Loading 9mm


Ida Noski
March 22, 2008, 02:39 PM
I'm not new to reloading but just started reloading 9mm. Have some questions for those of you that load them.
Let me start by saying that I'm using 4.7 grains of W231 with Remington brass and Remington 115 grain hardball.
My question is regarding OAL. The spec is 1.169". This seems very long, and there would not be much of the bullet seated in the case if I used this dimension.
I have some factory Speer Gold Dots that measure 1.126".
I have seated my loads to 1.115. Is this too deep?
I will be firing them in a Glock 19. They drop into the barrel as they should so there is no sizing issue.

Thanks in advance!

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Steve C
March 22, 2008, 02:51 PM
My question is regarding OAL. The spec is 1.169".

1.169" is MAXIMUM OAL and as such a "not to exceed" and not a spec length to seat to. Some manuals will list cartridge OAL's with their bullets, for example 115gr Sierra's are seated at 1.090" for data in their charts but again this is just information and not a "spec". Put those calipers back in the box and use a factory round to set your OAL, adjust from there if needed. Just stay somewhere below the maximum.

Ida Noski
March 22, 2008, 03:08 PM

Thanks for the quick reply. Had I been thinking I would have realized exactly what you pointed out. That is the "maximum" dimension.:rolleyes:

Thanks again and have a great Easter Weekend!

March 22, 2008, 03:12 PM
I seat my 9mm RN at 1.135 and my FP & HP at 1.120.

March 23, 2008, 09:20 AM
I just started reloading 9mms too. I would not have been confused if I had been using a bullet that I could obtain reloading info like hornaday, barnes, etc. My confusion stemmed for the fact that I was using winchester fmjs and could only find generic info.

I load mine to 1.165 to account for variations in seating depths. I have no feeding issues in any of my 9s. Remember that the round headspaces off of the case rim. Further, I read that the presures in 9s are sensitive to seating depth. So, if you have published information on the bullet you are planning on loading, I would use it.

March 23, 2008, 09:23 AM
I Load To 1.1" For Rn. Jp

March 23, 2008, 11:49 AM
Besides your chamber make sure they fit and work in your magazines, too long and you will possibly get nose dives.

March 23, 2008, 12:26 PM
I seat my 115 RNs at 1.14 and my 124 JHPs at 1.11. Seems to work well in my CZ 75B.

The Bushmaster
March 23, 2008, 12:39 PM
I seat almost all of my 9mm X 19 to 1.100" in both 115 and 124 grain bullets with absolutely no problems and I also use W-231 (a good choice I might add). 4.6 to 4.8 grains are my favorite loadings...

March 23, 2008, 02:02 PM
I load to 1.151 in my xd9.

March 23, 2008, 10:19 PM
I use a load that fills my case to within .200 in. of the case mouth. I then seat my bullets .190 in. This ends up giving me an OAL of about 1.125 in. which is the longest I can feed in my CZ75B SP-01. I am using a Montana Gold 124 Gr. JHP.

The OAL's can vary with the demands of your case fill with powder, the length of the bullet, and the freebore of your pistol.

Ida Noski
March 23, 2008, 11:38 PM
I also use W-231 (a good choice I might add). 4.6 to 4.8 grains are my favorite loadings...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one that likes W231. I use it for .380, 38 SP, .45 ACP and now 9mm. Everyone has their own preference for powders but I've used it for years and it has proven to be consistant AND meters VERY well in my Square Deal which I've also had for years. Using the scale on my RCBS ChargeMaster combo to verify weights I found that my Dillon was throwing 4.7 grains on the money every time:)

So now, I have to raise another question and that regards bullet weights. 115's are usualy considered a plinking round. 124's and 147's are for more serious stuff. Where can I find data showing the difference between the two, aside from energy transfer in foot pounds. Any information out there to support the 147's as the best for 9mm for defensive rounds?

Thanks again to everyone for your input!

March 24, 2008, 01:16 AM
ok print this out on my next post. keep it put it near your reloading bench

March 24, 2008, 01:17 AM
Loads for 9 MM Luger:
(Note: These are near maximum loads, you should use 10% less to start.)
(See note on Powders below or read all about various Powders.)
Bullet size is .355" (jacketed) in diameter. Cast bullets for 9mm (like Lead RN) are often .356" diameter.
Due to different barrel lengths, type of bullet, seating depth, primer type and other factors, you may not get near the FPS charted. It is just a guide and the reason you should start 10% under these charges and work up.
THESE ARE MAXIMUM LOADS! - NOTE, powder companies have reduced some of these hot and maximum loads after these figures were posted. You might check current loads from powder company before loading maximum loads.

90 grain JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point)
Bullseye 5.0 gr. 1,250 FPS
Unique 6.1 gr. 1,341
HP38 5.8 gr. 1,349
HS-6 8.1 gr. 1,380
No. 2 4.8 gr. 1,331
No. 5 6.8 gr. 1,343
231 5.1 gr. 1,305
100 grain JHP or FMC (Jacketed Hollow Point)
Bullseye 4.9 gr. 1,182 FPS
Unique 6.0 gr. 1,248
HP38 5.5 gr. 1,282
HS-6 7.5 gr. 1,313
No. 2 5.2 gr. 1,190
No. 5 6.8 gr. 1,200
No. 7 9.0 gr. 1,230
231 5.1 gr. 1,235
WAP 6.0 gr. 1,155
VV N350 6.0 gr. 1,180
115 grain FMC
Bullseye 4.3 gr. 1,180 FPS
Unique 6.1 gr. 1,185
Universal 5.0 gr. 1,149
Clays 3.9 gr. 1,095
HP38 5.1 gr. 1,167
No. 2 4.4 gr. 1,092
No. 5 7.0 gr. 1,192
231 4.2 gr. 1,135
WSL 4.5 gr. 1,105
WSF 5.7 gr. 1,165
WAP 6.0 gr. 1,162
VV N350 6.0 gr. 1,130
125 grain Lead RN (.356" dia)
Bullseye 4.7 gr. 1,105 FPS
Unique 6.0 gr. 1,165
No. 2 4.2 gr. 1,002
No. 5 6.2 gr. 1,133
231 4.0 gr. 1,035 updated 9-15-03 to lower 4.0 instead of 5.1
WSL 3.8 gr. 985
WSF 4.7 gr. 1,055
125 grain FMC or JHP
Bullseye 4.2 gr. 1,155 FPS
Unique 6.0 gr. 1,150
Universal 4.9 gr. 1,118
Clays 3.7 gr. 1,056
HP38 4.8 gr. 1,088
No. 2 4.1 gr. 1,057
No. 5 6.4 gr. 1,200
231 4.1 gr. 1,095
WSL 4.1 gr. 1,025
WSF 5.3 gr. 1,115
VV 3N37 6.3 gr. 1,165
145 grain Lead RN (Round Nose)
Bullseye 3.5 gr. 942 FPS
Unique 3.8 gr. 1,108
HS6 5.0 gr. 968
No. 2 3.7 gr. 893
No. 5 5.1 gr. 984
No. 7 7.2 gr. 1,052
WSF 3.9 gr. 961
147 grain FMJ or JHP
Bullseye 4.2 gr. 1,010 FPS
Unique 4.4 gr. 1,010
Universal 3.7 gr. 851
HS6 6.0 gr. 973
No. 2 4.0 gr. 888
No. 5 5.3 gr. 991
WSF 4.3 gr. 935
WAP 4.7 gr. 964
HP-38 3.5 grs. 818 to 825 fps (contributed by a friend)

Discussion: Bullseye is a fast burning powder and perhaps better suited to the small cases like the 9mm. It burns completely and fast. Unique is a very consistent burning powder and it is almost a tossup with the heavier bullets. Universal, Clays and HS6 are from Hodgdon and similar to Bullseye and Unique. HS6 is slowest of the group (Similar to 2400) and takes quite a bit more powder. Respectively are No.2 and No.5 from Accurate.
As you move up in loads, you at least need the gas check on the bottom of the bullet to prevent gas melting the lead and fouling the barrel. For any loads over 900 FPS, I suggest using a jacketed or plated bullet. Jacketed bullets create a bit more wear on the rifling, but it's better than trying to wire brush out a bunch of lead build up. Just depends on what kinds of loads you plan to shoot. A bullet with a copper gas check or copper plating is best for INDOOR ranges to keep lead vapors out of the air.

Bullseye, Unique and 2400 are products of Alliant (formerly Hercules) Powders.
Clays, Universal, HP38, HS6 and H4895 are products of Hodgdon Powders.
IMR 3031 and IMR 4895 are products of IMR (formerly DuPont) Powder Company.
No. 2, No. 5, #2230, and #2460 are products of Accurate Arms Company
WMR, WSF, WSL, 760, 748, 231 and 540 are products of Winchester, Components Div.

References: Accurate Arms Co. 1996 Reloading booklet - - Alliant Powder Co. Reloaders' Guide (1995) - - Hodgdon's Basic Reloaders Manual (1996) - - Speer Reloading Manual, #12 - - Winchester Reloading Components Manual, 14th edition - - Lyman Piston & Revolver Reloading Handbook, 2nd edition. - - VihtaVuori Oy Company, reloading booklet (1995) -

evan price
March 24, 2008, 01:46 AM
I load 124 Rainier HPs at 1.12" and my 125 lead RN's at 1.125" for a variety of guns. All work great.

Preferred load for lead is 4.4 of Titegroup, preferred load for plated or jacketed is 4.7 of Titegroup. 4.7 is over listed max but performs well and leaves clean brass.

March 24, 2008, 01:57 AM
wow. I've saved a little over 400 pieces of 9mm luger brass I was just going to recycle.
Maybe I should sell it to a reloader here. Wonder what that's worth.
Time to do some exploring and research

Ida Noski
March 24, 2008, 03:51 PM

Don't know where your data is from but I checked a couple of different loading manuals for mine. They both listed 4.8 or 4.9 as top end. I'm at work and don't have them in front of me.
I got this from Winchesters site.
115 GR. SPR GDHP Winchester 231 .355" 1.125" 4.7 1075 25,300 CUP 5.1 1167 28,100 CUP
The projectile is for a Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point, which is a jacketed bullet. Min is 4.7 and Max is 5.1. I'm within range.:)

1K once fired 9mm brass can be had from Brassman online for about $52.;)


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