Need to develope self control


October 2, 2008, 12:58 PM
Well yesterday I wrote of my dissapointment with an FIE 1849 .31 in a pawn shop.

I did not "waste gas" going pawn shop hopping but only stopped at stores along my route to an airport about 90 miles away.

So to day I was intown and noticed a little pawn shop stuck in a corner near the hardware store I had to go to and so dropped in.

And promptly dropped $50. No not on "something worth having" but something that grabbed me by the nose and lead me to spend money I should have saved for a decent pistol.

Dispite the dire warnings of atleast two folks here I have likely paid too much for a Classic Arms Ethan Allen Pepperbox. It is not self indexing and must be hand turned, but sems to line up alright. Trigger pull is on the order of 20 or so pounds. The trigger has sharp edges. Upon close exqmination it appears to have been chrome or nickle plated on the steel parts, though it may be just a high polish. Former owner thought enough of it to have his initials tastefully engraved on the hammer. Four shot smooth bore ".36"

I know...."where's the pictures" maybe tomorrow. The reason I was going to the hardware store is the washer has issues I must deal with today.

Alternating between buyer's remorse and happiness and not sure where it will end up.

BTW the box was marked Factory assembled and there were none of the buggered screws or scratches on the brass one often finds on used kits.

Also the ramrod is missing. This looks like a job for a drawer pull knob, stained and finished dowel and a bit of copper tubing.

Tonight, after the washroom gets put back together and cleaned and dried, I will search for .345 balls and my pillow ticking.

At worst I may be able to convice Dad this is really what he wants for his wall and I end up keeping The Clunker.

Hmmm, mabe if I can find a wooden Cigar box of the right depth and length to play with Dad might get a "Cased Pistol" instead of a wall hanger.

-Bob Hollingsworth

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October 2, 2008, 01:07 PM
hahahahha Bob thats why i stopped going to pawn shops. i remember years ago many years ago. i was doing some work in my back yard. Building a shed in the middle of summer. Any how my circular saw went out. Motor burned up. So i was pretty tired and decided to go get something to eat. i took out 20.00 from the bank. On the way to getting a burger i saw a pawn shop. I got my burger and stopped off at the pawn shop to have a look. Well i ended up going home with a hamburger, fries, coke and circular saw. For $20.00. After that i was a pawn shop junkie. i was in them all the time buying tools and such. Now i just drive by them as i know if i go in i will be spending.

October 2, 2008, 01:40 PM
I had one years ago ...I bought the kit ,,enjoyed putting it together but never shot it hung on the wall for years here ..good conversation piece ....
was watching guns and ammo tv last night and they had a segment on theses pistols ..they called them 49`ers or goldrush pistols ..said they came out in the 1830`s about the time of the Colt Patterson ...and were used up through the Civil War years . Good piece of early revolver history .

October 3, 2008, 12:04 AM
Out of the many hundreds of those Classic Arms Pepperbox kits sold over the years, more than a few folks probably wished that they could have bought a factory assembled gun, especially one with polished steel parts.
So it needs some trigger work. There's a silver lining in it somewhere.
Keep it clean and if you get bored after shooting it for a while, you can always sell it on a gun auction site and get some money back.
Maybe you'll have fun loading it up with shot, or it'll come in handy shooting a pest someday. It could even save a life in a pinch.
It's just like the saying that says, "You can never have too many guns!" :)

October 3, 2008, 09:08 AM
Mark Twain wrote ..the only safe place to be when one of these Eathen Allen pepper box pistols was being fired ....Is behind it .

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