Case Small Lockbacks


February 19, 2008, 11:15 AM'Small%20Lockback'&Folding='1'&Item='0004'

Case has a family set of these, and that link will allow one to click on various ones.

Folks, sometimes one just wants a simple knife for themselves or as a gift.
These knives are what they are, nothing more, nothing less.

Workplace restrictions, more people friendly, Health Safety Regulations state a locking knife must be used, and still be within regulations in closed length size and other reasons.

A knife for everyday use, or one stuck in the car, emergency road kit, or even in a single engine airplane.
Quite a few pilots wear a knife around the neck in case a single engine goes down hard, and they have to cut a seat belt for instance.
As a passenger, I have been handed such a knife to wear around my neck in a single engine.

While I do like Case knives, the idea of this post is to get folks to think about a small lockback, affordable, for the reasons stated above.

I am just going to hit the high spots on some of these.

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February 19, 2008, 11:21 AM
Executive Lockback #0004
M1059L SS
Drop Point Blade
3 1/8" closed; 1.0 oz.

Executive Lockback #0041
M1225L SS
Drop Point Blade
3" closed; 1.4 oz.

Executive Lockback #0158
M1300L SS
Drop Point Blade
3 1/4" closed; 2.3 oz.

Engraving personalizes these.

-High School Graduation Gift
-Shooting Events, and engrave the event a person won.
-Raffles, for shooting events or fund raisers.
-Dress knife for lady or gent

These all have Tru-Sharp [tm] blades. Case's name for their stainless steel
These have some heft to them and all were finished out, and had no blade play, and opened and closed like they were supposed to.

I mean it is a lock back, these ain't gonna be like a traditional pocket knife! *grin*.

Sharp...okay, no secret I prefer the Chrome Vanadium, still these were ready to use out of the box.
Only one needed the edge finished out up to tip.

Just my observation in comparing what I call "users" versus "collector" , is Case puts a better edge on the yellow handled CV and some of the other CV blades offerings in Red Bone and Amber Bone.

Let me hit some others of these and add comments that apply across the board to this family set.

February 19, 2008, 11:25 AM
Can you open these models with one hand?

What is your feeling on one handed vs two handed opening?

February 19, 2008, 11:33 AM
I have carried one of these for years. I found it to be light in the pocket and very useful for everyday tasks.

February 19, 2008, 12:17 PM
Some of these one can open with one hand, by pinching the blade.
It depends on which model, how high off the handles the blade is and one's fingers and dexterity.

Often times folks will open these, leave open and have on a desk and be using for a staple puller, or similar tasks.

Some office settings, with their own rules and regulations, and how written and defined, just do not "prefer" one hand opening knives, nor "easy to open" knives.

Kershaw Chive for instance was one that was under scrutiny. It was not the knife so much, as the users of knives and behavior, and this Chive was just a smaller version of the "problem knives".

February 19, 2008, 12:29 PM

You beat me to where I was headed. *grin*

Yes, the Mini Buck is a nice small lockback.

Here is something that is timeless: Folks associate , profile, or stereotype people by the brand names of what the own and use.

We all do it, whether we realize or will admit it.

Buck, Case, Camillus, and Shrade for example, conjures up images of dad, grandpa, uncles and brothers...

In some environments, not attracting attention, is a real useful defensive tool.

"Oh this is just a inexpensive Buck / Case I use to pull them staples out Betty...".

Betty, even "Betty the stickler for rules and sticks her nose into everyone's business" is more apt to think:

"Buck/Case, yeah dad carried an old Buck/Case and would cut a candy bar in half for me..."

February 19, 2008, 12:45 PM
Case Caliber Lockback #0147
LT1405L SS
Clip Blade
3 1/2" closed; 1.2 oz.

This one is often tossed in a car emergency kit, glove box, or at a hunting /fishing cabin as a back-up or loaner for guests.

This knife and a Maverick Shotgun, for a guest to use, works out real well.

Mini Blackhorn #0253
LT1059L SS
Drop Point Blade
3 1/8" closed; 1.0 oz.

Lanyard Hole makes this nice for using in and around water.
Like in a jonboat out bream fishing with a kid...

You know the kid that meant to poke out the cane pole and instead poked out the cricket tube with the crickets in it into the water... *yep*

Case Caliber Small Lockback #0156
LT1225L SS
Drop Point Blade
3" closed; 0.8 oz.

This one, is just too handy for too many things.
It is so light, one will forget they have a knife with them.

One old boy was so tickled to get one of these as a get well gift after hip surgery.

He put this one in his shirt pocket and had a knife handy, and it did not bother his pocket.
Messing with getting into and out of a pocket while recovering drove him nuts to get his knife. Like a worry stone, something to fiddle with.

His grandkids kids got him a "get well soon" knife...*smile*

February 19, 2008, 02:19 PM
As part of our recent (and ongoing) move, I have dug up a couple of older lockbacks.

One is the Case XX 21051 LSSP (3 dot), basically in new condition . . .
These are pics found on the web (mine's in much better shape):


The other one is a Schrade Old Timer 50TG still NIB . . .
Like these here:


I bought them some five or six years ago, without really appreciating their value.

The Schrade is old USA production, so is actually considered collectible.

And I guess the Case is likewise older production, too.

At the time, I picked them up because they were attractive, well made, and very ordinary in appearance.

Of the two, the Schrade has the better edge (picture doesn't show the hollow grind) and feels better in my hand.

They both pocket very well. The Case would probably wear less on your pocket lining given its smoother exterior.

I like 'em both.

I'd carry either.

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