45 acp problem


April 22, 2008, 04:55 AM
I am new to taper crimping, I have loaded for revolvers for quite a few years, but have now started loading 45 ACP. I am using Hornady dies and with Berry's 230 RN. Here's the problem. I load them and taper crimp to .470. Then I will rack the slide and load the dummy rounds. The OAL goes from an original 1.265 to about 1.250. I then do it again with the same round and it goes down again. I experimented and basically put a slight roll crimp on it and it still does it. My question, where am I going wrong, is it me or has anyone had any other problems with Berry's? I'm guessing its me, can you share some knowledge? I need help.

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evan price
April 22, 2008, 05:00 AM
Your OAL might be a bit too long and the bullet is actually hitting the rifling and being forced back in the case by the slide ramming it forward. Not all 45's have the exact same length chamber.
I set my 230-RN Rainiers to 1.250 or a smidge under. I crimp to .469 but I dont think a thousandth of crimp is your problem.

April 22, 2008, 05:04 AM
Evan Price has the answer, I believe. Set your seater up on a round of factory spec Ball ammunition--that's what the 1911 is based on. Also, check your expander ball--you might have to get a smaller one.

I also taper crimp to .470, and have no problems.

April 22, 2008, 05:28 AM
If your neck tension is good, the bullet may be contacting the rifling, but the gun would usually be out of battery a bit if that were the case. You should also be using a slight tapper crimp, just enough to remove any belling. I've loaded up some R-P cases, and just didn't care for the neck tension, the bullets seem to seat way eaiser than with other brass, as long as you can't push the bullet in farther my hand(pushing against the edge of your bench) your tension is ok.

April 22, 2008, 05:36 AM
thanks for your replies. I am starting to get frustrated with it. I have used the barrel to check the rounds, they fall in and out easily and seem to be seated in the chamber correctly, but I will try to shorten up the OAL on the next couple of dummy rounds. I cannot push the bullets in any deeper "by hand" they just go in when I release the slide on one. Like I said, I am new to loading with a taper crimp and don't want to end up being "one of those guys" The gun goes into battery, it just seems like I am having problems with getting enough neck tension.

April 22, 2008, 06:31 AM
Did you check the bullet diameter with a micrometer. Lead/plated should be .452", Jacketed .451" As said above, some Remington brass will just not give enough neck tension. Check the expander ball for correct size. When you set up your tape crimp die, adjust it with a bullet seated to its correct COL, have the ram all the way up, turn the taper crimp die down by hand till it is snug, thats all the crimp you need. This way you won't over crimp. Could be your magazine is letting the nose of the pulled contact the feed ramp to soon because you COL might be too long.

April 22, 2008, 07:02 AM

Master Blaster
April 22, 2008, 07:22 AM
Try reducing the belling on your belling die by a quarter turn at a time.
Dont load to 1.275 its too long!! You should be loading to 1.250-1.255.

April 22, 2008, 07:40 AM
Sounds like neck tension is lacking a bit, as well as possibly being a touch too long.

April 22, 2008, 09:21 AM
Forgot to mention, over crimping can actually loosen the neck tension. Try not cripming at all. If you just put enough bell on it to balance a bullet without it tipping, the seating step will pretty much remove any belling.:)

April 22, 2008, 09:42 AM
I just got home from work and took a closer look at the dummy rounds I made. It appears that I possibly did put too much crimp in them. I may have got the case up into the roll part of it. After re-measuring the taper, it is actually out to about .473. It looks like i started to buckle the cases. I pulled the bullets and they are all showing a ring. I think I got a little carried away (blame it on myself, maybe just too used to .41 Mag and .44 Mag.). When I get up, I will start over, thanks again for all the help and the tips, If I screw it up again, I will be back for more advise. I'll keep you informed.

I am glad I found this forum, most others and I would have been called every name in the book. This is the HIGH ROAD.

April 22, 2008, 11:57 AM
Measure a bunch of your Berry bullets.

I ran into all kinds of problems with .356" 9mm Berry bullets awhile back.

I found .355", .356", and .357" diameter bullets in one box of 250.

53% of them were .355"-.3555", or undersized.
34% of them were .356" like they were supposed to be.
13% of them were .357", or over-sized!

The .355" were loose in the cases, and the .357" wouldn't fully chamber in my SIG

If your .45's are that bad, there is almost bound to be some slippage with some of the smaller ones if your dies are set up for larger ones.


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