Walther/Interarms PPK .380 -vs- Polish P-64 9x18mm?


February 9, 2008, 02:55 AM
I'm thinking about buying one or the other for CCW and I'd appreciate some opinions on the pros & cons of each.

Both are NIB, but the PPK is nearly twice as expensive. :scrutiny:

How do the .380 and 9x18mm cartridges compare in terms of energy/effectiveness? How would the felt recoil of a .380 PPK compare with the 9x18mm in a P-64? In other words, which would be more comfortable to shoot? How do these pistols compare in terms of fit/finish, durability, reliability, accuracy, and trigger? Also, how hard is it to find mags, recoil springs, and holsters for the P-64? Thanks.


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February 9, 2008, 04:23 AM
There's not much difference between the rounds. The 9MM Makarov was originally designed to putt along at about 1050 fps with a 95gr bullet. This is the same as the so-called .380+P.

I don't know about the PA-64, but the recoil is indistinguishable between the PPK/S and Pistolet Makarova.

Your main concern with the Hun is magazines.
As long as the pistol is available, so too will the mags be. Once the supply of these things has dried up, as it has for the Makarov, so will the parts!!
If you do buy one, I suggest strongly that you buy, at least, 10 mags along with it!! As soon as a gun is no longer made, the first thing that gets snapped up by those that already have it, is mags!!

Case and point. I spent almost a year haunting gunshows for Walther P5 mags!!

Personally, I would go with the Walther. It's still in production. Magzines are readily available anywhere in the world, as is the 9mm kurz ammunition. The principle source of 9MM Makarov ammo continues to be Russia. There are a couple of domestic and western European suppliers, but the old Soviet Union is where it's at for ammo, baby!! What happens if we start getting pissy with each other again?? Yer SOL, dude!!

February 9, 2008, 06:34 PM
Thanks Denfoote.

After posting my questions I did find this helpful/informative article that addresses the differences and similarities of these two pistols. They report that the PPK is much easier to shoot in terms of felt recoil and DA trigger.



February 9, 2008, 06:40 PM
opps, double posted....


February 10, 2008, 12:30 PM
I have the P64, but haven't shot a PPK in awhile. The P64 isn't all that bad to shoot for a blowback gun. The double action trigger is very gritty and hard, but the single action trigger pull is very light. As alternative, have you considered the CZ82's that are available? This is one of my favorite 9X18 pistols - shoots like a dream, and holds 12 in the magazine. Its not as concealable though.

February 10, 2008, 01:02 PM
I don't know what all this business is about the recoil on the P-64 being bad, but it's not. The pistol doesn't even jump at all, and there's no flip to speak of. The only thing remotely uncomfortable about firing it is that it smacks the web of your hand. Wolff now has springs for it, so you should be able to lighten up the trigger pull that way. The only reason the stock trigger pull is so stiff is b/c it had to be able to detonate hard primers, which you most likely won't run into.

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