old smith&wesson


September 6, 2008, 08:29 PM
my father in law just passed away and i was given an old smith and would like to know about it. on the side of the barrel it says 38 s & w special ctg, the last pat is dec 29 14, sn on butt is 805172 and inside the cylinder it says 5535. it has white in color grips on it and say ranziti mp rd on the inside. the holster that came with it says boyt des moines ia. can anyone give me model , when it was made ,, any and all info about it would be helpfull thanks

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September 6, 2008, 08:32 PM
Sorry to hear about the passing of your father in law. Welcome to Thr. Im sure we can help out.

September 6, 2008, 08:34 PM
thank you.

September 6, 2008, 09:18 PM
The model is stamped on the frame. You can see it when you swing out the cylinder. The number on the crane is NOT the model number. The model number should start with "MOD" It's probably a model 10. There are different versions of the model 10 and they are indicated with a hyphen after the model number.

For instance...after the first revision, the model 10 was stamped "MOD 10-1", after the 5th revision, it would be stamped "MOD 10-5", etc.

It could also be a model 14 or a model 15. But model 10 is the most common. Also, the model 10 was actually made years before they invented the name "model 10". Before they started calling it the model 10 they called it the ".38 military and police model". And sometimes, depending on year, it went by the model V, model S, model C, or model D.

So, what model number is stamped on the frame anyway?

September 6, 2008, 09:36 PM
S&Ws were only assigned model numbers after 1957, and it sounds like this is an older revolver than that. To nail it down, we'll need some more information, like what sort of sights it has, square butt, round butt, first few digits of the serial number (along with any letters in front of it; the official serial number is on the butt of the revolver), etc. Or, you could just post a picture.

September 6, 2008, 09:39 PM
The "ranziti mp rd" on the inside of the grips may mean that it is a round butt S&W M&P, the pre-cursor to the Model 10.

Are you sure that it doesn't say "franzite" instead of "ranziti"? Franzite was a well known grip manufacturer.

September 6, 2008, 10:34 PM
man you guys are good. they ought to call you the THR detectives

September 7, 2008, 05:41 PM
it has a round butt, sn on butt is 805172, it has a notch for a rear sight and i guess a half moon front sight, the trade mark is on the left side of gun and is very small,and you are right it says franzite on the grips they are hard to read, the only number inside the cylinder is 5535, no mod # at all before those numbers

September 7, 2008, 06:08 PM
It's a model "M&P" if there is no model number stamped on it.



September 10, 2008, 08:04 PM
with the info i have given can anyone tell me approx age and if i should shoot this gun? it seems to be in working order cyl tight hammer, trigger are tight. and anyone no approx value thanks for all the help

Old Fuff
September 10, 2008, 08:21 PM
The serial number on the butt would seem to indicate you have a .38 Military & Police model, also known as the .38 1905 Hand Ejector/4th change. It was probably made just before World War Two started. Standard barrel lengths were 2, 4, 5 and 6 inches (measured from the front cylinder face to the muzzle). The serial number should appear on the butt, rear cylinder face, and bottom of the barrel above the ejector rod. Swing out the cylinder to see it, and these numbers should all match.

It can be fired with standard .38 Special ammunition, but avoid using Plus-P cartridges until the gun has been positively identified, and probably thereafter.

Depending on condition, the value is probably in the $200 to $400 range.

September 13, 2008, 09:58 PM
thank you for all your help. i think i will clean it up and go shoot and have fun thanks

CB Honaker
September 19, 2008, 06:12 PM
Picked up an older Smith revolver in a trade SN: D823091 on the butt, 3 7/8" barrel stamped AIRWEIGHT and 38 SPL CTG on right side of the barrel, no shroud over the ejector rod, blue finish. Any ideas of what I have?
CB Honaker

September 19, 2008, 07:19 PM
Open the cylinder and look for a model # stamped on the frame inside. Most likely, it is a model 12 or a pre-model 12. This is merely a model 10 with an alloy frame. To be sure, we need the info on the frame stamping, and a good picture........

September 19, 2008, 08:15 PM

Is it a 6 shot or a 5 shot?

CB Honaker
September 20, 2008, 02:16 PM
It is a 6 shot and has Mod 12-2 stamped on the inside of the frame.

September 20, 2008, 03:00 PM
This revolver was built sometime between 1957 and 1962, when the Model 12 was redesigned to become the 12-3. It's basically a Model 10 made with an alloy frame to save weight.

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