Yugoslavian SKS


November 22, 2008, 05:13 PM
I saw a Yugoslavian SKS in a sporting goods store the other day, I think it was about $250, and I also think it was a century arms import.
I already knew basicly what an SKS was, but this kind of raised some interest in them. It may be my next purchase after a Ruger Mark III.

So how do I check an SKS's condition? I know with any used gun to check the bore, and the stock, and to make sure the safety works. But what other than those should I check on an SKS, and how?

It had the bayonet, but I'm not sure the wood quality. It looked very light colored, and I think there were occasional brown stripes on it. Is the wood on these rifles supposed to be yellowish/blond?

Also, how's that price sound? I'm guessing that will depend on the rifle's condition. It seems high compared to what I've seen on the internet, but once you factor in FFL transfers and shipping, I'm guessing it might even come to less.

BTW, does anyone know of any website with a manual or parts diagram for this gun? I'm not even sure what the gas valve looks like. (I didn't get to see the gun up close, there was noone working the gun counter at the time)

P.S.: I apoligize if I missd any statements which look out of context.
I copied an pasted a few of my posts in a duplicate thread on another forum.

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November 22, 2008, 06:10 PM
I had to dig through about 25 box's luckily my friend was working at the store. I finaly found one that looked like it had never been issued and it was from Cnetury. It was onsale twice first from $250 down to $229 then again down to $199 so i bought it. Latter when the price jumped up I sold it for $350 when I needed the money. It was a great rifle. It was accurate with Wolf and Bear brand ammo and it was made from milled steel and was finished much nicer then the old Norinco Chi-Com ones fromt he 1980's. With iron sights shooting off hand a friend and me could easily keep all of our shot's that day with in 3 inch's of the bull's eye. In fact we used the same target for the SKS all day when shooting paper and just kept putting tape over the bullet hole's. So I would say that we shot about 300 rounds that day each and both of our groups would easily fall inside the 3 inch circle around the bull's eye. We varied out distance from about 75 yards to about 150 yard's. He use's his to put deer in the freezer every year. When he was a kid growing up he used his grandpa's M1 Garand or his Dad's M14. He actualy likes his two SKS's better because they are lighter, more compact and just as deadly on dear. Most deer in Michigan are shot at 40 yards or less with the occassional 75 yard or longer shot so the little Russian round is plenty lethal at those ranges.

The only down side to the SKS is that they are dirty and leak burnt gas out the gas tube so if you spend a day on the range shooting it you hands will be filthy and so will the outside of the rifle. I have never had an SKS jam or fail to fire they are truly Glock like in their dependability. I have often wished someone would take the SKS design and improve it a bit with a short stroke gas system that does not leak and in the .308 family of cartridges like .308 Win, Rem 260, 243 etc...... The addition of the Zorack type scope mount like onthe AK47 and other weapons would be great for mounting a scope. If ever their was a weapon system worthy of being mass produced in hunting and varmint variations with match grade barrel's etc.... The SKS is it. It could be a lot more then it is.

If I had not sold mine I was considering necking the 7.62X39 down to 6.5mm and installing a match grade krieger barrel. I wanted to try it on Siloheutte course.

November 22, 2008, 06:26 PM
You can do a search on this forum and turn up several of the answers you're looking for. Try www.sksboards.com for even more detailed info.


Big Matt
November 22, 2008, 07:48 PM
Take a look here:

You can read thru several articles, on operations, varients, etc.

November 22, 2008, 08:22 PM
In the last several weeks the price of an SKS seems to have risen quite a bit. At my favorite gun store the prices seem to have gone up 20%. They do not have any Yugos to compare with but the prices of the Russians seem to have gone up $50 or more. Today I attended a gun show in Reno and the SKS that I saw seemed more expensive. The only one I saw priced at $250 or less was a Yugo in pretty crappy condition. This price formerly would be on one in fairly good condition. So if you are looking for price comparisons it is a whole new world these days. Good luck. I love my Yugo and wish I purchased another SKS a few months ago.

November 22, 2008, 11:52 PM
Well, I think yugo SKS's in "good"(according to the seller) condition are going for around $220 on the internet. But that doesn't include shipping or FFL transfers.

November 24, 2008, 10:20 PM
It looks like a can purchase a saiga rifle for about the same price, maybe a little more. They both are 7.62x39, and have a 10 round magazine, but the saiga's is detachable. How do the 2 stack up? If all else is equal, I think I'd take the SKS, because it's somewhat historic.

November 25, 2008, 12:53 AM
Anybody who has an SKS loves it. I have two, a Chinese and a Yugo. I love both. The Yugos are good quality weapons, but the Chinese one is lighter and "handier," since it doesn't have the heavier wood stock and the attached grenade accessories.

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