Mossberg 810AH 30-06, should I buy?


April 29, 2008, 02:33 AM
I was browsing the local pawn shop today, looking for another fixer-upper project rifle. I've completed my 10/22, and I'm now looking for something with a little more punch, to eventually hunt either boar or deer with. They had several of the typical Rem 700's, and a few winchesters as well, but all were a bit pricey, and didn't really need any work. I did come across a Mossberg 810AH though, in fair condition. I would put the barrel and reciever at 75%, but the stock closer to 50%, it was pretty scratched up, with a couple gouges through the finish. However, they had $249 marked on it, and said they were willing to deal on the price. 249 seems good for any 30-06, but I know nothing about this model, I've always associated mossberg with shotguns. After searching around google and here, I found a little information, but not much, especially regarding accuracy. Also, the gun appeared to be the late style, with the hinged mag floor, which seems like a nice feature. Anyways, here's my questions:

1. How is the accuracy, would this gun compare to something like a 700?
2. How hard is it to find parts? I've only found one website, that did have a nice looking stock for it.
3. What's it worth? I'm thinking they would probably go down to 200 or 225, which seems like a good deal.
4. Any oddities/annoyances (like oddball scope bases, etc)? It had a cheapo scope on it, and the rings/bases looked standard, but I'm not an expert.

Any info is much appreciated, as of right now I think I probably will pick it up this week.

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April 29, 2008, 07:31 AM
You can get a wonderful walnut stock for it from two sources. The stock it currently has is almost certainly walnut, though, and as a result, very suitable to refinish. Parts are very easy to get (though I must admit, I haven't had reason to get parts). I would buy it for $200-$225. In fact, I have bought Western Field versions in that condition for that price.

The action is neat. It has 4 forward locking lugs, a fully adjustable trigger, really good iron sights, and a hinged floorplate (810AH indicates 30-06(A) and hinged floorplate (H)). You can convert it easily to a detachable magazine if you choose. I have both and they both work fine.

1) Accuracy is easily on par with any other hunting rifle. The action design is very comparable to the Remington 700.

2) Easy to find parts.

3) $200-$225 would be fine - refinish that stock! (but Gun Parts has a fancy walnut stock from the Pedersen series for $75 or so).

4) Bases are easy to get, including Redfield turn-in bases or Weaver bases.

Here is one of the stocks available for the 810...


April 29, 2008, 02:42 PM
Thanks for the info Ash, I think I will pick it up tomorrow. I probably will wind up refinishing the existing stock, but there were a couple gouges, which may be a little too deep to sand down. I do have a steamer, so I can try and pop them out with steam. The stock you posted is the same one I saw, and it's definitely tempting just to buy that one, with the raised cheek piece and all. I hadn't thought of converting it to a detachable mag, but that's a neat idea. I read that the early ones came with some sort of magazine, so to convert it I assume I would just source parts for an early model gun?

April 29, 2008, 07:56 PM
The box mag was made through the entire production run. If you really, really want to go the box-mag route, I could probably work up a trade with you. The action is no different between the two methods. The only difference is the trigger guard assembly and the inletting in the stock. The difference is very mild, and you can very easily convert a hinged floor-plate stock to a detachable magazine stock (you file out a bit of wood between the mag hole and the trigger hole, at an angle, to accept the box-mag latch - many hinged stocks already have this milling so nothing is done but changing out parts).

In any case, post photographs of the rifle if you buy it. Folks around here need some educatin' about those older Mossbergs (for posterity).


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