Foremost Firearms - any info?


April 22, 2008, 05:42 PM
I just picked up my first hunting rifle - it's an old Foremost Firearms 7mm mag. model 6600. Got it for two reasons: the price (it was $50-$100 cheaper than other used rifles such as .30-06 and .270 Win); and because I liked the way it felt in my hands better than the others. Well, and one more reason - the salesman told me the 7mm was a great all-around cartridge that had more range than the .30-06 and could take practically anything in North America. I was hoping to find out more about the gun and the company (it's made in England), and possibly get a manufacturing date from the serial number, but I haven't come up with anything doing the standard Google and Yahoo searches. Does anyone know anything about this company, or this gun in particular? Thanks.

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April 22, 2008, 06:06 PM
Post a photograph.


April 22, 2008, 06:30 PM
Ok, here are pictures

April 23, 2008, 09:58 AM
I have looked in every book I have and have not encountered that model. It looks like a modified Mauser or perhaps related to a SAKO Finnbear. Just by looking at it, it seems to be a quality rifle and that can be enough. The stock looks good, as is the polish. The receiver sights make it a tempting iron-sight gun, but all the same it looks like a scope would fit just fine.

In any case, you have the most universal hunting platform available. Let us know how it shoots.


April 23, 2008, 11:19 AM
Foremost was the house brand of J.C. Penney. The model number fits with the series of numbers listed on the on-line lists I've looked at, but that exact one isn't listed.

I'm at work and still don't have any reference books here.


April 23, 2008, 11:19 AM
Figure that is a BSA then? The Gunparts Corp doesn't have the 6600 listed, though. I do know that Heym and FN made Mauser actions for Montgomery Ward. BSA supposedly made some, too.


April 23, 2008, 11:22 AM
From a 12/06 for sale ad on -

"Alpine Custom 30.06 bolt rifle

Rare! Basically a Parker-Hale clone. Imported to USA in the 1960's. I have never seen another one of these but have heard from a few other owners over the years. Produced by "Firearms Co. England". Trusted Mauser style action. Monte Carlo stock, excellent blue on barrel and action. Very smooth and reliable feed. Nice balance. Great deer or pig rifle.

$325.00 Certified funds or US Postal money order only. FFL only."

April 23, 2008, 11:25 AM
Same gun on gunsamerica -

April 23, 2008, 11:31 AM
Well, it certainly isn't based on the U-9 action, but it does look a bunch like the Whitworth action - based on what I have seen thus far.

Ah, caught while posting...

Here's one on Gunbroker...

April 23, 2008, 02:52 PM
From -

"# 11661 - Is It A Winchester?

Alpine - Firearms Co. (Made In England) - .270 Win. - 23 Inches - Blue - 1193 -
''Crown'' over BNP I bought the rifle from a senior who told me that it was an Winchester rifle, but the engraving on the barrel were ''Firearms Co. Alpine'' and ''made in England'', I would be grateful if you could tell me any information of the rifle. Thanks.

Sir, it does not sound like a Winchester, possibly the previous owner was confused by the caliber designation ".270 Win." I would guess that your rifle was manufactured by The Firearms Co. Ltd. of Bridgwater, England. They have been making the Alpine Mauser-action sporting rifle since about 1965. Rifles came with a plastic-finished wood stock in 243 Winchester, 270 Winchester, 30-06 or 308 Winchester. Rifles weighed about 7.5 pounds and had a five round magazine. Barrels were 24 inches and the sights were a hooded ramped blade and an adjustable Williams ramp. The K98k actions for Alpine rifles were originally refurbished war surplus, but later they were purchased from Belgium (FN) and Spain (Santa Barbara)."

April 23, 2008, 11:21 PM
Thanks for the research guys - I appreciate it!

March 8, 2013, 06:10 PM
This specific model is not listed on the decoder table at: although most of the 6000-series models are by Savage.

March 8, 2013, 09:51 PM
Agggg this is 5 years old...

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