Westminster, MD Gun Show


September 7, 2003, 02:55 PM
Anyone know anything about the gun show next weekend in Westminster?

I see that it's a different promoter than the other shows in MD and thought it might be worth checking out if there were going to be some different dealers there.

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September 7, 2003, 07:32 PM
A gun show in my neck o' the woods? Get out! There's usually only a couple Silverado shows in MD. If true I am so there.

That said, a did a Google search and got bupkus.

Any details greatly appreciated - Norton, you seem to at least know of its existence - any info where and times?

September 7, 2003, 08:30 PM
OK, I did some more digging and have some more info (to those of you wondering "Why the h*** is this fool so excited about a local gun show?", unlike the gun friendly states, gun shows here are HIGHLY frowned upon, in fact almost outlawed a couple years ago. We do have some though, its just not an every weekend thing like say, Texas.)

Anyway, its sponsored by a group called "Buckbait" and will be at the Carroll County Agricultural Center, 700 Agricultural Center Drive, Westminster, MD 21157. I could find no times.

I apologize to the 99.9% of THRers who could care less!:D

September 7, 2003, 10:10 PM
Woo hoo, I know what I'm doing next Sunday. Not buying anything (maybe a used Mini-14 or AR, but probably not) but I haven't been to a show even to look for nearly a year.

September 8, 2003, 03:26 PM
Dates are 9/13 - 9/14. Show times are 9 - 5 Saturday; 9 - 3 Sunday. The radio ads and Shotgun News both say that the show is being run by Camrod Hunting Club which normally does the show. Never heard of "Buck Bait".

September 8, 2003, 03:49 PM
For you folks who are local to Westminster.....what would be the best way to get there coming from Rt 29 up to I-70 west?

September 8, 2003, 04:19 PM
Norton, if you take I70 you'd want 70 East. You will take the beltway to 795 and head past Owings Mills out to Westminister. From Howard County you may be better off taking Route 32 out past Sykesville to Westminister however. If you want to go on Sunday instead of Saturday I'll be happy to go with you, either one car or you can follow me up. I go to Westminister from time to time so I know how to get there pretty easily, however I haven't been to a gunshow at Carroll County Agricultural Center for a year to a year and a half (and I was only there once) so I don't think I remember how to get there.

September 8, 2003, 05:10 PM

Guess that shows I really DID need directions.:) We're coming from Arundel Mills because it's midway for everyone concerned, so I guess we'll go out Rt 32.

Spot and I are going on Saturday because I have a bunch of stuff on Sunday. We'll try to leave you a few things;)

September 8, 2003, 05:32 PM
Norton, If you're leaving from Arundel Mills it'll probably be easier for you to take 100 west to 29 north and get on to 70 from there.

edit: Ok ignore those I was thinking of the wrong area

super edit: Ok looks like I was somewhat on the right track. Here's some Mapquest directions from Arundel Mills Blvd to the address listed in westminster.


September 8, 2003, 06:02 PM
Well, from Arundel Mills you will be best off taking 29 to 70 either direction. Take 70E to the beltway to 795 to Westminister. Take 70W to 32 to Westminister. Ah, choices:D

September 8, 2003, 08:06 PM
OK, since I'm from there so I can help:

So you are on Rt. 140 North. Make a left on Center St. Make a right on Gist Rd (after Carroll County General Hospital). Make a right on Smith Ave. Smith Ave dead-ends at the Ag Center.

(address is 700 Agricultural Center , Westminster, MD 21157 if you are coming from elsewhere and want to use Mapquest.)

It will be interesting trying to spot THR folks. I'm sorry I was unable to make the recent shoot!

I've never heard of "Buckbait" either. I did a Google on "Gun show Carroll County Agricultural Center September 13 14" and that's what I got....maybe they just have a display and aren't the sponsor, if so, sorry....

September 8, 2003, 11:48 PM
Hey, anyone else planning to go on Sunday? Maybe we can find a few people to plan to meet up to either show off what they bought or to get together for a few beers.

September 9, 2003, 10:49 AM
Sorry I can't make this one, I'm off to two days of Tactical Pistol 200 with ComTac at Warrior Ridge in western Maryland.

September 9, 2003, 06:23 PM
Anyone have more info about the show? Entry fee things like that? Kids allowed?

September 9, 2003, 07:46 PM
Sorry......I can't make this one either, cause Saturday is my birthday and the wifey has things planned around this for both Saturday and Sunday.
Anyway.....I just bought a new 1911 Colt Commander so my gun money is kinda low right now..........bummer.:(

September 10, 2003, 09:15 AM
Entry fee is $5.00. Children are allowed but don't know if they get charged for admission. For information call 410-391-8883.

September 10, 2003, 05:10 PM
You know I hate to admit not knowing it but I have to ask. Did Maryland close the supposed "gunshow loophole"? IE can I take home a pistol that I buy that day or do I still have to wait?

September 10, 2003, 09:24 PM

Have to wait on the pistol just like a regular in store purchase, but my understanding is that you can take a long gun home that day. Can anyone confirm this....I haven't bought a long gun at a show before.

September 10, 2003, 09:42 PM
Confirmed. You can walk away with long guns. I myself have done this with an M1 Carbine and SKS.

September 10, 2003, 10:15 PM
You can walk away with longguns from a normal shop, stinks that you have to wait for a pistol at the show though. How do they handle getting you the pistol after the waiting period?

September 11, 2003, 01:42 AM
How do they handle getting you the pistol after the waiting period? You have to pick it up at the shop so be sure that you buy from a dealer that isn't too long a drive from your home. The one side benefit is that you do get a chance to see the dealer first hand. I bought a gun due to best price from a dealer who at the show didn't overly impress me (he was too busy to be particularly friendly). Well, he is now my favorite dealer, he carries a good selection of used guns (small shop but good stuff and still decent selection despite size), his prices are good and he is one of the two friendliest dealers I've ever met. I now go to him first if I am looking for something.

September 11, 2003, 02:55 PM
I have been to the Westminster, Md., gun show many times and plan to attend this upcoming weekend. Just wanted to mention one thing. If it is feasible, spend the extra drive time to attend the twice yearly Harrisburg, Pa. show sometime. It is awesome (though you do have to pay $7 for parking) Check ar15.com- Md. and/or Pa. hometown sections for dates and driving directions.

September 11, 2003, 03:02 PM
I'm looking forward to the show this weekend. I'm in the market for my first rifle.....possibly an SKS. Guess we'll have to see what the pickin's look like.

I'll be the tall one....come and say hi...:D

September 13, 2003, 12:20 AM
Hey if anyone going to the show on Saturday doesn't mind could you look for prices of Makarov's? I found one at a local shop here but they want 180 for it with only 1 mag. I figure the show might have something better but I wanna make sure before I drive up there.

September 13, 2003, 08:23 PM
Went to the show today so I thought I'd report back to those going tomorrow.

There were a couple of different folks there than at the Silverado shows, but for the most part it was the same folks.

We spent most of our time there looking at rifles, so I can't report too well on the handgun situation. There were plenty of surplus rifles and I just couldn't resist so I ended up bringing home a Yugo SKS:D

It was crowded beyond belief by the time we left at 10:20am so get there early if you're going.

September 13, 2003, 10:37 PM
Norton, congratulations on the SKS. Those are fun guns, I do like mine (didn't at first since it was extremely inaccurate but I found the problem and it is fixed). Hmm, you mostly checked out the rifles? Did you see any good deals on used AR 15s, Mini-14s or AR-180s? How about CETMEs or AKs? Unfortunately something came up so I probably won't be able to make it before they close, but if you saw a good deal on one of those or a good selection of CETMEs I just might reschedule my obligation (since it was a prior obligation that was rescheduled by my study partner). Hmm, actually, what time do they open? I might be able to get there early.

September 14, 2003, 06:53 AM

I have to admit, I was shopping by price yesterday. I was looking for a cheap "project" rifle so anything over about $250.00 I pretty much glossed over.

In the AR15 department, there weren't nearly as many as at the last show in Frederick. I did see a few mini-14s but it really seems to me that everyone was trying to sell their mil-surps and shotguns. There were bunches of Mausers....I had to pry Spot77 anyway before he did something bad:D

September 14, 2003, 11:05 AM
Yes, must pay the mortgage, must pay the mortgage.....

Besides, I can always pick up a $99 Mauser just about anywhere....

The SKS though....might have to make the trip to Arbutus for that one.

Seemed to be a fair show.

September 14, 2003, 07:28 PM
Of course the other way you could have looked at it is that it is only a $99 piece of history and a fun shooter...You know you want one. I know a dealer in Arbutus who usually has some pretty nice surplus rifles at decent prices (Nagants, Mausers, M1 Garands...). I'll give you directions if you'd like:evil:

Unfortunately I couldn't get to the show. I couldn't get a hold of my study partner to reschedule. I guess I'll just have to wait for the next show. Isn't Silverado having a show in Frederick in November? It will give me a little time to save anyway (assuming I don't just buy what I want online or from a local dealer in the meantime ;) ).

September 14, 2003, 09:32 PM
i think silverado having the Howard show at the fairgrounds next


Sept 20 & 21, 2003
Howard County Fairgrounds
Exit 80 Off I-70 Howard County, MD

October 18 & 19, 2003
Montgomery County Agricultural Fairgrounds < the show that will not die
Exit 11 Off I-270, Gaithersburg, MD

November 8 & 9, 2003
Frederick Fairgrounds
Exit 55 & 56 Off I-70 Frederick, MD

November 22 & 23, 2003
Showplace Arena (P.G. County)
Route 4 & 301 Upper Marlboro, MD

September 15, 2003, 05:22 PM
That dealer in Arbutus is EXACTLY who Norton got the SKS from, and he is also the one with the Mauser 8mm I was looking at. I'm supposed to stop in there tomorrow to look at a few things....I never knew they were in Arbutus; I drive right past the m ALL the time......:confused:

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