H&r 999


August 11, 2003, 10:05 PM
Does anyone have any thoughts about the Harrington & Richardson 999 .22 revolver? It is a 6" 9-shot top break. A local dealer has one for $250. I don't know what they went for new. I have been wanting a top break and I like the look and feel of this one. I know my other options are a Webley, an Enfield or a Schofield. Any others?

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J Miller
August 11, 2003, 10:12 PM

I have one that is called the "Sportsman". It is the predecessor to the "999". I recieved mine as a gift. It was virtually new. The reciept that came with it listed the price as $175.00 plus tax.

I also have no idea of what they are really worth. Mine is accurate and reliable, and I enjoy shooting it very much.

I would kind of be leery of the price, unless it is in pristeen condition, and you really want it bad.


Pappy John
August 12, 2003, 10:21 AM
I also have a "Sportsman", both accurate and reliable, but $250 for a 999 sounds really high. I think he's trying to double his money on a trade-in. Offer him $190 and see what he says.

Wil Terry
August 12, 2003, 10:32 AM
The retail price on the last H+R 999 "SPORTMAN" revolvers was $289.00 if memory serves.
The 999 is/was indeed one of the great sporting 22 revolvers of all times. In its heyday it was considered the equal of the S+W and COLT 22 revolvers.
If the one you're looking at is one of the last ones H+R made, one that has the 'gas cuts', by all means try and get it at a reasonable price.
My personal 999 SPORTSMAN is the most accurate 22 revolver I have EVER seen. It will outshoot my three K22's, my brothers K22's and his COLT OFFICERS MODEL MATCH and his COLT OFFICERS MATCH. The 999 will put 9 shots in groups smaller than those other guns will put 6 shots; AMAZING!!!
Edited fer spelin airs...

August 12, 2003, 10:37 AM
I have three. They are lots of fun to shoot Eject all the empties in one motion, then reload quickly with HKS Speedloader. If you can find one in excellent condition, they might go for $150-$250. Make a low ball offer and see what happens.


August 12, 2003, 03:48 PM
It's a fun gun but you might want to check the trigger. The SA pull on mine easily exceeds 8lbs.

August 12, 2003, 09:06 PM
I offered $200. He countered with $240. Lockup is tight but trigger is heavy. Guess I'll pass for now. If he still has it in a month I'll try again.

August 12, 2003, 10:52 PM
I have a 999 which is a safe queen in perfect condition. I've been looking for some time now for one in at 85- 95% condition but they NEVER seem to surface at gun shows or the Internet sites-- regardless of price. I guess folks are just holding onto these things. I seems good old capitalism (supply and demand) has driven them to these prices. I'd be happy to pay $200 for a decent one.

August 12, 2003, 11:13 PM
The rear sights were held on by some sort of friction fit; they can fall off if you don't locklite them.

August 13, 2003, 04:49 AM
I'd LOVE to find a 6" 999 in great shape. All I can find out here in the Seattle area are 4"ers.

I had a 999 back in high school (early 1970's) and it was the most fun gun I've ever owned. Yes the trigger needed a little work but it was wicked accurate with everything from bb caps to stingers.

What kind of condition is the one you found?

August 13, 2003, 09:53 PM
The one I found is actually a "Sportsman". It is actually in good shape. There is some wearing around the recoil shield probably from activating the break-top. The blueing looks a little thin on the barrel. There is a rust spot on the muzzle and a few dings on the stocks. It looks lke it was put away without being cleaned the last time it was fired.

August 14, 2003, 01:16 AM
As I recall my first 999, that my dad gave me new in the box back in 1968 was called "The Sportsman" and the owners manual referred to it as the Model 999 Sportsman. It had the 6 inch "vent rib" barrel.

May 17, 2007, 07:37 PM
I have a 6 in. H&R 999 sports men ,it has a small nick on the right hand grip , the blueing is perfect . I also have a Webly belt and holset and one speed loader (HK) for it .I was thinking $200.00 or is that to much ?

May 18, 2007, 08:16 PM
One of the most fun .22 revolvers ever. One in good condition should run around $200.00 from what I have seen. They are very rare finds at gun shows anymore.

May 18, 2007, 09:51 PM
My 999 has the bearing surface on the inside of the cylinder and on the barrel assy so worn that the cylinder wobbles all over the place. Does anyone know of a good smith (preferably near northern Indiana) that could repair it (possibly by boring out the cylinder and relining or electro plating the interior to restore proper clearances?


Pappy John
May 20, 2007, 08:15 AM
Dragonhunter, I'd have called that high when I wrote my previous post in this thread nearly four years ago, but from what I've seen at gunshows in the past year, it would probably sell pretty fast at that price. I've seen some recently with $300 and upward tags on them.:eek: I do like mine a lot, but I thought the sellers were being rather hopeful at that price.

July 31, 2007, 08:56 PM
Harrington & Richardson are very well made in the USA guns that were offered for a very competitive price. My first revolver was a H&R in .22 caliber and I was thrilled with the gun. This is still a stealth manufacturer, as most collectors and shooters donít consider this manufacturer as a great firearm. That is their loss, as the H&R .22 caliber handguns are some of the most accurate and durable guns ever made. I have owned 5 different models and have never had any problems. As a matter of fact, if you can find one for a reasonable price, buy it. My model 999 is my second one. The first one I purchased new for $230 in 1983 from a sporting goods store. Foolishly I traded it off for something I donít even remember. I wished that I had never got rid of it. I saw one with a 6 inch barrel in non fired condition a couple of years ago at a local gun repair shop in Portland Oregon while purchasing some scope mounts for another gun. It was marked at $200.00 and came with the original box. I couldnít hand them my money fast enough. This little top break 9 shot is a jewel. The trigger pull in single action is superb, no creep and about 3 lbs. Double action is about 6lbs, but who cares, as for target shooting I always go single. H&R made a lot of different .22 caliber handgun permutations on their frame design, and they are all great guns. These are great guns and are available at great prices. If someone on a budget wants to purchase a .22 handgun, get an H&R. If you are a collector - purchase all you can get your hands on. They will catch on and appreciate at a higher rate than most other guns

July 31, 2007, 10:20 PM
They are OK guns, but "equal to S&W or Colt revolvers"?

Maybe on your planet.

July 31, 2007, 10:52 PM
The 999 was my first gun (well, besides the 1911 I didn't have ;) ) I bought it when I turned 21. I bought it from a Western Auto Store. No paperwork, no nothing, just proof of age. Those were the days. My second was a NAA .22 Mag. I wish I still had the 999. It was a great little .22 :)

August 1, 2007, 07:00 AM
In its heyday it was considered the equal of the S+W and COLT 22 revolvers.

I couldn't agree with you wholeheatedly with that terry, the DA on mine is horrible. However, SA accuracy is as good as anything else. I have a 6" I bought used for $45 over 30 years ago and it's one of those guns I can't part with.

August 1, 2007, 09:57 AM
The 999 is/was indeed one of the great sporting 22 revolvers of all times. In its heyday it was considered the equal of the S+W and COLT 22 revolvers.

They are not the equal to Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers. Not even close unless your only judging point is accuracy. But, they are not bad little 22 revolers for the price. My first handgun that I ever owned or shot was a H&R 999 Sportsman. I believe it was $120 new. Shot it for 2-3 years frequently. It had sufficient accuracy and always worked. I liked the top break feature a lot. The double action trigger was heavy.

My gun (your experience may vary) was just okay... It blew lead and powder out the cylinder gap all the time and the sights worked loose. Always had to have a screw driver with me and I gave up after a while trying to keep it "sighted in". Yes, Loc Tite would have worked. I was young and didn't know about such things. I frequently got burned by the hot powder. Took it to a gunsmith in Dallas to work on... he told me to get a real gun, namely a Colt or Smith. I was a bit insulted at the time. A year or so later, I bought a new Colt Diamondback 22 revolver. The difference in quality was immediately obvious. I was pretty cheap then.

I have heard prices on them up to $300 in excellent condition.I believe that a bit high. $250 seems to be a middle of the road price and $200 would be a very good price. I would try to negotiate the price a bit. Keep in mind that prices on guns have gone up and the price increases on better made guns does impact the price of the lesser stuff like H&R, Rossi, and Charter Arms. Good luck with the decision and hope the gun works out for you if you buy it.

November 11, 2007, 02:44 PM
I was introduced to the 999 Sportsman as a boy ( a long time ago believe me....LOL). A boyhood friend and I had more fun with this revolver than any gun I can remember since. Memory recalls this gun being in the neighborhood of $125.00 new in the "60's. I was able to find one in 95%-100% condition this year for what I consider the reasonable price of $250.00. This gun was apperently setup for target as I have not experienced the heavy trigger as mentioned above. Since buying this revolver I have seen the price go up further still with most in any kind of reasonable condition going for as high as $385.00. I find this a bit pricey but I suppose things will proceed to what the market will bear in the future. I find this a hard gun to find parts for although I am not in dire need of any at the present. So the asking price you were quoted does not seem unreasonable to Me.

November 11, 2007, 03:12 PM
I bought one brand new about 20 years ago. It had one chamber that shaved lead so bad, I didn't keep it long. Never liked the gun......

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