My Son's First!


July 29, 2008, 09:24 AM
This is Matt’s (my son) first pistol that ICCF’s very own Sam slickered up. It is a Star Modelo B “Super” in 9mm Largo. This specimen is of 1946 vintage and was presumably in use with the Spanish Guardia Civil.

Folks, Sam is THE gunsmith and let me tell you he’s a heck of a great guy to deal with as well. Stop in at his site, Wildcat Traders LLC ( for further information. This year I hope to get my M65 out to him for some special treatment.

More to follow and enjoy the pictures…it shoots better than it looks if you can believe that.

Before - a stock pistol. (

After - it's been Sam-a-tized... (

The Largo round is a great one and, I am sure, if it were not for the FMJ bullet European thing it would have eclipsed the Parabellum. Hand loading is where the Largo shines and this can be accomplished with 9mm Lugar dies. With good (Starline) brass and an inspected pistol, one can safely attain 1300 fps with a 147 gn. LHP bullet. Folks that makes the Super essentially a 10-shot .357.

BTW, Sam also modified the pistol to accept .38 Super rounds though we haven‘t tried any yet. I recommend this feature on the pistol should you purchase one. Sam tested the weapon with both calibers…naturally it worked flawlessly.

The Star Modelo B Super in an extremely well made pistol. Built on the Browning pattern with a few improvements such as a loaded chamber indicator, simple takedown lever, the safety disengages the sear completely, and the swing-link was replaced with a cam lock integral with the barrel. Oh, the standard fixed sights are much easier to pickup than the typical “GI” style 1911’s are. This pistol is also a very natural pointer, for us at least, making it, IMO, a great combat automatic.

Carrying the pistol is like packing a single-stack version of the Hi-Power as opposed to a 1911. It’s very comfortable for IWB and that says a lot as my “WB” seems to be getting steadily tighter.

My advice is to contact the nice folks at SARCO, pick up a “Super” plus the 3-pack of magazines and have Sam do his magic. Well, at the very least have him certify the pistol and magazines for duty (something I recommend with any old, used firearm, it‘s your arse on the line). The reason why I recommend Sam Damewood is threefold. First, Sam is a master gunsmith, not a parts replacing “Dremel jocky”. Many times when we spoke I could hear the lathe running in the background and he can make parts it they‘re unavailable. Second, Sam know Star pistols intimately. As a matter of fact he carries one daily and got us “addicted” to them. Third, aside from his extremely reasonable prices, Sam is a standup guy to deal with; how many times can we say that nowadays?

Here’s a few more pictures of one sweet pistol…they’re enlargeable so just click ‘em. ( ( (
Please don’t misunderstand me, this isn’t bragging or boasting on my part…it’s pride. I never had a customized pistol and I also love to see good old things made useable and beautiful again, Sam has accomplished both. Now, at least, my son has his first pistol, it’s customized and certified, and it’s a darn good model to boot. Lin (Mrskg59) said the other night she heard Matt say to himself, while admiring the Star, “God I love this gun…”.

This automatic undoubtedly will be serving and protecting our family long after I cant - thank you Sam.

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July 29, 2008, 09:29 AM
It's an amazing feeling to buy the son's first firearm. I have two sons and the oldest, now 25 got his first two years ago at Christmas. He chose a CZ75BD Compact in 9mm. The younger brother, now 23, chose a Taurus PT-1911. I have shot with both of them since they were 10. I really enjoy shooting with then and their chosen handguns. Fatherhood is great.....I am really looking forward to Grand Fatherhood as well.:D


July 29, 2008, 09:31 AM
Congrats to you and your son on a very fine handgun. Enjoy

July 29, 2008, 10:23 AM
Thanks fellows and as I said in the "My daughter's First" post...

"My kids are grown, Gina is 25, Jenny 23 (who is also Mom to our little Granddaughter 1½ ), and Matt (our baby LOL) just turned 22. They all were shooting at a young age and, as children, could “safe” just about any handgun type. That was the biggest thing I stressed, safety and it stuck with them. They’ll never hand you a firearm with a closed action and if you give them one the first thing they’ll do is clear it.

Actually, the girls needed their own pistols as they live alone. As soon as our G/Daughter get bigger there is a Chipmunk .22 out there for her…then Uncle Matt and G/Pa can “fetch her a shootin’ with us”. We cannot wait…

I’ll bet your little one just lights up when its time to shoot a few rounds aye? Kids, a good ole dog, and an even older .22…it don’t get much better than that."

Mike, your sons seem to have excellent taste in handguns, you must've done something right sir...;)

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