Quickmeasure for pistols?


September 22, 2008, 05:30 PM
I ordered a Chargemaster combo thinking that would answer my problem with loading .380 cases in an RCBS Pr02000 press, the problem is charge weight.

People are saying they weigh every stinking charge!

If you want to go anywhere near max a tenth of a grain or two could cause kaboom?
Also, people are saying the Chargemaster is too slow for pistol. I stumbled on the website below, called and talked with Tim, he said this will throw consistently within a couple hundredths (If I remember the call correctly) of a grain, and in small charges is almost instantaneous. Should I cancel the Chargemaster order? I don't load rifle. Has anyone else used the Quickmeasure system? Any feedback you can give on it? Am I way off base on the whole "problem" of small charges in small cases? Thanks,


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Ol` Joe
September 22, 2008, 10:15 PM
I have a Quick Measure, and it works as advertised once you get it set up and a rythem going. With ball powders it is almost always within 1 tenth of the desired wgt. The extruded powders normally fall within +/- a tenth (3 tenths over all) although your consistancy in operation makes a difference with them. It does not cut powder granuals or jam up on them as other measures do, works faster then any other I`m aware of, and is a great measure over all IMO.

That said, small cases like the 380, 32acp, ect are very touchy about powder charge. The smallest variation could cause trouble. I`d be tempted to do as others have suggested and wgt my charges, especially if I`m close to max. Why not drop a 1/2 grain in charge and reduce some of the worry about the measures performance?

September 22, 2008, 10:37 PM

Boy, I don't know what to tell you...I assume you are using non-extruded powders?

I thought I was going to hate loading .380...such a small bullet, small charge...

Well, just the opposite. I really like loading .380s. In fact it's the fastest caliber I load (and I load a number of straight-wall cases).

I have a 650 Dillon and for some reason, that darn press drops 3gr of 231 in every case with almost no error...the most I've documented was a tenth high or low and I'm using the regular powder drop/bar to boot (not the extra small bar).

Who knows why, but I'm cranking 825/hr without effort.

Could you adapt a Dillon powder drop to you RCBS progressive?


September 22, 2008, 11:07 PM
"Could you adapt a Dillon powder drop to you RCBS progressive?"

I don't know, and really don't know if my measure is any less accurate than any other brand. I'm using Unique now and have seen variations that could be due to several causes including the powder, "newness" (Lack of graphite in the powder measure from lot's and lots of powder), a newbies inconsistent movements (That's coming as I crank out the ammo), and they tell me that a ball powder will change any other inconsistencies. I bought some AA5 ball today and will see what that does. One guy in another forum suggested dropping a bit of powdered graphite through the measure. Anyway, I'm thinking the chargemaster is not a solution to a pistol reloader from things I've read. Thanks for the replies!

September 22, 2008, 11:42 PM
I just tried AA#5, got within a tenth, that's that I guess. 230 gr LRN over that, the source I got said 8.5 would give 968 FPS, so probably 8 gr is still too fast for 12 brinell lead?

September 22, 2008, 11:49 PM
I use a Lee powder measure for 380auto, and get less than 1/10th grain variation. In fact, it's usually right dead on the right number.

If you're new to reloading, get some more experience before you conclude that spending more money on equipment will make up for your disappointments. In other words, use the equipment you have and don't flirt with max loads until you get good at your craft.

We don't like to admit this, but the greatest source of variance in reloading is the human being, not the equipment.

September 23, 2008, 09:28 AM
Not new to reloading, years ago I used a little hand scoop measure and didn't worry too much about such niceties (If what I'm remembering is correct that scares me!). I'm new to progressive loading and regular powder measures.
That AA5 runs very consistently, then last night I ran into a site that blamed AA5 for glockbooms. Also they said AA5 has highly variable load data available, and that it could be related to early batch power differences. Mentioned were load data for same bullets that were 1 full grain off for full power loads.

I'm loading for target and plinking, I use factory loaded Ranger T for defense. My loads are far from max power, and I've heard that lower power loaded brass holds up for more loadings.

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