Pennsylvania Bill needs your voice heard


October 3, 2008, 09:10 AM
If this has been posted recently, then my apologies.

I just got an email about an important pro firearm bill trying to get out of committee in the commonwealth. The information from it can be found on the Allegheny County Sportsmen's League, Inc. website located:

Any PA gun owner please at least send a quick email to the whole lot of our senators and let them know how you feel.

Allegheny County Sportsmen's

League, Inc.

Pennsylvania Sportsmen’s Association

October 2, 2008

EMERGENCY ACTION REQUEST: H.B. 1845 Needs Your Help to Move it Out of Committee and onto the Floor for a Senate Vote

Your help is needed to correct serious deficiencies in Pennsylvania firearms law.
House Bill 1845 originally dealt with increasing the penalties for removing or obliterating serial numbers on firearms. Pro-gun legislators amended it by adding critically important pro-gun amendments.

The amended House Bill 1845 passed the House and the Senate Judiciary Committee but has remained bogged down in the Senate Appropriations Committee where it will die and ALL of our hard work will be LOST unless you act quickly. It is important to point out that law enforcement supports this amended Senate version as does the PA District Attorney’s Association.

PLEASE ACT NOW – there are VERY FEW DAYS left to get House Bill 1845 enacted into law before it dies at the end of this session. There are ONLY 3 days left in the Senate -- Oct 6, 7 & 8 so please CALL, WRITE OR EMAIL ALL 50 Senators, not just your own, to urge them to VOTE FOR House Bill 1845 (with Amendment #AO9226 ONLY).

The pro-gun initiatives are included below:

1. Prohibits DNCR from undermining state law. (originally House Bill 1292)
1. This bill clarifies that the DCNR cannot continue to pass regulations that undermine state firearms laws. Without this legislation, the DCNR will continue to deny the lawful possession of firearms by concealed carry permit holders and off duty law enforcement officers in PA state parks.

2. Prohibits government from confiscating Firearms or Ammunition from Citizens during a disaster (such as happened to law abiding homeowners after the Katrina hurricane) (originally House Bill 1145)
1. This bill prohibits the Governor and other government officials from using an emergency as pretext to confiscate firearms, ammo or firearm accessories from citizens just when they need them.

2. There are currently no specific protections against this kind seizure of firearms in Pennsylvania law.

3. Provides for the emergency issue of a License To Carry Firearms (valid for 45 days) with a letter from law enforcement or a police report. (House Bill 1160 as amended by AO9226)
1. This bill authorizes the issuance of immediate temporary non-renewable concealed carry license to qualified individuals who are in imminent danger. This license will be issued, by the Sheriff in the County of residence, only after the individual provides evidence of imminent danger. As amended by AO9226, this bill has the support of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association. The PCADV (PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence) sent a letter to the Senate asking them to remove this amendment from the bill, citing the Kellerman Studies as justification. The PCADV forgot to mention that the Kellerman Studies were reviewed and discredited by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the NAS (National Academy of Sciences).

4. Open Records. This will enable a citizen to challenge inaccurate criminal history records information if used to deny the purchase of a firearm (originally House Bill 1235).
1. Without this legislation, the procedure for appealing a denial is almost Soviet like in its unfairness. The state police do not have to tell you or your lawyer exactly why they have denied your application to purchase a firearm until the moment you appear in court to argue your case. By then it is too late for you and your lawyer to investigate the claims of the state police and prepare a defense.

All bills not passed by both chambers will die at end of this legislative session. If you don’t act now and get HB 1845 passed within the next few days, your guns will remain vulnerable to government confiscation.
Please contact ALL 50 Senators to express your support for bill. Do it now. Please do NOT forward this document to the senator – just CALL, WRITE OR EMAIL a message in support of HB 1845 WITH AMENDMENT AO9226 and NO OTHER AMENDMENTS.

Deepest Appreciation and Thanks For Your Help!!

Kim Stolfer Harry Schneider
Legislative Committee, Chairman Legislative Committee, Chairman
Allegheny County Sportsmen's League Pennsylvania Sportsmen's Association

E-Mail -- P.O. Box 2227

Website -- Cranberry Township, PA 16066

(412) 221-3346, Home Phone

(412) 257-1099, Home Fax

Senator Contact Information:

If you want to batch email all 50 senators;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Individual contact information can be found on the main page of the acsl's website.

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October 3, 2008, 07:39 PM
waste of time.bush alreaddy passed executive orders that renders our rights useless if he decides to declare a state of emergency.according to these executive orders he can take your arms,force you to take untested medication and put citizens in work brigades.these state of emergency's cannot be overturned for 6 months and override the constitution.not a lie.look up executive orders.oh,but hey,he's for gun rights right?this stuff has been on the news but you can find it on wikipedia.obama will take office this yr and start taking away gun rights as soon as he can and its because republicans voted bush into office just to advance the republican party even though they knew he would crash our economy and take away our civil liberties.even you people who are bad mouthing bush in his final yr would vote him in again just to have a republican in office,even if you knew,and you would know,that he would bankrupt our that bush did his damage there is no chance of a republican taking office any time when gun rights are trampled on this yr,remember,obama would not have made it without your votes for bush.what does this have to do with the original post?the post would never have been,without bush and gun owners voted him

October 4, 2008, 11:41 PM
Yeah, but I choose to fight anyway.

PA and Proud.

October 7, 2008, 02:11 PM
Fighting for our rights is never a waste of time.

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