I need help choosing optics for my S&W 460


August 27, 2008, 09:04 PM
I want something other than iron sights on my 460.... I have seen scopes fly off, I dont really want a scope. I was looking at one of these...http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.exe/showproduct?saleitemid=293965.. Not exactly this particular model, but this style. Will these handle the recoil??? I read about one brand they claimed that no amount of recoil would affect their sight. Any adivice on how well these holographic sights perform is much appreciated.. Thanks, Lee.

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August 28, 2008, 11:37 PM
Hi Lee,

So you got a 460 and want an optic, but not a scope? The red dots are pretty slick but you've got a great long range shooter. If you're gonna use it for shooting under 100 yards they should work fine, but that 3 MOA dot really blocks out the target at the longer ranges. I don't think a good one should have a problem with the recoil. I know the Bushnell Holo works fine with stiff 300 gr. Hornady XTP .44 Mag loads.

My wife uses Tru-Glo 2x red dots on her .357 Mag and .41 Mag, if your goning to use .45 LC rounds, the Tru-Glo would be fine. I know, probably not what your gonna shoot through it.

I have the Burris 3 x 12 on mine. I bought the rings and base from Smith and Wesson and its worked fine with the .454 loads I've ran throught it. A 300 gr. Hornady XTP with H110 powder (about one step down from red line in the Hornady book). I've ran a couple hundred rounds thru it and haven't had any problem with it sliding in the rings or falling off.

You can dial it down to 3x and you've got a good field of view. At 12x you have to bring the gun/scope a little closer, but its not to bad.

I haven't loaded up the Barnes 200 or 275 gr. bullets yet. Those are gonna be used this season. I took a 175 lb. fork horn at about 60 yards with the .454 rounds. Wow, do they make a hole! :what:

One of my buddies put a Burris 2 x 7 on his and wasn't happy with it for the long range shooting with the factory 460 loads. He ended up yanking it off and getting the 3 x 12 and has been happy since.

For hunting at long ranges we use a camera tripod, with a block on top.
Take a 2 x 4 about 8" long , cut a v-notch in the top a cover it with speaker fabric ( using spray on adhesive and a few staples on the bottom), drill out a shallow hole in the bottom and epoxy in a 1/4 - 20 nut. This will fit the screw on the tripod mount. The legs adjust to uneven terrain, it will swivel and lets you hold still for those long shots. Put a sling on it, for ease of carry and your ready to go.

Give the Burris or Leupld 2.5 x 8 a try.

Hope this helps and good luck this season...... Mike

August 29, 2008, 01:42 AM
I have had the S&W 460 Mag from the day they hit the market, I installed a Bushnell 2 X 6 X 32 scope on mine with 2 rings. I have never had the scope fly off. Over 3000 rounds fired, and scope is still in place. Good rings such as Warne or Leupold will hold up well, as well as proper installation. I have mounted several scopes of friends of mine, and they are still holding.

This is just my opinion, but the S&W 460 Mag is designed to be a long range shooter, and a red-dot limits your range and accuracy.

If you are dead set on a red-dot, look at the Aim point micro, or Eotech or one of the Ultra-dot. They will handle the recoil of the S&W 460 Mag with no problem, seeing how I use them on my S&W 500 Mag's.

August 29, 2008, 08:39 AM
Thanks alot guys, where i am going to be hunging, a LONG shot is gonna be about 70-80 yards. Most will be under 50. The reason i want something other than the factory iron sights, is that the other day, we were shooting maybe about 25 times and the front sight fell off!!!!!!! I put it back on, i guess i dont trust it now. Thank you very much for your advise.. Lee.

August 29, 2008, 09:04 AM
Here’s my plug for EOTech. I purchased a Bushnell Holosight several years ago and mounted it to a Raging Bull. After the hunting season I went to take it out the safe for the annual cleaning. The revolver slipped out my butter fingers and the sight landed on the concrete floor cracking the frame and lens. I soon found out the EOTech actually made these and called them up to find out if it could be repaired. The CSR just told me to send it to them and I would be taken care of. My response was that I didn’t think that he understood and this was due to my slippery fingers. The CSR just said don’t worry about it and send it in. About 10 day’s latter I received a replacement and not just the model marketed by Bushnell but a one of their 51X models with the protective aluminum frame.

The sight is outstanding and the service from the manufacture is even better. If ever in the future I will need another red dot sight EOTech will defiantly get my business.

By the way like the name (obxflea), I was down there last year in late May staying Salvo and didn’t get one damn fish. We will probably head down their again next year and wondering where is the best fishing for the Reds?

August 29, 2008, 09:07 AM
I have the UltraDot Pan-A-V Holographic Sight. I have had it on several pistols and rifles, very happy with it. Great for picking up moving targets at short range. Mine has held up to the recoil of an M1A.
I wouldn't think that a scope would have much more chance of coming off than a holo sight. I have a Leupold scope on both a SRH and a SBH, never a problem. The SBH/Leupold is thirty years young, taken large deer and small bear and is accurate as the day I bought it.

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