New guns thought I would share.


October 22, 2008, 12:32 AM
Today I picked up a new to me Les Baer Thunder Ranch 1911. This gun is really nice. I cannot believe how tightly fitted it is. I have had some other really nice hand fitted custom 1911's but the Baer has them all beat. The gun is simply beautiful. I cannot wait to get it to the range and see how it runs. My only question is should I use my fancy new Hogue aluminum and wood combo grips, or should I go with the Hogue regular wood grips. I really do not like the slim grips that come with the gun although they are pretty nice.

I am also including pics of my recently finished Steel Open gun. This gun was built my Randy Lee of Apex Taxctical. The work on this gun is incredible. The gun is incredibly accurate and although I have not had enough time to really break it in it seems like it will be perfect for shooting steel challenge.

Also the CZ was worked over by Randy to be my limited Steel gun, and the other gun is my .22lr open steel gun as well.

Hopefully you guys enjoy.

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Kind of Blued
October 22, 2008, 12:40 AM
Remind me, what is the purpose of the 45 degree lip on the mount in front of the optic?

Also, how do you like the fiber optic front sight? I'm thinking about putting one on a target-sighted 1911 of mine. Do you like the red or green better?

I assume you're asking about the grips in regard to aesthetics since we can't put our paws on them. I think the aluminum/wood ones are hideous, but I've been known to utilize hideous things for practical reasons. Go with the ones that feel better.

I really like Les Baer's slide serrations, lots of LPI seems to be "grippier" without ripping your skin off.

If you need help breaking them in and want to drive to Colorado, let me know. ;) Nice autos.

October 22, 2008, 01:06 AM
Thanks for the compliments. Yes, I am asking about the asthetics of the 2 sets of grips. They both feel fine to me, but I am leaning towards the regular wood grips. I think I am liking the more classic look of the wood grips. Most of my guns have hi tech grips of one kind or another so having a more traditional looking gun is appealing.

As far as the Allchin mount goes, the 45 degree lip is to keep the muzzle blast and the associated crap that gets shot out, off of the lens on the C-more. I really like this style mount, and John (John Allchin of Allchin gun parts) is a hell of a nice guy.

As far as the Fiber optic front sight goes, I really like them. All of my competition limited guns ave them. They really help in aquiring the front sight quickly. I do not have them on my social guns. On those, I tend to have a tritium front sight and a solid black rear sight. But I highly recomend the fiber optic for any high speed shooting. I tend to switch between green and red as the mood moves me. There is a theory being floated around competition circles that periodicaly changing the front sight helps with finding it quicker. So I tend to do this. I do not know if it really works, but what the heck.

Kind of Blued
October 22, 2008, 04:39 AM
Cool stuff. I agree that a plain old blued 1911 with wood grips is not hard on the eyes. :)

I just can't decide what kind of sight treatment this 1911 should get due to the fact that I don't have enough guns to let them cover one role a piece. I agree with you on having night sights on any gun you even might carry, they're just not as nice to shoot as a bright fiber optic during the day.

I might just leave the black target rear and round off the corners and try a tritium front with a white outline.

I wish I could buy a tritium fiber optic front by itself. I think Tru-Glo is the only company making them but they sell them as a set. :(

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