List of products for my reloading start up kit


January 30, 2008, 06:03 AM
After reading threadsof your opinions on equipment to buy this is the list of products I have decided to buy as my start up kit. Please check it out and advise me of any changes you would make. Thanks, Guys


Kempf’s Order
Kempf’s Executive 9mm reloading kit--- $149.95
Pro AutoDisk powder measure--- $ 11.95
Lee Powder Safety Scale--- $ 20.95
Kinetic Bullet Puller--- $ 14.95
Modern Reloading Manual by R. Lee--- $ 14.95
S.S. Dial Calipers--- $ 24.95
Adjustable Charge Bar--- $ 8.95
Powder Funnel--- $ 2.98
Auto Disk Riser--- $ 8.95
Resizing Lube--- $ 2.50
Lee Shooter Program--- $ 13.95
100 round MTM ammo boxes (5)--- $ 12.50
$ 287.53

Midway’s Order
50 rnd. Reloading tray-- $ 6.89
Loadbook USA 9mm loading manual $ 5.49
CCI Small pistol primers $ 26.99
Frankford Arsenal Tumbler Kit $ 64.99
Speer Reloading Manual #14 $ 30.99
Winchester #231 Powder $ 17.99
Lyman 48th Edition Manual $ 18.99 Shipping $ 17.99

Berry’s Order
1000 115 gr. Plated 9mm bullets-- $50.54
100 Data Labels $ 7.49
Lead Surcharge $20.40


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January 30, 2008, 09:05 AM
1. make sure the swivel adapter is with the Pro Auto disk, as well as an adjustable charge bar.

2. you may need a micro disk kit as well if you want to load low power rounds.

3. If you want, add a max cart gauge (midway or Kemp's)

4. since you are presumably paying a hazmat fee for the one powder, why not get a second as well, and / or a third?

You've done a good job on putting together the comprehensive-initial-purchase package.

Jim H.

January 30, 2008, 09:55 AM
I would recommend getting lead free or fully copper coated lead bullets. Lead is nasty stuff.

January 30, 2008, 10:49 AM
I would look other places for your bullets, I used to buy berry;s from cabelas but they have went up on their prices so much you can get FMJ for the same price or less. I like Zero bullets from they also have good prices on powder and primers. I would search for more suppliers for bullets because berrys is pretty high.

January 30, 2008, 12:00 PM
No way I"d pay a 'lead surcharge'.It's just a stupid sneaky way of raising bullet prices.!

Shop around for bullets,and if you're going to be shooting mostly indoors I'll second the motion for fully jacketed bullets.

What lube are you buying? for pistol ammo a little OneShot sprayed into a baggie full of brass and then shaken around a bit is the way to go.Lubing each one is not necessary if using carbide dies.Actually none is needed but it makes the press run soooooooooo much easier.

January 30, 2008, 12:27 PM
The "Pro" auto disc has all the updates from the "Auto Disc" including the swivle. No micro disc needed, holes that small will just get you in trouble with many powders throwing too light charges and squib loads. And depending on what kind of gun you shoot, lead bullets can give real savings if in a well ventilated area, and proper hand washing is done.

January 30, 2008, 07:38 PM
If you are getting the classic turret from Kempf then you don't need,
Powder Funnel--- $ 2.98
50 rnd. Reloading tray-- $ 6.89
You can buy Zero FMJ's at Powder Valley cheaper than the Berry's bullets. Check out primers and powder at Powder Valley and Graf&Sons.

lee n. field
January 30, 2008, 08:06 PM
Looks good, mostly. Well covered for reloading data. I'd probably have skipped the Loadbook, with that much other documentation.

lead surcharge

Lead surcharge?? :cuss::cuss:

You will sometime want a higher capacity scale than the Lee.

Try to find a local source for powder and primers, so you don't have to pay HAZMAT shipping.

Kempf's Executive kit is which press? (Ah, looks to be the classic turret. ( If I hadn't just bought a Pro 1000, I would be seriously looking at that.)

January 30, 2008, 08:28 PM
Did I miss the case deburuing tool in the list? Other than that seems to be everything.

January 30, 2008, 09:49 PM
Thanks for your reponses. We will be shooting outside in the backyard. We both have 9mm autos.

evan price
January 31, 2008, 01:42 AM
KEAD hardcast lead bullets for 9mm, 125-RN, $128/3000 including insured shipping.

Powder Valley has best prices on powder and primers (Wolf is cheapest and the are pretty good). One hazmat fee and fair shipping. Advise 4# jugs or 8# jugs if you plan to reload in quantity. 1# of 231 will do about 1500 9mm rounds with average charges. They also have decent bullet prices.

If you want FMJ check out TJ Conevera for Winchester, about the best price around. Their price- $69/thousand 115gr FMJ- includes shipping.

If you can't get Win231, Hodgdon HP38 is the same powder. Really.

Won't need case lube for carbide dies/straightwall pistol case, or a powder funnel and reloading trays probably unless you are going single-stage.. 9mm is not tall enough dies to need the auto disk riser.

Adjustable charge bar is good if you plan on getting really really anal about precise charges. The auto-disk will make very accurate drops, however, the disks are limited to only certain preset amounts by cavity size. Luckily, for 9mm or any other common caliber, there is usually a disk that is close enough for practice ammo. The "A" disk suits my needs for 90% of handgun cartridges and bullets I load. You can also custom "adjust" the disks with a small file or reamer to get the exact charge you want. I have done this for a custom .38 special light load.

If there is a Harbor Freight store near you they will have dial calipers that are accurate enough for reloading for less than $10. Or try The Internet (eBay) for stuff, too.

Not saying DON'T buy the reloading manuals, but if you stick to powders like Hodgdon, Winchester, Alliant, IMR, etc (the big names) you can download all the info you will need to load a common caliber with a common bullet for free. One good one like Lee's book or Speer or something like that is all you really need unless you plan on doing more calibers.

If all you are doing is 9mm then look into a Pro-1000 and a decent charge confirmation scale. The Pro1K comes complete and ready to load one caliber straight from the factory including auto disk powder measure and dies. $130 or so.

If you go Pro1K you can be loading more ammo faster. And you don't need a lot of accessories. Total you would need is the Pro1K, a scale, a tumbler set, bullet puller, and supplies. Not including supplies, you're at under $200 ready to roll for one caliber.

Caliber conversion to any pistol caliber is easy- not expensive at all.

If the idea of a progressive press is worrying you, they can be used without the case feeder, loading one shell at a time, so you can get comfortable with the press operations.

Obviously if money is no object to you then by all means stock up. I'm just trying to say what I've found since *I* started reloading.

Good luck, happy reloading.

January 31, 2008, 07:33 AM

Kempf’s Order
Kempf’s Executive 9mm reloading kit--- $149.95 If this is the Lee Classic Turret, good. If not, I'd go with the Classic Turret.
Pro AutoDisk powder measure--- $ 11.95 good
Lee Powder Safety Scale--- $ 20.95 I'd go with a different brand of measure, something around 50 dolars, like the Hornady, from Midway.
Kinetic Bullet Puller--- $ 14.95 If they have RCBS, get that one, as it's just a bit tougher plastic or the one piece molded plastic holds up better. Not sure, but it's hung in there longer than my Frankford Arsenal one did. Both have the same warranty.
Modern Reloading Manual by R. Lee--- $ 14.95 Good, but don't just buy the Lee manual. Get a Speer, Lyman or other manual to supplement it.
S.S. Dial Calipers--- $ 24.95 The Harbor Freight ones do just as well and are less expensive. In fact, they're probably the same made in China calipers. No need to pay more.
Adjustable Charge Bar--- $ 8.95 good
Powder Funnel--- $ 2.98 Potentially handy to have, but if you're reloading auto advance turret, you'll not likely to use it.
Auto Disk Riser--- $ 8.95 Good, you might want to buy a couple extras, especially if you plan to add another caliber soon.
Resizing Lube--- $ 2.50 I'd go with Imperial Sizing die wax. It seems expensive up front, but lasts longer than most stuff out there and does a real good job. You apply it as you put the cases in the shellholder. About as fast as the sprays.
Lee Shooter Program--- $ 13.95 Never needed this. You'd be better off applying this money to a Chronograph.
100 round MTM ammo boxes (5)--- $ 12.50 Go with the 50 round boxes, they're more handy to put in your range bag. The 100 rounders end up being too bulky and just aren't as handy all around.
$ 287.53

Midway’s Order
50 rnd. Reloading tray-- $ 6.89 Unless you're reloading single stage, you won't need this. A "universal" tray can come in handy. but generally, you'll find unless you're reloading single stage, you'll use plastic bins a great deal more.
Loadbook USA 9mm loading manual $ 5.49 I'd go with a Speer manual instead and get 9MM specific data from the net from bullet and powder manufacturer's websites.
CCI Small pistol primers $ 26.99 Be aware you'll be paying a hazardous material charge of 20 bucks for ordering these. If you can buy local or get in a group buy, you'll be better off buying a thousand minimum at a time.
Frankford Arsenal Tumbler Kit $ 64.99 If this is the one with the rotary tumbler, it's a good one. I've had mine for nearly a decade now.
Speer Reloading Manual #14 $ 30.99 Good
Winchester #231 Powder $ 17.99 Good starter powder, you may also want to consider bullseye. Again, if you can buy this local, you're better off, so that you aren't paying that huge hazmat fee.
Lyman 48th Edition Manual $ 18.99 Shipping $ 17.99 good

Berry’s Order
1000 115 gr. Plated 9mm bullets-- $50.54 good bulets
100 Data Labels $ 7.49 You can make your own fairly using using labels from your local office supply store.
Lead Surcharge $20.40 When you have to pay fees like this, try to buy in a group buy with others, so you distribute the total of the hazmat fees across several people. You can locate local shooter buddies on forums like this one. I've done this with primers, powders and bullets over the years. You save money buying larger quantities and you save money by dividing the hazmat fees across the members of the group buy. Remember, the fee is the same regardless of order size.




January 31, 2008, 08:01 AM
Dave, if you have access to your sticky thread, why don't you COPY your post #12 above and we can simply link to the URL for it?

FWIW, I would edit it a bit--like noting that the ProAutoDisk price is the upgrade price to the 'deluxe' version, and change the list to (a) delete the loadbook (or recommend it especially for those with a dial-up connection), and note that actual Hornady measure model alternative.

Jim H.

Jim H.

Bad Penny 03
February 3, 2008, 02:33 PM
I threw my Lee Powder scale away and bought a digital RCBS scale.

Also I found their deburring tool, primer pocket cleaners, and case trimmer pilots are useless as well.
For these Items I purchased Hornady or RCBS.

I have great luck with the single stage Lee press and all their dies (carbide handgun, RGB small base rifle dies, and neck sizing only rifle), universal decappers, hand priming tool, etc.

I fire formed some .22-250 and neck sized on Lee dies. Topped with some 55gr fmjs (Sierra matchkings) over a load of H380 and got a 1/4 MOA groups with a magnaported Rem 700 VS.

Basically with Lee, anything that involves a cutting tool I would avoid.

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