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January 14, 2003, 11:27 AM
There is a new program (at least, it's new to me) on the History Channel. "Mail Call", hosted by R. Lee Ermey, "inactive" USMC GySgt and current actor, answers questions from viewers on military and martial subjects. The other night they had a short history of the Colt .45 ACP Semi-automatic pistol in US military service. Ermey often falls back into his Marine Corps days personna in hosting this program but provides some interesting, if short, visual essays on many varied topics. I recommend that people here check it out if you have not already done so.

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4v50 Gary
January 14, 2003, 11:30 AM
Gunny doesn't act. He just plays himself so convincingly - and gets paid to on top of that.

Sean Smith
January 14, 2003, 11:37 AM
I figure if you leave the Marine Corps due to Vietnam war wounds like Mr. Ermey did, you can be as flamboyant as you want. :D

"Mail Call" is entertaining and informative, and he's just gotten better at hosting the show from episode to episode.

Also worth checking out is "Conquest," a show that runs right after "Mail Call" now. The last episode of it I saw had lots of neat info about the history of archery.

Mike Irwin
January 14, 2003, 11:42 AM
The fact that he didn't get an Oscar for his role in Full Metal Jacket is a frigging travesty.

But, then again, I guess that's for acting, and he was just being himself. :)

January 14, 2003, 11:46 AM

Do NOT skip the intro on the above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mail Call commerical. A MUST SEE!


January 14, 2003, 12:01 PM
Airwolf - to the intro on Ermey's site... AMEN!

January 14, 2003, 12:03 PM
This episode finds our hero dressed in a roman toga. His comment: "It was a hot day, so I actually enjoyed the extra ventilation."

January 14, 2003, 12:08 PM
I like Mail Call, but they should restrict the use of big words or complcated logic, there might be some Marines watching. It would not be a good idea to make them more confused than they already are.:neener:

January 14, 2003, 12:12 PM
Mail Call is a GREAT show and I try not to miss it.... Although I worry about his infatuation with watermelons... :D

Also caught the last 15 min. of conquest last night... Made me laugh...

January 14, 2003, 12:13 PM
..but just a wee bit too....well.....effiminate???

:D :fire: :D

Brian Maffei
January 14, 2003, 12:17 PM
I totally agree with the Gunny.....watermelons should be killed whenever possible.

January 14, 2003, 12:41 PM
The show on driving a tank was a hoot.

After a short lesson, he took control and drove an M3 through the obstacle course, ran all over the place, and left the course in shambles.

He got out, strutted around and dead-panned, "I handled that pretty well, don't you think?" :D

Gotta love the guy.

January 14, 2003, 12:57 PM
Deleted. Can't find any confirmation of what I'd thought I'd read....

January 14, 2003, 01:00 PM
Are you serious?

January 14, 2003, 01:02 PM
Mail Call is a favorite! :D

January 14, 2003, 01:15 PM
HIs character in the movie 'Saving Silverman' is gay, but I don't think Ermey is...not that I know way or the other really.

- Gabe

January 14, 2003, 01:27 PM

January 14, 2003, 01:45 PM
I've had the pleasure of working with him on a couple of promotional events and public appearances in our neck of the woods, including one about two weeks after 9/11.

At that one he made a short speech to a couple of hundred people about what had happened and what he thought was going to happen next and there wasn't a dry eye or fallen heart in the house.

He is absolutely what he appears to be and a little bit more. He is a lot smarter than his genuine "Gunny" character ever lets on. A very savvy business guy that has parlayed his FMJ character into a career for himself.

Catch how the active duty Marines on the mortar show or the grenade episode treat him. Lot's of respect is given the man. I've seen field grade Marine officers automatically go into a full brace when he walked in the room. (He does make you want to check and be sure all your pockets are buttoned and your shoes are shined when you see him.)

He was also nice enough to autograph one of his "motivational figures" ("Don't you ever call it a doll or action figure you maggot") for my son in the Army.

He's a good man and its a fun show that mixes some interesting history with letting civilians in on how good some of our military hardware really is.

Oh, and the man can drink prodigious amounts of alcohol when he goes out on the town. He's for real.

Don P.

January 14, 2003, 02:32 PM
What are his views on the 2nd? If he is pro RKBA do you think he would make a good replacement for Heston? http://www.rleeermey.net/mailcallforum/images/smiles/drill.gif

January 14, 2003, 02:37 PM
My mother is 87 years old and the poor lady lives with me. Each Monday she asks if that Marine is on tonight and the two of us watch it. She wouldn't miss a program. I think that she likes hearing him sound off, make fun of himself and the history he gives. Wonderful program and I hope the History Channel keep it on.

Mike Irwin
January 14, 2003, 03:08 PM
Here's the IMDB site for R. Lee Ermey:


Take a look at just how frigging much work this guy has had in his career as a character actor!

Mark Tyson
January 14, 2003, 03:23 PM
Mail Call is quality programming! That guy must have one of the best jobs in the world. I wish I could get to play with all those "toys" . . .

January 14, 2003, 03:39 PM
Great show.

January 14, 2003, 03:47 PM
R. Lee Ermey is the funniest, yet coolest people on tv or in movies today. I really love Mail Call, and am glad that it is on tv. The History Channel is one of the few channels that I still watch regularly

January 14, 2003, 03:59 PM

You're too slow! YOU'RE TOO SLOW! Better change that channel right now to The History Channel and catch some R. Lee. ANY QUESTIONS? :D

January 14, 2003, 06:49 PM
I loved the show. Pretty good stuff. I didn't catch what weapon he had in the scabbard. Anyone know?

Good Shooting

January 14, 2003, 07:08 PM
Are you talking about the scabbard on the jeep? Looks like an M1 Garand to me.

January 14, 2003, 08:06 PM
Whaaaa? He doesn't have a Jeff Cooper Scout rifle in that scabbard? :D

That could very well be the rifle. I saw one, but didn't get a close look. I need to start keeping VCR tapes handy to tape great shows like that.

Good Shooting

January 14, 2003, 08:13 PM
I'm 99% sure it's a Garand. His "command post" and jeep are all WWII vintage so it would be the correct weapon for that period.

50 Shooter
January 14, 2003, 08:16 PM
I have his action figure, it's "R" rated. It's is so funny I couldn't stop laughing and pressing the button to keep him yelling. One of his lines is from FMJ where he says to Joker "let me hear your war cry" and then the figure say "that's not a war cry, this is a war cry, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH".

January 14, 2003, 09:36 PM
I like "mail call", but it's on opposite "monster garage". And My VCR won't tape, so I watch about 80% "monster garage" and 20% "mail call" Jesse James rocks!

January 15, 2003, 02:00 PM
What are his views on the 2nd?I'm willing to bet he's as hard core as we are. If his BBS is any gauge, they are most definitely pro-2nd. :)

- Gabe

January 15, 2003, 05:21 PM
My 14 year old daughter and I watch it every chance we get. He sort of scares her, but she loves the show. It's one of my favorites.

January 15, 2003, 06:18 PM
I'd bet the rent he is a supporter of RKBA!

Did you ever meet a Marine who did not love his rifle?

The show is in a word OUTSTANDING!

January 15, 2003, 06:22 PM
R. Lee Ermey is a MAJOR RKBA supporter in hollywood. He denounced other hollyweird types saying they don't represent everyone there.

January 15, 2003, 07:13 PM
R Lee Ermey needs to go do an episode of Monster Garage.
Jesse James and R Lee would make one hell of a vehicle modification.
I love both shows.

January 15, 2003, 07:49 PM
Mail Call rocks. One segment he was blasting watermelons with a Browning Machine Gun (can't recall if it was a 1917 or a 1919). He said "Go get some more melons, I wanna finish off this belt!"

Kick @$$.

January 15, 2003, 07:50 PM
I love Ermey!
He and Clint Eastwood should make a movie that's a cross between FMJ and Heartbreak Ridge.
He was a riot in Saving Silverman, too.

January 15, 2003, 08:24 PM
R. Lee and the Ma Deuce. Classic Mail Call!



Erik Jensen
January 15, 2003, 09:16 PM
I want an "M1 Garand anti-theft device" myself..:evil:



January 16, 2003, 07:59 PM
I don't know if this is true or not but I heard that he was hired to train an actor to be a DI in Full Metal Jacket,and the studio liked him so much they fired the actor and used him. Anyone else hear this?

January 16, 2003, 08:37 PM
R. Lee was a tech consultant and the actor they got to play the part originally wasn't making it.

Do a Google for "Full Metal Jacket" and you'll find lots of fan sites with tons of info.

I saw somewhere that one of the reasons they hired him was that he gave a "motivational speech" that lasted 10 minutes and didn't repeat any "motivational phrases".

May be an urban legend, but seeing R. Lee in action, I'd say it stands a good chance of being true.

January 17, 2003, 02:28 AM
Yet another cool thing about him, have you noticed that when he kills a watermelon he often eats what he kills?

January 17, 2003, 10:52 AM
Couldn't imagine "Mail Call" w/o Ermey. He's great (...but sometimes, when he gets in his "Gunny" mode, you just want to reach up & pop him in the nose... :evil: )

January 17, 2003, 06:07 PM
Mail Call and Conquest are a good combo for the History station. I get my laughs from both hosts.

January 18, 2003, 08:22 AM
suvdrvr wrote:I like "mail call", but it's on opposite "monster garage". And My VCR won't tape, so I watch about 80% "monster garage" and 20% "mail call" Jesse James rocks!

OH PU-LEEEZZZ!!!!!! Jesse James is a self-indulgent ninny. Yeah, he's a good custom bike builder, but he's still a self-indulgent brat, IMHO.

Gimme R. Lee ANY day! HOO-RAH!!!

Mike Irwin
January 18, 2003, 12:08 PM

When you run that AVI of Ermey shooting the Ma Deuce, do you get video and sound, or just sound?

I get sound and a REALLY funky "sun in center with plasma streaming from both sides" type of image. Pretty cool in its own right, but I'd rather see the M2...

January 18, 2003, 12:44 PM
Mike, I got that from another site. It plays fine in Windows Media Player (I'm using 6.4). Video and sound.

What OS and player are you trying to run it on?

Mike Irwin
January 18, 2003, 04:24 PM

Windows Media Player, and Windows 98.

I'm getting an "ambiance" setting, that I just realized that I can change.

I wonder if my player version is out of date and it won't read the video stream...

It's 7.01...

January 18, 2003, 05:21 PM
Hmmm... If 6.4 will play it then anything above shoudn't have a problem. There was a Windows update the other day that included an updated codec package for Media Player. Maybe that?

January 18, 2003, 08:41 PM
Yup, definitely a codec problem. Check divx.com for the codec/player (you can pretty much abandon the divx player, ) if the codec package off of the Windows Update site doesn't do the job. If you're unfamiliar with Windows update, just click (in Internet Explorer) the Tools menu, Windows Update.
Say 'yes' if it asks you to install update software, and select and download the codec package (the critical updates and hotfixes aren't bad things to get, either, although, on a modem, you're gonna be there a while. )

February 14, 2003, 09:03 PM
As a new member I failed to use "SEARCH" to see if there already was a thread saluting R. Lee Ermery. Quite frankly, I didn't even know it was there but will definitely be using it from now on!

This deserves to be bumped up with my apology.......

February 15, 2003, 09:44 AM
Not a problem, QC. Two R. Lee threads is always a good thing. :)

Welcome to THR!

- Gabe

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