For the father-in-law


April 18, 2008, 10:39 PM
Quick question for my dad-in-law. He's enjoyed shooting my .22 Buckmark, but his eyes aren't what they used to be. We were at McBrides in Austin a few weeks back and he really liked the Ruger 22/45, especially that it's factory-drilled for scope mounts.

What kind of inexpensive optics are available for .22s? I've never even looked at pistol scopes before and don't know a THING about them. I think he wants to stay @ $300 for the total package, and Buds has the 5" model for around $250, so I would say $50-75 for an optic is about it.

I'll be honest...Since he only shoots when he comes to my place, this means I would have use of a really nice range & squirrel gun (and maybe I could talk him into keeping it here), so my motives are less than pure :evil:


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April 19, 2008, 03:27 PM
Do you need magnification or just better definition of where you're firing? I'd recommend a red-dot scope if you don't need magnification... I have one on a Buckmark and love it. Should be able to fit to the Ruger, or you can purchase a rail to fit it on the Buckmark.

April 19, 2008, 04:48 PM
I don't know what he would prefer. That's what I mean...having no experience with pistol optics I don't even know whats available. When we were at McBrides, I didn't even consider looking at scopes. I just wanted to see the guns and walked right past the scopes going in & out.

Can one optic do both - red dot and magnify maybe 2x or 4x? We're talking .22 pistol here, with 10-25 yards being our zone. Or would he be better served by chosing dot OR magnification.

I'm sure the boys at McBrides (or other places) would be happy to help him out, but I have to keep up my repuation as resident gun guru.

Oh, yeah...Buckmarks can be rigged out for a scope??? I don't think mine is tapped. Of course, I've never really paid attention...I've never even considered it otherwise.


April 20, 2008, 03:40 PM

IMHO, a red dot sight is the way to go!

We'll appreciate the no magnification sight picture he grew up with as a kid, and the red dot will give him better accuracy than he ever got with iron sights!

I hunt with handguns, and have Bushnell Holosights on my S&W 29-5 .44 magnum and my Ruger MkII Target Model .22LR. These sights are phenomenal . . . but expensive.

On my Ruger Deerfield .44 Carbine I have an inexpensive Millet red dot sight (about $50 a few years back) that also works great.

My longest shot so far with this has been just 47 yards, but it put the bullet right where I intended on this buck! This price range would probably please him better and I've had great service from this sight.

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