What are the common types of rimfire pistols?


June 2, 2008, 07:00 AM
Are the most common ones a ruger semi auto 22 and a ruger 22 revolver?

Im starting pistol target shooting soon. I was planning to get a rimfire pistol first.

Do they make many pistols in 22 magnum?

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June 2, 2008, 09:25 AM
I have not seen an auto-loading pistol in .22Mag. Not saying none are made, just haven't seen any.

Ther are a lot of .22Mag revolvers out there, and many Ruger Single-Six revolvers are 'convertible' models...switch out the cylinder for .22LR/.22Mag options. Some other makers also have the 22LR/22Mag cylinder swap option.

June 2, 2008, 12:25 PM
22s are a metric buttload of fun, and I'm planning on adding several more to my collection, as I only have one right now. My next 22 will likely be a bolt action CZ-452. :cool:

I'll second the Ruger Single Six. If you want to shoot 22 Magnums, with the ability to shoot ultra cheap 22LR in the same gun, you really can't beat a nice used Single Six. I've got one on my wish list. Either that, or if I come upon a good used Heritage Rough Rider Combo for $80 - $90, I might just buy one of those. Had a Heritage for a while and loved it. I stupidly sold it, so one day I'll replace it with another Heritage or a Single Six. The Heritage guns are typically just as accurate as the Rugers, though they are crudely finished and quality can be hit or miss.

Another pair of really nice semiauto 22 LRs are the Browning Buckmark and Smith & Wesson 22A. I'm not familiar with either of these models, but both are spoken of very highly here on THR.

My favorite 22 is the one I currently own, a S&W K-22 / Model 17 Target Masterpiece. A true classic. And the DA trigger gives me lots of good, solid practice in the art of trigger control. A lot of people don't see the need for a DA 22, but to me the make excellent training devices. If you can shoot a DA revolver well, chances are that skill will translate to your other guns. And they are a ton of fun too. Prices are getting high nowadays, and they are becoming more difficult to find. By no means impossible though. Expect to pay $350 for a "shooter grade" K-22, and upward of $500 for a near mint condition example. But they are worth the price. Colt Diamondbacks in 22LR are a direct competitor to the K-22s, and fine revolvers in their own right. But they are even pricier, and can be tough to find.

As for semiauto 22 Magnums, a few have been made, but I don't recall the make/model.

And BTW, the only guns that can really shoot both 22 Mag and 22 LR are the single action-type revolvers with two separate cylinders. I've heard of people shooting LRs from DA 22 Mag revolvers, but I wouldn't try it, personally.

My S&W K-22, M17-0. 1959 Mfg date.


June 2, 2008, 12:33 PM
The price of 22mag might surprise you, especially when compared to 22lr. From what I've seen, 22mag and 9mm cost about the same per round.

I like the Ruger Mk's, but I love the Buckmark (I have both.)

June 2, 2008, 12:42 PM
2006 Manufacturing Data

.22 Cal Pistols: 141,651
Ruger: 52,157 36.8%
Smith & Wesson: 21,792 15.4%
Arms Technology, Inc: 19,686 13.9%
Beretta: 16,146 11.4%
Others: 31,870 22.5%

.22 Cal Revolvers: 84,452
Heritage Mfg, Inc: 32,842 38.9%
North American Arms: 31,065 36.8%
Sturm Ruger: 13,133 15.6%
Smith & Wesson: 6,265 7.4%
Others: 1,147 1.4%

ATF Online (http://www.atf.treas.gov/firearms/stats/index.htm)

June 2, 2008, 06:51 PM
What are the most common types of .22 pistols?

Semi autos, revolvers, and to a lesser degree, single shots.

To get a .22 magnum pistol you need to get a .22lr revolver with a magnum cylinder.

The Lone Haranguer
June 3, 2008, 12:54 AM
I only know of a couple of .22 Magnum autoloaders, both discontinued for years: the AMT Automag II and some contraption called a Grendel P30 IIRC. The .22 Mag. is a difficult cartridge to get to function in an autoloader.

June 3, 2008, 01:58 AM
The Automag II was one of the success stories for AMT, a company that produced horrendous 1911s. Some also swear by the other Automags that came later, mostly, I believe, under the company's changed name of Irwindale Arms Inc. (IAI) It's founder, Harry Sanford, produced the original Automag in .44 AMP that Clint Eastwood made famous in Sudden Impact. Strange that a company that couldn't get 1911s right, made a functioning auto in .22 mag, something nobody else seemed able to do.

June 3, 2008, 05:48 AM
I think excel arms in CA did/does make an autoloading .22mag pistol as well. There are .22mag and .22lr derringers out there as well,in both 2 and 4 shot versions!

I think Savage and probably someone else make or made .22lr bolt action pistols. Anyone have one or a pic of one?

June 20, 2008, 08:49 AM
My brother in law owns an AMT Automag II. I will try to get some pictures of it from him.

It is an awesome gun and if I can ever find one for me I will definately snatch it up. They are unique and have been hard to find at a decent price.

And yes 22 WMR is expensive but alot of fun. Close to dusk this pistol will put a 1 foot by 1 foot box of flame out the muzzle... seriously.

June 20, 2008, 09:11 AM
Ruger is probably one of the most common makes of .22 semi-autos and revolvers, but far from the only one.

You have Browning Buckmarks, Beretta Neos', Ruger Mk I, II, III and 22/45 and 22/45 MK III, High Standards, Smith and Wesson 41s, 22As, Walther P-22s, Sig Mosquitos, and others I can't think of to mention at the moment. That is semi-autos, which IMO is the greatest fun-to-cost available for the .22LR, seconded by a good semi-auto .22LR rifle.

To shoot maggies, you need either a revolver or a convertible revolver. I love my Single Six, though I don't find I shoot many .22 Magnums through it. My 22/45 MK III gets the lion's share of use (and abuse) heaped on it, and it still comes up looking for more. Sometimes I even take pity on it and clean it! :cool:

Here, to help you out, visual references available:

Hope this helped! :evil:

lee n. field
June 20, 2008, 10:01 AM
I have not seen an auto-loading pistol in .22Mag.

Automag. A buddy of mine has one.

Im starting pistol target shooting soon. I was planning to get a rimfire pistol first.

How serious of target shooting?

You might want to go here (http://xavierthoughts.blogspot.com/search/label/Com-Bloc%20Guns) and look at the TOZ-35 Range Report. He compares the Ruger Mark II Target with a real dedicated target .22.

June 20, 2008, 02:54 PM
Glad this came up, for I'm wanting to do something with all this .22 ammo. You got the Berretta U22, [200--300], Walther P-22 [320], the S&W 22A 4" [250]. and the Browning Buck Mark Micro 4" [380 blu] [415 SS]. I really liked the S&W 22A, and the Buck Mark micro. 4" only. Any thoughts? The Walther is hard to clean, how about the others.

June 20, 2008, 08:30 PM
Geeveston, a Thompson/Center handgun is a worthwhile option for target practice, but it is a single-shot weapon. Other contenders for a target handgun are the S&W 617, the S&W 41 and any of the Volquartsen pistols. Certainly, other .22 handguns can serve the purpose you specified, so examine previous THR threads that address this subject.

Now, I can think of at least two companies that currently manufacure a semi-auto .22 Magnum pistol. Those companies are High Standard and Magnum Research. Unfortunately, the .22 Magnum cartridge does not lend itself to semi-auto designs for reasons discussed elsewhere. But I always appreciate a thread that discusses .22 Magnum handguns.

Lastly, you might wish to ask this question at www.Rimfirecentral.com also. The guys there live rimfires. Good luck.


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