Am I crazy for thinking this?


August 27, 2008, 09:31 PM
I have been watching videos lately on the 50 Desert egale. Now my question is do you think it would make a good defense gun. What would be a good way to carry it on you. What type of ammo would you use for it in defense. If you haven't caught on yet I am a fan of :evil:big bullets. So please tell me what you think.

God Bless


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August 27, 2008, 09:34 PM
This should be fun.

August 27, 2008, 09:36 PM
one word...



(sorry, no idea if its a good self defense gun)

August 27, 2008, 09:45 PM
This should be fun.

Bob R
August 27, 2008, 09:48 PM
Why, you carry it IWB of course. How else are you supposed to carry a concealed pistol? :rolleyes:

Here is a rig, a very nice rig at that, just for that. One of the forum members here has beaten you to the punch.


August 27, 2008, 09:56 PM
How big are your hands? The DE is a very, very big and heavy pistol.

August 27, 2008, 09:56 PM
I carry mine in my Thunderwear ( :rolleyes:

The Lone Haranguer
August 27, 2008, 09:56 PM
As in no, it would not make a good defense gun. As for crazy ... (whistle)

Now my question is do you think it would make a good defense gun.
Perhaps against a charging elephant. :p I would rather just take away its credit cards.

I suppose in a home or shop defense situation its size would be irrelevant. But, the cartridge is far too powerful, with too much recoil, to handle in rapid fire, if the ones I've seen shot are any indication. If you can place that one shot accurately, good luck, but controlled followup shots are going to be nonexistent. It is certain to be unnecessarily overpenetrative, unless you have multiple attackers and can get them to line up one behind the other. :neener: If you want a reduced recoil load, be aware that the action of the DE pistol is not designed to cycle reduced loads and/or unjacketed lead bullets.

XD Fan
August 27, 2008, 10:59 PM
Gator owes me a key board clean up.

August 27, 2008, 11:36 PM
Just trying to help. ;)

August 27, 2008, 11:45 PM
It would only make a good carry gun under the following circumstances:

1) You're REAL big.
2) You keep the pistol IMMACULATE ... I mean not one single bit of lint or dust.
3) You wear a trench coat.
4) You NEVER call it a "Deagle"
5) You can't find a 10mm you like better

Say what you will about the silliness and lack of reliability of the Desert Eagle, the .50AE is a pretty powerful cartridge.

But for the money and hassle of carrying I can't see any point to it.

If you just GOTTA have a carry gun in .50, get yourself a 1911 or Glock in .50GI ( instead

August 28, 2008, 07:03 AM
You may want to check out a Baby Eagle, they come in .40 caliber.

August 28, 2008, 07:33 AM
I guess you folks don't approve of my 50 BMG pocket pistol carried in a Mika holster? I'm contemplating getting a derringer version of it made.

Ragnar Danneskjold
August 28, 2008, 07:47 AM
Unless you're 6'6" and 240lbs, I'm gonna say, no. Don't carry an DE.

Lamb of Gun
August 28, 2008, 08:20 AM
cebralfix, I laughed really, really, hard at that post.

Eric F
August 28, 2008, 09:13 AM
Am I crazy for thinking this?

Are you allowed in general population? lol Too bad Regan deregulated memtal institutions.

August 28, 2008, 10:07 AM
Can you spell o-v-e-r-p-e-n-e-t-r-a-t-i-o-n?

August 28, 2008, 10:07 AM

Phil DeGraves
August 28, 2008, 10:11 AM
Maybe an ankle rig...

August 28, 2008, 10:33 AM
A Desert Eagle in .50 Action Express?? Amazing toy at the local range, as long as your ammunition supply holds out (have you priced ammunition, or brass for that puppy?).

The DE also comes chambered for the .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum, if ammunition supply is an overriding consideration.

If you are into self-abuse, consider the S&W Model 500 in a 2" barrel. Now THAT sounds like fun, Big time.

August 28, 2008, 10:53 AM
You better get suspenders that thing is heavy.

August 28, 2008, 11:01 AM
You're supposed to tuck it in the front of your pants like Arnold did in Last Action Hero. :neener:

I'd say shoulder rig, since it weights a ton.

August 28, 2008, 11:04 AM
They tell you that you are supposed to use the largest caliber you can carry comfortably for CCW... so if you can, I say go for it. I'd not carry a DE though... go for something else in .50 if you feel that you can carry something that large comfortably. But personally, I think that a CCW weapon should be something that you can wear comfortably EVERY DAY, from the time you get up in the morning til' you go back to bed. Considering this, and the fact that you do not seem to be fazed by the thought of carrying large weapons, I'd go for something more compact like a service model in .40 or .45. They'll get the job done without the recoil, heave, and size. :)

Good luck!

General Geoff
August 28, 2008, 01:26 PM
Go for it if you want, but just be sure to practice with your Desert Eagle and make sure it's plenty reliable in your hands. They've been known to be finicky and fail to cycle/feed/eject for many folks, and that's not something I want to be worrying about if I have to pull my impressive-looking-but-malfunctioning hand cannon from its holster.

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