Sig P226R, reviews/worth


December 2, 2008, 12:31 PM
Okay, I have an opportunity to get a Sig P226R and I am kinda leaning towards doing it. I like everything I have heard about them, but have yet to try one yet. Plus I like that 9mm ammo price.

Does anyone here conceal one of these?

What would one chambered in 9mm with AHS Night sights, 7 magazines, 2 holsters (don't ask me why 2), and 200 rounds of 9mm be worth?

Supposed to be in pristine condition. Any ideas? Thanks

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December 2, 2008, 01:08 PM
I have several, and like them very much. They are excellent pistols that will last you a lifetime. They are a bit large, but I've carried one for significant periods without issue.

A base P226R with night sights in good condition probably sells for $650 locally; new in box they sell for about $800. Five extra mags are probably worth another $50-$75 if they're MecGars and $125 if they're Sig mags. The holsters are usually give-aways but probably add about $50 to a package deal. Finally, 200rds of practice (not premium/defense) ammo is worth about $30-$40.

December 2, 2008, 01:26 PM
Okay, I'll upload pics in a little bit and see what you guys think. I'm looking to trade my Colt HBAR for something I can actually go shoot locally (and cheaper). He tried suggesting what I just mentioned for a straight trade. I'll be sure to NOT do that now :)

Marcus L.
December 2, 2008, 01:34 PM
The P226 9mm is one of the best 9mm pistols around. Definately worth it if it is in good shape. However, concealing isn't that easy. It is a full sized service/duty pistol and was meant to be worn in plain view. If it's winter time and you're wearing a coat it shouldn't be a problem though.

Check and make sure the magazines are either Sig Sauer factory, or MecGar magazines. If not, they may be crap. I would not pay more than $800 for the whole package though.

December 2, 2008, 07:15 PM
Great Gun!!!... Was there a year ago... shot both the 226 and 229 in 9mm (same gun, 229 is alittle shorter)... went with the 229 for CCW size!!
As Marcus L said, the 226 is really a full-sized, service gun and kinda BIG for CCW!... But a 'classic' awesome shoot!
Love the 229... its a SIG... a flawless shoot, reliable, super quality!... Couple thousand rounds in... Z-E-R-O problems!
Will not go wrong with either... but suggest holding/shooting both before you buy. SIGs are an expensive investment, get the 'right' one for you!
Check around and see if you can get either in CPO (Certified Pre-Owned)... usually about $540+ (try Summit Guns)... NIB, they're about $750+.

December 2, 2008, 08:24 PM
I have a couple P2226's. Great guns. They are easily carried with a good belt, holster, and any reasonable cover garment. They really are not all that big, and are basically a Colt Commander sized gun.

I agree with GZOh, if your looking at the P226, also look at the P229 at the same time. They are basically the same size gun, with the P229 being just slightly smaller in a sense. They do each have a different feel and presentation though. I have both, and while the P226 actually feels slightly better in my hand, I carry a P229, because I seem to shoot it just a tad better. Either way, you cant go wrong.

I paid $750 (NIB) for either. Stock DA pistols with night sights.

I use IWB type holsters, as they are the most concealable and comfortable for me. Blade Tech makes a great holster for around $60. Milt Sparks VMII's are also decent holsters if you like leather, but at twice the cost of the Blade Tech's. I have and use both, but prefer the Blade Tech's, especially in the warmer months.

Check out Ammoman ( for ammo. His posted prices include shipping, and if its shown he has it, so theres no surprises at checkout.

December 2, 2008, 10:04 PM

Is right on the CPO price. I just bought one on Gunbroker, a Grade 1 CPO in .40, for $525.00 plus $20.00 to ship. I had a Mint West German 226/9mm, and like a frikken' idiot, sold it. What was I thinking:confused:

The 226's are really outstanding pistols.

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