Range Report


August 17, 2008, 01:08 PM
Went shooting to my favorite watering hole yesterday. took 8 guns all together. My brother in law brought 1. Three of us there. So we had plenty of toys to play with. Any how to the good part

Over on the sillouette area. Pistol range. there was a guy i noticed that pretty much took over the range. Him and his buddys were shooting a 500 S&W. Man that thing was pretty loud. He was down about 100 feet. Pretty much everyone with smaller calibers was sitting there waiting not shooting as when you walked by you could feel the concussions from that beast. So i loaded max on my 1851 about 30 grains black with some round balls. Then loaded up 24 grains on my others. Then loaded up 57 grains on my Walker. No wad. Just lube in front of the balls. Then by that time my son is looking at me. I look over at the guys shooting the 500. He starts to laugh. i tell my son to check the wind. He comes back says its blowing to the left. He then brings my conversion cylinder with another 6 rounds 45 Long Colt with Goex 35 grains. We go set up 4 revolvers about 3 feet from the guy on his right. His friends are all laughing at how everyone has to leave when he shoots. I look over at him loading and smile. My son does the same. By now the guy takes aim with his beast. I grab my walker and my son grabs the heavily loaded 1851. As soon as he fires off a round him and his friends look at us. We then take aim and fire. Every few seconds we fire a around i keep on firing after 4 rounds i stop and look to my left as the guy is caughing and backing up with his revolver left on the table. His friends are laughing at him hysterically. I look at him and give him a look of WHATS WRONG. i then continue shooting. As soon as we are done with those two we pick up the other two and start to shoot. When we are done with that. I pull the wedge out and then change the cylinder to fire another 6 more rounds. By then he was sitting at the back waiting for us to finish. When we were done they called a sieze fire on the range to check targets and everything. As we were walking back i ask the guy in front of his friends. Hey were you going to shoot that little thing.

The look on his face pricless. After that i went to shoot my .50cal CVA. by far the loudest on the range. I dont know what happened after that. When i went back to the rear bench my son said the guy and his friends split. Everyone around there was talking about it.

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August 17, 2008, 01:24 PM
Thank you for that Range Report Srcat!!!:evil:
You know I don't mind large caliber Revolvers or Rifles...but i do mind smart ass big mouths just shootin' a big gun that they had to buy, cause they jus' got a LiL' gun between there pockets.:fire:
And all them guy just sittin' there...thanks Scrat for puttin' a real Jerk in his place.:cool:
I bet the guys that were sittin' had a laugh along with that guys buddies.LoL!


August 17, 2008, 01:32 PM
it was pricless. all the smoke blowing into them. Just priceless.

August 17, 2008, 03:29 PM
My hat is off for you my friend, I love it when some one that thinks they are a bad a$$ because of their toy gets put in their place.

August 17, 2008, 03:42 PM
you know i was thinking. i still have a bag of sulfur somewhere around here. i should take it to the range with me. I wonder how the smoke and smell would be if lets say i loaded up 50 grains of black in my walker. then on top 5 grains of straight sulfur. then load the ball. or on my smaller revolvers 20 grains of black with 4 grains of sulfur.

Of course this would be only used for special purposes. Like what i wrote above on range report.

Anyone ever try that.

August 17, 2008, 03:54 PM
I've spent quite a bit of time trying to counter the frequent anti-gunner's comment, "Obviously if you have guns you're 'compensating for something'" (the implication being that the gun owner has small genitalia or some sexual dysfunction, and makes it up to his ego by acquiring and showing off other instruments of power).

I first started hearing this back in the 1960s, coming from the anti-male, militant feminist movement. It was reinforced in TV and movies ever since, to the point where it becomes sort of an automatic response when we see a man who has something bigger, better, or more powerful than ours.

Some guy has a big, successful business with a nice office and three secretaries-- obviously he's "compensating for something."

A guy has a powerful car, or a big 4-wheel drive pickup-- "No doubt about it, he's compensating for something." And so on...

At the other end, I believe it was Freud who associated the fear of weapons with some sort of sexual dysfunction.

Personally I think it's all a bunch of crap (yeah I know, maybe thee thinks I doth protest too much).

And, of what do you accuse a women who has a gun that's bigger than yours, a bigger business, bigger car, better jet, etc.?

August 17, 2008, 04:09 PM
true i agree. I used to get that when i bought my first bmw years ago. Now 228000 miles on the car. With only changing an alternator and a belt. Im as happy as can be. I bought it for quality. then when it comes to guns. I have a walker i have a .50 black powder. For me i dont see it as having the biggest thing around. When half of the time i shoot 35 grains out of it. I do love shooting big loads once in a while however for me its more about the history of the gun than the gun itself. As for the .50 i find that depending one what bullet im shooting 90-100 grains of black is a good performing accurate load. Its just louder and attracts more attention on the range though. Its fun to shoot steel targets at 100 yards with that rifle. For me maybe if more people started to shoot these black beast then i wouldnt be the only one at the range with one. Once in a while there are other black powder shooters. However its mostly with cap and ball. I do like to shoot the .50 though when guys are shooting high powered stuff though. Were all shooting steel. They are shooting big boys. then i load up my .50 and shoot. Hit steel. they see the smoke and feel the thunder. I like it, i like it because it usually strikes up conversations. Makes people aware that these guns still exist and are very strong and powerful. I always let people shoot my toys. As far as im concerned maybe they will be the next bp shooters. Sad to think that i have never sat side by side with another bp shooter on the rifle range. So sometimes i do load heavy shoot heavy. If it attracts peoples attention strikes up conversations. Then its a plus for me. As for the guy with the .500 he was just a jerk. I usually try to shoot my bigems at the sides to allow other people to shoot. Instead this guy was in the center of the shooting area. Kinda like the guy with the autoloader that shoots hot brass all over and gets right next to you when your shooting a revolver. When that happens i will walk to the back bench. get a screen and put it up in between us. If the guy dosent take a hint then i take out mr. Walker to loaded to the max with lube in all to make as much smoke and noise as possible.

August 17, 2008, 05:39 PM
Consider the source.

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