i couldn't say no: a new toy.


July 29, 2008, 07:41 PM
i couldn't say no. the bersa thunder 380 CC is 8+1, lightly used, ppk style, slippery profile, and only $211 out the door with tax. bought 50 rounds of test ammo and a box of gold dots.

i put 5 groups of 5 downrange at a 25' target. first three groups (15 shots) were aimed then next two groups were point shot in double action from a low ready (and the group opened up considerably). i don't think i'll have any trouble hitting someone who won't stop at ten feet.

so here's the pics at the bottom of this post... the only imperfection in the finish is a little bit on the slide from holster wear i think, which you can't see in the pictures... and the grip on the passenger/right hand side of the gun around the top is lifted off a bit by 0.5mm, probably from heat warp? not sure. don't care too much for cosmetics as long as it goes bang when i absolutely need it to.

the only 'problem' that i 'sort of have' is that it's a pain to reattach the slide because the front tab on the part #28 disconnector sticks out a little, so i have to use my index finger on that and my middle on the part #21 takedown lever to get it back together. took me a while to figure it out but it should be easy now that i've done it myself.

now all that's left is finding a good IWB holster with a flap on the skin side to cover my abdomen. i'm reading that the bianchi model 100 is a good candidate? i don't mind spending up to $50 for a holster.


and for the CZ crowd: don't worry. i've still got a 40b in the pipe, hopefully another 40b before the year is out. now i just gotta find a registry that lets me put a RAMI or 83 on the list. :D

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July 29, 2008, 07:44 PM
nice gun. some good groups too.

July 29, 2008, 07:47 PM
Congrats on the new gun! Good buy.

Enjoy. :)

I have a Bianchi Pro 100. Great holster. Highly recommended.


July 29, 2008, 07:59 PM
yeah, you can tell which ones were aimed and which were the low-ready to DA-fire lol. i actually like the DA pull of this gun. of course, i couldn't do holster draws, but i started from hammer down and manual safety on (but not in decock position) waist high gun pointing downrange. i like the way it handles, espcially since i have smaller hands: it was just bring up clap together safety off push out and bang. the DA shots, of course, were the 9-ring. the aimed ones were the bigger holes lol.

i don't know how used it is but there's almost no wear on the outside of the barrel, or on the rails, or even on the striking surface of the hammer. the gun came with nothing but the gun and one magazine. it was probably regularly carried and hardly shot.

one question though for the bersa guys here: in my p22 i removed the magazine safety and keylock safety... i have to study the diagrams and search the forums... but off the top of anyone's head is this impossible due to the way it's designed? or can they come out?

a few people recommended the bianchi professional 100... i dislike buying online but i haven't seen any place that has them in store. doh. i just need the IWB with a metal clip so i can adjust cant depending if i'm sitting or standing (just personal need due to body shape) and the inside skin flap to prevent irritation.

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