.50 CVA Wolf sabot or full size?


September 21, 2008, 09:57 AM
I tried my new CVA with TASCO3x9 and got awful results with .490patched ball, the cheapest sabot at Wallymart made nice little clover leafs at 100 yards. It took 10-12 shots sighting in, and I found that the barrel fouling required more force to force the bullet/sabot down on the pellets (two 50 gr. pyrodex) My question is: ya'll have lots of experience with BP muzzle loaders: is it worth fooling with full size bullets vs. sabot/subcaliber? I live in Arkansas, and will only hunt deer during ML season. Is the pressure applied seating the sabot/bullet important? Does the typical rifle change point of impact between cold barrel and warm barrel? Thanks for ya'll seasoned advice. OH, I will have to order any full sized bullets; so, what's your best experience between weight and effectiveness. flat point or hollow point, prelubed or lube your self Bill

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September 21, 2008, 11:40 AM
fouling is going to happen. Every 2-3 shots i take a damp patch and run it through the bore. then wait a few minutes to reload. As far as bullets. Sabots are nice but expensive. So i went out and purchased a lee mold. R.E.A.L bullet mold. .50 and i have been happy ever since. i just use a little bore butter to coat the bullet and accuracy is great. The real bullet is designed to cut down on fouling as well. Its a win win situation. i am using it in a cva buckhorn

September 21, 2008, 12:25 PM
The new Hornady FTB hollow base bullet is a slip fit bore size conical that is receiving great accuracy reports. They're now being sold at Walmart and they generally shoot as good or better than saboted bullets at 100 yards in a wider variety of rifles than most lead conicals which often have a more limited range of accuracy. They're too expensive to shoot for plinking but are recommended for hunting.


Also, the Powerbelt plastic skirted bullets are easier to load. The plastic skirt expands when fired. They come in many different bullet weights. The Powerbelts under 300 grains are said to perform best with lighter powder charges of about 80 grains because they expand very easily. For longer range hunting try the 300 grain Platniums which can be pushed faster, and there's a pure lead Powerbelt too.

Hornady and TC also make bore size lead conicals. Sometimes it helps to use an over powder wool wad to act like a gas check and seal the gases during ignition, moreso with the flat base lead conicals vs. those with a hollow base.
Wool wads and loose powder are things to experiment with.


There's different powders to try including American Pioneer fffg and 777. The volume of the more potent 777 powder needs to be reduced by 15%. Using these powders in pellet form is not recommended. Buy it loose and experiment with measuring out the best charge.

Every bullet always needs to be seated consistently on top of the powder. While barrel heat can affect the point of bullet impact, the most important shot is the 1st one out of a cold clean barrel.
Consider loading a tight saboted bullet for the best first shot accuracy, and then reloading the fouled barrel with an easier loading conical for a quicker follow up shot.
The more powder used, the greater the amount of powder fouling residue left behind.
The new Blackhorn 209 powder shoots the cleanest of them all. Folks are getting up to 20 shots between swabbings and terrific accuracy. But the light fluffy Blackhorn 209 powder is nearly twice as expensive by weight.
There's also easier loading sabots which can be bought in bulk packages that will fit a variety of bullet diameters. Buying in bulk can save some money.


September 21, 2008, 12:35 PM
those hornady bullets are very good. i just figured i could make them cheaper and i did. however i would use them again.

September 21, 2008, 02:04 PM
thanks for the quick answer. What weight for the full sized bullets? I do not want to pour, so I will buy a box of full size. I have lots of bore butter etc. left over from old sidelock days.

September 21, 2008, 02:50 PM
the hornadys come pre lubed i believe it was 385 grains. i have the lee mold for 320 grains. its very very accurate
the hornady was kinda expensive still to me i think they were like 10.00 for 50. maybe wrong. now its pennys on the dollar

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