308 advise


September 13, 2008, 01:44 PM
I have finally put together my tools and components to load for my savage 10fcp. I ordered a coax press on sale at cabellas. The dies are a forster mic bullet seater, redding body die and lee collet.(for less than $100 I thought it would be a good set up) I have a pound of each, H4895,BLC2,Varget,RL15,3031,4064,and IMR4895. 1 box of each bullets,155 Amax,178Amax.168bthp of Hornady. Sierra 168bthp and 175bthp. 1 box of Nossler 155 custom comp and one box of Lapua 187 scenar. So far the only brass I could find was Rem so I have that and once fired Federal. Primers are CCI. It is my understanding that some powders work better with heavier bullets and not as good with the lighter pills. What are yor experiences with the bullet and powder chioces that I have purchased. My rifle has a 1/10 twist. Unfortunatelly my press isn't here yet but I would like to start playin around with it as soon as it gets here. As always your guys advise is excellent and greatly apreciated.

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September 13, 2008, 03:05 PM
You have way more testing in mind than I would consider. Unless you have an unlimited supply of time and a range out your back door you might consider limiting your options a bit. It helps to know what you plan to use the rifle for and at what range you will be shooting. I have over the years tested 3 or 4 bullets and a couple powders but always go back to 175 SMK's with 43.0gr of RL15. This is not a max load but has worked great for me.

September 13, 2008, 03:25 PM
Most of the time my range will be 100yds. I do have access to up to 1000yds, only bummer is that it's 2 hours away. There they have steel targets at differant ranges out to 500 meters. That I think will be lots of fun. As far as powders go I am also loading for my 30/30 and my wifes 223 so when I ordered I kept those guns in mid to. I would love to be as acurate as I can be even though my shooting will be the bigest factor. Practice makes perfect and a hell of a lot af fun in doing so. Thank you much for your response, it seems like everyone loves the sierras.

September 13, 2008, 03:38 PM
What ! only one primer ? :scrutiny:........... :D

September 13, 2008, 04:41 PM
Practice makes perfect and a hell of a lot af fun in doing so.
You got that right! You seem to have all the good powders and bullets to develop a great load for your needs. The 1in10 twist is an advantage, IMO. I can't make a recommendation as I do not have a 308, but being a ballistics chart nut, I know the burn rates of your selected powders and say use BLC2 with the heavier bullets and Varget with everything else. Hodgden's Extreme powders (Varget), as you probably know, are less affected by air temperature variations.
But you never know, maybe one of the other powders will give you the "magic" load that you're looking for. That's the fun part of load development. Have fun and be safe.


September 13, 2008, 05:50 PM
Back when I first started reloading for a 308 Winchester, I also thought I had to try multiple bullets and powder. Now, after thousands of reloads under my belt, I think differently and start with a bullet I KNOW will be accurate like Sierra Match Kings. The combo I finally settled on for my 308 Winchesters is put together with Sierra 168 gr. (you could substitute other bullets in the 165 to 168 gr. range) BTHP Match Kings, IMR 4064 and Federal 210M primers. If Federal match primers weren't available I would use CCI BR 2 primers.

I have shot bullets of up to 220 grains out of my 308 and use Win. 760/H414 for that purpose. If you're loading for a semiauto, don't use a slow powder like Win. 760/H414.

dagger dog
September 13, 2008, 06:21 PM
Man you are going to have a nice set up when you get all your gear together!

Keeping good records is the key to developing accurate loads for a specific rifle. That way you can tell which loads need to be file thirteened.

With the 7 pounds of powder and 7 bullet choices, you have in stock,the load combos can run infinite. Try to concentrate on one or two to start.

Load data is the most valuable information the reloader has in his "armory". Pick one bullet and one powder from your inventory, and try to work that combo with your primer and brass until it is satisfactory, or you find it won't work for you. Then start on the next.
I can't start to tell you how many rounds I had to disassemble due to my enthusiasm as a new reloader.

There are relative burn rate charts in several of the manufactuers loading manuals, use these to match up your powder bullet selections. Usuallly lighter bullets use "quicker" powders the reverse is the same. This will give a starting point.

The load data in these manuals have been worked up by many reloaders, and factory ballisticians and are very usefull if your brass, primer, powder bullet combo's match.

stevespages has a great amount of usefull load data and he uses Remington brass exclusivley check it out.

Get yourself a three ring binder and start your own load book for each rifle you own.

Hope this gives some insight!

Dave P
September 13, 2008, 06:41 PM
That is an impressive (maybe too much) list of starter supplies. You will have way too much data to keep track of if you are not meticulous in record keeping.

But in any case, with all that top notch stuff, I did not see any load books?!?!?

Get a couple, and use their loads, not the info you get off the errornet.

September 13, 2008, 08:08 PM
One thing I can admit is that I can get caught up in to much researching of things. I have a multitude of load books, powder manufactures guides and downloads in plastic sleeves put in a folder. I have heard great results with the powders I purchased as well as the bullets, I just figured that I would buy them all. The most that can happen is I might have too much fun.

September 13, 2008, 09:24 PM
150gr Sierra #2130, CCI Br2 primer, IMR 4895@ 43.0gr. OAL 2.800" 4 groups of 5 shots@100yds averaged 3/4" Very few rifles would shoot that good back then. Rifle Rem 600 Mohawk, 2x7 Redfield on it. Test fired it then sold it, cant keep them all, should have. New this model sold for $89. on sale, the good old days. Just remembered there was a recall on this model rifle, see link. http://www.remington.com/safety/safety_center/safety_modification_program/models_600_%26_660.asp

September 13, 2008, 11:09 PM
You are going to love the Coax press and the Forster bullet seater. You have an excellent selection of powders and bullets, so I think that you are on the right track. I don't load for .308 yet, but I have done enough research to know that you should be able to make some excellent ammo with your supplies.

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