7&8 Shot Revolvers


July 31, 2003, 04:52 PM
I want to buy a house gun that may also be used in the hunting field once in a while. I'm considering either the S&W M627 or Taurus M608SS6 in the eight shoot. Or the S&W M686P or Taurus M66SS4 in the seven shot. Does anyone have experience with these handguns? Are they of equal quality? I know the Taurus' a quite a bit less expensive, is thier quality relative to thier price? I've owned revolvers from both of these companies in the past. I've had good luck and bad luck with both. I've had less bad luck with the Smiths, but both were older vintage handguns (manufactured 15 to 20 years ago).

Also, is the trigger travel and felt action drastically different in these higher than 6 capacity revolvers compared to a six-shooter?

Any responses and relay of experience is appreciated.

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July 31, 2003, 05:06 PM
You'll get lots of replies from people on the Taurus VS. S&W stuff..etc... Most of the responses aren't going to be what I'd calll 100% objective.

What I can tell you is my Wife owns a Taurus 627SS4 (Tracker, 7-shot, .357 magnum). She's fired somewhere around 8k rounds through it without a single problem. It's a very nice, accurate firearm.

The trigger is really nice, every bit as good as any of the 20 or so well used S&W revolvers I've fired. It was actually a tad better than my Ruger GP-100 (pull weight wise) until I swapped out the main spring.

We also own 2 Taurus pistols, never a problem with either. I've only had my PT92 for a few months and I've put about 2k rounds through it with only 2 hickups (both due to crummy ammo).

About the only problem I see with the her Tracker is the front site, they glue in a thin plastic 'insert' that's really no more than orange tape. Cleaning solvents killed it pretty quickly. But, you could easily get a new front (and new rear) and still be much less expensive that the S&W.

July 31, 2003, 05:07 PM
1st off, welcome to THR. Next, I would go for the 627...vry nice revo ;) As for the Tauri...I have limited experience w/ their revo's, but the ne I have started out w/ a very heavy & gritty 9 shot 22. After 1000's of rounds, it has gotten ALOT smoother, but still is very heavy. My experience is that S&W's have consistently nicer triggers.

July 31, 2003, 06:25 PM
Welcome Ugger ......... :)

I have a M66 Taurus ....... and find it very pleasant indeed. It handles hot loads fine but, since my wife fired several of my handguns ........ she selected this (with 38 spl +P's) as her fave .... it is now her HD gun and ...... tell ya what .. she shoots it damn well too!

It's a 4 inch tube and she does not find it over large, unlike some of my semi's ........ also, she likes the trigger .... and I endorse that ... outa the box - very nice. She also likes my M27 Smith but that's N frame and a tad on large side.

You will indeed get all sorts of ''pros'' and ''cons'' in the Smith/Taurus debate but ...... you might as well know individual's tastes and experiences .... that at least will give you a sorta flavor.

The M66 .............


Guy B. Meredith
August 1, 2003, 06:45 PM
When I was shopping for my first handgun I looked at the Taurus 608 and the S&W 686+. I decided on the 686 because I was new and had nothing to judge by, thought the ramp and little holes up front were a bit like dimestore cowboy and that "real shooters" would look down on me for buying glitz. Also my wife was more comfortable with the 686 grip and I thought (silly me) that it would be the last handgun we would have.

Anyway, I am immediately disqualified as a judge of Taurus as my only experience with them was just that.

Since the 686 purchase, S&W was kind enough to give me a 627 and an M66. I have taken note recently that the feel of the revolvers with even numbers of rounds are more similar and the 7 shot has a slightly different feel as it locks up. Nothing bad, but seems to have an additional *click* in there.

So if my experience is typical the 627 might feel more like the six shot, but both have been great and both are used by revolver competitors.

Gary H
August 1, 2003, 09:39 PM
Rather bad form on my part, since Guy was the one that got me thinking of the 627PC. At the time, he was mastering his M66.

I just returned from the range. This was only the second time that I have shot my 627. It is the newest member of my family. I ended up buying a mooner, de-mooner and a moonclip straightener. I went with a Safariland belt, C-R Speed holster and Blade-Tech double moon-holders. Right from the first day, this is by far the fastest revolver that I have shot. I must say that I'm not partial to smaller frame revolvers. My 686-7 got sold early on. I'm having some moonclip issues..posted elsewhere.., but I really love the gun. My only complaint is that the newer Smiths with the frame mounted strikers are not the best designs should you want a really light silky, but reliable trigger. Working the old Smiths was a breeze. I have yet to find a good endpoint on this new one.

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