Krink: Range Report


Gun Wielding Maniac
November 27, 2008, 08:37 PM
Already posted this on ARFcom but figured you guys would be interested.:cool:

A little background... I purchased an SLR-107UR early this year from AIM surplus. I got one of the good ones, before the prices went up. I shot it once at the range with irons while it still had a 16" barrel. Then, I got sent to Afghanistan. While I was deployed, my tax stamp got approved and had family send the gun off to Troy at InRange to do the SBR work.

Also, several months ago, after Stormwerkz came out with its fine picittiny rail for the Krink topcovers, I made the decision to get an Aimpoint Micro T-1 from Botach to put on this baby. I can't bring myself to do something halfway. I got a galil style pistol grip from ACE and I'm waiting on the autoburst style Delrin handguards from the group buy before she is finished.

I came home on leave last week and have been running around like a madman. I didnt get to shoot the AK right away, because I had to first install the Stormwerkz rail. Ended up going to a local machinist, who did the work right up for me, since my puny drill wouldnt cut it.

I took the rifle to the range today with a selection of differant ammo types, including Barnaul 123 grain FMJ, Yugoslavian 124 grain FMJ surplus 1970's headstamps, and Wolf military classic HP. I also had some Sellior and Bellot but didnt really get a chance to try it out.

First, I ran a mag of each ammo type through the gun to check reliability. No issues of any sort... and the trigger was pretty slick, despite being an unmodified 2 stage pull.

Then, I set up the spotting scope and rangefinder for some zeroing work. First, I printed the gun at 25m to get the windage right... then I pushed it out to 100 meters for elevation work, my standard procedure. My close range shooting led me to believe I'd get the best results from the Barnaul ammo. My target was a 3" square of black pasties on a white background. Since my red dot was nomally 3 MOA in diameter, I figured this would work out well.

I then fired four 5 shot groups, using the 30 round magazine as a rest, but no other support. I corrected for elevation and windage between each group. I also let the barrel cool a few minutes between each group. There was about a 5 second gap between each shot.

Here are the results: First group
When I looked through the scope on this group, I couldnt make out the fifth shot. Walking up on it, I couldnt find shot five either... so I cant say whether it got pulled out cause of me or cause of the gun. Still, I was pretty happy with the remaining 4 shots, as you can imagine. I kinda felt like it was a fluke. I made an adjustment for elevation.

Second group
I was feeling a little better at this point. Four more good shots, with one shot pulled... clearly visible now several inches above the main group. I made another sight adjustment, determined to put it in the black next time.
group three
My jaw kinda dropped when I saw this one. Whoever heard of accuracy like this from an 8" barrel 7.62 AK? No fliers this time... just an honest 1.5" group!

You can make out the flier from group two in this picture.
Ammunition used, once again, was Barnaul 124 grain FMJ. The wolf HP didnt group as well. Didnt get to shoot the Yugo at 100 meters for accuracy.

I'm VERY pleased with the Aimpoint T-1 Micro setup on this gun. I feel like it made the whole package complete. When I turned the power on low, to where the dot was just barely visible, I had a very fine, steady aiming point.
To all who had their doubts, I highly recommend this setup! And who says an AK can't shoot?

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November 28, 2008, 12:19 AM
Bro...That baby is SWEET!!!!!

November 28, 2008, 12:22 AM
Nice range report and thanks for serving! The short bbl probably helps accuracy but I wonder what the MV is?

Gun Wielding Maniac
November 28, 2008, 09:48 AM
According to most sources, an 8" barrel 7.62x39mm will have a MV of a little over 2000 FPS with standard 124 grain FMJ.

I really believe the red dot sight is more responsible for the accuracy, along with a lucky good selection of ammo, then the short barrel. I've got an SLR-107FR (full length 16" barrel) that I will be working out tomorrow... so I'll have a chance to post a comparison.:cool:

Thin Black Line
November 28, 2008, 10:04 AM
Very nice. Glad you're back home for the holidays. Stay in practice.

November 28, 2008, 11:08 AM
Since AK barrels bow when the gun fires, a shorter barrel should reduce the effects of that bowing by both reducing muzzle end travel and getting the bullet out of the pipe faster, both of which would reduce its effect on accuracy. I bet it wouldn't have been as accurate with the longer barrel.

Gun Wielding Maniac
November 28, 2008, 11:37 AM
Mike_the_Wolf, I have no way of saying whether your hypothesis is true at the moment. However, I am in a unique position to test it out tomorrow. I've got a full length SLR-107FR (16" barrel) and an SLR-107CR (12.5" barrel)... While I dont have a red dot sight, it stands to reason that if I can at least match the 107UR's accuracy with iron sights on one of the longer barreled rifles, then I can say the longer barrel doesnt hurt accuracy.

November 28, 2008, 11:44 AM
How detrimental it is depends on the quality of the individual AK. Normally the bowing only starts once the bullet has passed the gas block and the recoiling mass starts moving backwards. It should have a very minimal effect to begin with, but reducing barrel length in front of the gas block should still reduce its effect.

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