Some Power Pistol cast loads...


September 9, 2008, 07:56 AM
Been working up some cast data using Power Pistol, and have been pleased with the results so far. Data is under published or data max emailed to me from Alliant. These two 9mm loads use either a Lee TL124 TC bullet cast from wheel weights, water quenched and sized .358", or a Midstates 120 grain TC sized .356". Primers were WW and the pistol was a Beretta M9. Temp was 79 and sunny with the ammo being tested shaded until use.

Lee TL124 grain TC-
4.3 grains Power Pistol = 997 fps avg

Comments: This is .5 grain below Alliant's loosely recommended "around 4.8 grain" min, 100% function in the M9. Very soft, and will not cycle some pistols even with factory spec springs.

Midstates 120 grain TC-
5.2 grains Power Pistol = 1156 fps avg

Comments: Nice performance, clean, some flash in cloudy conditions. As with Unique, you get a very good pressure/charge weight/to velocity generated that has superior metering and is cleaner. Going to be loading a boat-load of rounds with this charge weight.

Next load is an FBI-ish 158 LSWC/LSWCHP .38 Special load that is between Alliant's published std and +P max pressure. Revolver used was a full lug S&W 3" model 60 and the primers were Winchester.

Speer 158 grain LSWCHP/Hornady 158 grain LSWC-
5.8 grains Power Pistol = 924 fps avg

Comments: Very accurate, healthy blast/shockwave, very consistent with no signs of pressure and easy extraction. My previous "FBI load" for this revolver was 5 gr Unique which got me a very accurate 881 fps avg velocity. IMO, 158 grains of lead moving along at a measured 930 fps from a 3" barrel is pretty healthy, especially since it was accurate and had absolutely no signs of high pressure. I may go to the Alliant 6 grain max to simply see how linear the results are/are not. I expect it to be a smooth progression.

If further testing pans out (especially cold weather testing), this could be a great SD round if you would choose that route. Regardless, it is a lot of fun to shoot, and validates my belief that Power Pistol + lead is OK. Next up are some 45 auto loads using cast and PP.

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September 9, 2008, 08:15 AM
Nice post, good info. I have 2 ?'s though. Were all bullets cast from WW's and water quenched, and how did the barrel look after shooting?

September 9, 2008, 12:29 PM
Thanks Bullseye.

The Lee 124's (actually drop around 129 grains) were water quenched WW's. The Midstates 120's are I believe the typical 92% Lead/6% Antimony/2% Tin, and rather hard. The Speer 158's are very soft, while the Hornady 158 LSWC's are harder, but don't seem as hard as the 92/6/2. I purchased the Speer and Hornady bullets over 15 years ago, and perhaps their composition has changed over the years?

My Lee bullets tumble lubed with liqid ALOX and sized .358" shoot nearly lead free, as do the Hornady bullets that have factory liquid lube and mica applied. The .356" Midstates bullets are undersized for my Beretta and other European 9mm's, and they use that terrible hard "candle wax" lube that I have never found effective. I apply a thin coat of Lee liquid ALOX to these bullets, and it helps a lot. The Speer bullets will lead the bore in short order, and I have never tried LLA as of yet. I cast straight WW's w/o quenching for bullets to be used in .38 Special, .30 cal plinker, .45 Auto, and target .44 Mag loadings.

September 9, 2008, 03:32 PM
I have found a nice target load for a 147gr cast lead 9mm bullet is 4.6g of Power Pistol. It can be pushed quite a bit more if desired.

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