P9 or P9 covert, any thoughts?


August 9, 2003, 12:04 AM
Hey guys I am taking your advice on the glock 26 for fanny pack carry, it should be here soon. But now I have a new obsession and was wondering your thoughts on these two? I am going to order (from my ffl of course) either a p9 or p9 covert very soon. I was wondering if the covert is really that much easier to conceal? I carry in a fanny pack right now due to heat and etc. However if either one of these guns are light enough I might be able to pull off iwb carry. Is there any real reasons to go with the smaller and give up one round? Or would it make that much of a difference in a concealed situation. I only wear tucked in shirts on Sundays if that helps any.

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August 9, 2003, 01:27 AM
I would think that with the shorter grip, the covert would be easier to conceal!!

August 9, 2003, 11:54 AM
The PM9 is a little easier to conceal, but that depends on where you put it. In a fanny back or IWB I don't think it matters. An ankle rig or belly band would be another matter. I have a P9, and I've held off buying a PM9 simply because there's precious little grip surface on the P9 to hold on to as it is.

August 12, 2003, 05:05 AM
The choice for a pocket pistol is the PM9, but I have found a couple of P9 Covert's for much less and they are just about as easy to conceal. I shoot the P9 Covert very well and carry it on almost a daily basis.

August 12, 2003, 06:04 AM
I'm picking up a new PM9 (Blackend ,Tungsten DLC) on Thursday. I'll find out first hand. :)

August 12, 2003, 10:17 PM
Gonna use it as a carry gun. But I will shoot it 2-3 times a month 150 or so rounds. Looks like as far as carrying it the shorter grip may be handy. But as far as shooting it the p9 would be a better fit. What to do? What to do? Hey Jeff, how often do you shoot? And is it comfortable on the hands after 150 or sorounds? I will probably carry mostly in a fanny pack but with winter in only 120 or so days I might try the old owb, if gun is light enough not to bother my pants(see my other posts). Thanks for the replies guys.

August 13, 2003, 07:23 AM
For hot weather pocket carry I went with the P9 covert because I wanted the slightly longer barrel. I carry Speer GD 124gr std jhp's. Very accurate with mild recoil for a lightweight pistol. Very easy and comfortable to pocket carry in an Uncle Mike's #3 fabric pocket holster.


August 14, 2003, 02:41 AM
I don't think you'd have any problems concealing a full-sized (if you can call it that) P9. They only look big compared to the PM9, which has a grip so small I can barely even grab onto it.

August 14, 2003, 03:22 AM
Joel, the P9 Covert has become the gun that I carry more than anything. It gets hot in Texas and I can drop in in the pocket of my shorts. I can consistently shoot 8" steel plates at 30 yards. For me, that is an amazing feat for a pocket gun. I shoot mine everytime I go to the range, which is about once a month when I am in Texas, but I do not shoot 150 rounds at one session. I only shoot about 30-50 rounds when I go, but recoil is not a problem.

August 14, 2003, 09:20 PM
For all the replies. I am now looking at either the p9 or the p9 covert, still can't decide. I do know that I can conceal a Bersa .380 in my pocket and it is a little bigger and heavier than the p9. The extra grip length is my only concern. I also know that it seems all of the p9 coverts come with the elite trigger group,still another consideration. Jeff OTMG do you cosider the grip length on your covert a little too short for general plinking or not. This gun will probably turn in to my main carry gun but also I will use it as a general plinking gun, cheap ammo and main carry gun what a package. As big as I am concealing a p9 will probably work but the covert looks awful tempting. Any more thoughts???

August 15, 2003, 03:48 AM
The full size grip is obviously more comfortable to shoot, but that short grip is SO easy to conceal. I have a K40 Covert that is my dedicated fanny pack gun, an MK9 is for the ankle holster, and the P9 Covert is my pocket pistol. All my Kahr's have short grips. If you are going to carry in a belt holster maybe the P9 will work for you, but give me those little butts.

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