "must haves."

January 29, 2008, 03:54 PM
If I run out of ammo for my guns, I'll just make arrows and spears.

A flintknapper can survive.


January 29, 2008, 03:59 PM
my end of the world gun..... crossbow.... reusable ammo silent so zombies wont here me if i shoot it, nuff said

January 29, 2008, 05:11 PM
Suppressed 10/22
Suppressed Walther P22
Suppressed Rem 700 PSS 308 Bolt action

Why all the suppressors. I don't wanna hurt my lil ears and let the zombies know where I'm at.

January 29, 2008, 08:33 PM
I guess I didn't get your initial intention either, but my top 3/4 still stands. And I really could care less what the others are as far as "needing" them. they could be anything I think looks "cool" as long as I have the ones that I "need".

January 29, 2008, 08:41 PM
am i the only one that finds it just a little funny that people just post what they think after only reading the title? or am i a little funny for actually reading the first post?

January 29, 2008, 08:55 PM
I am not a religious guy but at the end of the world I would have to say Faith, Family and Friends would be at the top of my list!

Along with a loaded out A-10 for peace of mind.

January 29, 2008, 09:49 PM
reread your long post sm.

real world. what we have now is all we need firearm wise. thats what we would use to get what we need. i have no issue with scavaging for the benifits of me and mine.
what i would want for SHTF.
gasoline (for use and barter)
drugs (antiboitics, pain relivers, ext) for use and barter
alcohol and pot, if i could get my hands on it, for barter only.
livestock and horses for travel
several anatolian shepards and a couple of Black Russian Terroirs that are shutzhund trained.

but mostly i would want a home away from cities and such that was defensiable and useful.

January 29, 2008, 10:47 PM
am i the only one that finds it just a little funny that people just post what they think after only reading the title? or am i a little funny for actually reading the first post?

Reality is what I posted.

Granted my experiences are not as some around here, but mine are mine and I own them.

Katrina hit.
Folks of like kind, had ammo, guns, medical supplies and everything else, and even some of the back-up supplies got hit, lost.
Now I am real damn familiar with some folks that took a big chance, and took single shot shotguns, singles shot .22 rifles , .38spl revolvers diabetes kits and meds, and other really needed items into where these folks were.
Criminals on one side, FEMA other there and weaving the needle to not get pegged by Cops.

Nothing "good enough" or 'tactical enough" for many today , still I assure you, the reciepents were damn happy to have these simple firearms that were put back for such a situation.

Let us go back in time...
Before cell phones, before 911.

Tornado comes through and it looks like a lawnmower just cut a wide swath.
Yeah they had guns, but one fella did not find his safe until 3 wks later over in a clump of trees in another pasture!

Big City has its own problems, these folks are on their own.
They had guns, ammo, stores , and supplies, still these two are gone, or cannot be accessed.

Again, others run down, with single shot shotguns, .22 rifles, .38spl and other needes like lanterns, blankets and food.

Evil is looking for easy prey...
Evil will cheat, and play dirty.

A firebomb is tossed to catch a structure on fire to run folks off, the firebomb never makes it to the structure.
A simple single shot shotgun shoots this moving target, and fells it before it can reach its destination.
Night time, very little light, no beads on that shotgun, but the person using it, is a shotgunner, not some one that owns a shotgun.

Another barrage of gunfire and a younger male with a single shot 20 ga has the best cover and shot to stop evil.
He runs that single shot like a repeater, sending slugs into that car, and evil leaves.

I know, I made the run during Katrina, I was the young man shooting firebombs, and I was the young man shooting slugs .

Not funny to me at all!
Screw the rules, rules are for bending them that will and breaking those that need breaking.

Before all the gun games and The Great Equipment race, we did set ups and lessons using what folks actually had.

Serious situations hit, like escaped convicts, or natural disasters and one is wise to learn from the past.
Neighbors, with various skill sets, and working as team.
Firearm redundancy on platform and ammo capability.

Here Model 94 in 30-30 was the most used rifle, it was not /is not uncommon to find a household with six of these.
Anyone in the family can run this rifle, so can neighbors.
Same applies other guns, like Model 10s, and some families have a dozen set back, just in case matters go south.
12 ga bone stock pump guns, Model 70 in '06...

ARs are plain vanilla and bone stock, simple and a crap load of ammo set back.
Instead of tricking out 1, folks get 2 guns done for the same monies, or near about.

One fella bought 2, plain GI SA 1911s. These run out of the box, and tested reliable.
He paid $438 each for these.
His next investments were another 24 , 7 round , closed base USGI/Colt style mags.
Ammo was more hardball, both factory loads and components.

This makes 12 bone stock 1911s for this fella and his family.

Redundancy is good, and proven.

How raised, what you do

January 29, 2008, 11:14 PM
I'm sorry, i read the origional thread to say "Here is a list of guns that are all i need for life. Just 25, not 100+ guns like some people own. These 25 are enough gun to keep me happy for life. SOME on the list would be useful for SHTF. They are in order of want/need/usefulness"

As in this isn't supposed to be yet another thread about the end of the world. Just, if you could only have 25, would that be enough to keep you happy.

My post wasnt to question or insult you.

MDeViney(the OP)
I originally came up with the list with the idea of me marrying some broad that made 25 my limit, and me trying to figure out how to have all of the bases covered.

MDeViney(the OP)
Forgive me all. While the title is misleading, I expected people to read my original post.

and then i said
people just post what they think after only reading the title

by the way, i also realised my list is actually flawed, i forgot to put them in a good order.

January 29, 2008, 11:36 PM
It is all good.

I am over 50, and my role is to be a pain in the butt to some, and "yeah, I was raised like that" to others.

Matters get serious and unless one is a gunsmith, or has one in the immediate group they are dealing with serious matters with...

Well, nothing wrong with many platforms, or calibers.
Just what do you have to handle the situations, and ammo, and replacement parts and what not ?

9x23 in 1911 platform, I am a huge believer as a serious defensive tool.
Common sense tells me having 3 Kel-Tec P-11s in 9mm instead of one 1911 in 9x23 is smarter.
Three snub nose or 3" Model 10/64 instead of that 9x23 makes more sense too.

P-11s and Model 10/64s allows one to have a gun on person, concealed, and ammo is easier to come by, or reload.

P-11s will shoot lead bullets made from wheel weights, or other lead melted down. I and others have done so.

BHPs will shoot home made lead bullets too...again a better choice than some platforms, and calibers.
BHP has BTDT, when times were serious, and still is.

25 variety or 25 of redundant considerations?

Five of Five of the same make model and caliber, is my preference.

Kind of Blued
January 30, 2008, 12:41 AM
If any mods want to change the title, just add (please read post) to the end.

January 30, 2008, 09:03 AM
no harm done.

let me try this list thing again. i enjoy doing this anyways. it is kinda hard now that i'm working on it...

GI 1911-- must have, every faithful.
Marlin 45/70 guide gun -- ditto
auto .22
CCW(probly KARH) single stack 9mm
S&W .44, performance center
12 guage, probly pump or SBS double
Belt fed, prefferably automatic AR or similar -- seems like it could be handy
.308 target bolt
Marlin 39 or henry
Lever action Wild west guns Bushwacker -- its just too cool
Double bbl, 700 nitro express or 600 overkill
doulbe stack race gun 1911
compact .38 snub, S&W
Ruger .454 alaskan
about 5 SAA's
target 1911
S&W .357
.50 BMG semi
.22 semi auto
Single Six
and a peice of artillery for good measure

i guess that list is somewhat close. if i make it again tomorrow it should come out different. its a hard line between what i want and what would be useful. who knew i wanted so many guns?

January 30, 2008, 12:48 PM
Original Poster states: Your End of the World Gun Collection


I made mention elsewhere that if necessary I could be totally happy for the rest of my life with no more than about 25 firearms. I then set out to see, like I usually am with the topic, if I was lying to myself.

So I made this list under the precedent that if I could only have one firearm for the rest of my life, it would be #1, and if I could only have two, it would be #s 1 and 2, etc.

Anyway, it was quite a bit of work, but feel free to make your own.

It does not have to be 25 guns, just a prioritized list of your EOTWAWKI guns. I wouldn't know what to do with 15 guns nevermind 25, not that I'm knocking anyone.
All survivalist agree on one thing, a good .22 will be your best friend in a situation where you can have only one gun with you. With proper placement it has killed a Grizzly by an old women in Alaska.
Here are a few links about the diminutive and under rated .22 (the same caliber used by Sayeret Matkal when they stormed the hijacked Sabena Aircraft in 1972 ) talks about using it for social purposes as well here Jeff talks about if he needed to keep one gun it would be the .22

I think y'all get the idea. You can stuff 1500 rounds in your pack and another 100 in your pockets and you are well armed, especially if you have a .22 mag conversion.

If all I could have was one rifle and one handgun, both would be my Rugers, a10/22 in LR and convertable Sigle Six.

January 30, 2008, 12:49 PM
It all depends what ammo is available: 9mm.

January 30, 2008, 12:51 PM
Ak-47 platform in 7.62x39
S&W (pre-lock) 686+ in 4" bbl
S&W (pre-lock) 617 in 6" bbl

Guns that ALWAYS go bang and where the ammo will likely available.

January 30, 2008, 03:21 PM
AND . . . . . . MINE'S PACKED!!

It is A .22rf, magazine-fed, single-shot with interchangeable 3" bbl for concealed carry; 7 1/2" bbl for practice or up-close hunting; and 20" bbl with walnut forestock and detachable buttstock for hunting. (Smoothbore barrels also available.)

Ammo is readily available about anywhere. Useful for obtaining a different weapon - if worse comes to worst!

Fairly quiet, doesn't announce your presence for a 5- or 10-mile radius.

VERY transportable WITH 1,000s of assorted type of rounds. (HUGE variety of ammo available for ANY need.)

Compact, leaving more carry-space/weight available for other supplies.

Of course, in the REAL world I've got a large assortment to choose from at home, BUT, if I had to leave in a hurry - Here Fiala, here boy....

Best regards ~ ~ ~ GGN

April 27, 2008, 02:24 PM
OK I have played this game with myself for about 15 years, this is my actual list of what I own for EOTW or a similar issue.

AR 15 10 30 round clips /removable Nikon scope
AK 47 10 30 round clips
590 12 gauge
Savage 110 308 Nikon scope
22lr bolt action
Glock 19 9 clips one 30 rounder
Springfield XD 45 5 inch 5 clips
S&W 3 inch 44 mag
Ruger Super black hawk hunter 44 mag
S&W 4 inch 357 mag
S&W snub 38

at least 200 rounds for each.

Is it practical to attempt to take all these with you? i guess situation dictates,I feel confident I could well arm my family if needed.

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