Sako 85 Bavarian


December 2, 2008, 03:41 PM
I'm thinking about picking up a Sako 85 Bavarian (, in .30-06, for general hunting purposes.

I like the idea of the single set trigger, not because I really need it but it seems like a nice-to-have feature and why not.

I believe the rifle can be fitted with a backup ghost ring (, although I'm not entirely sure about that.

If anyone has any specific experience (positive or negative) or insights they'd like to share, I'm all ears.

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December 2, 2008, 04:02 PM
Talk to Rodger at he has one, and is very knowledgable on guns.

December 2, 2008, 05:29 PM
I have one of these on my wish list. The last time I checked, in the spring, these weren't imported to the US. Maybe somethings changed on that, or will change shortly.
It's a very nice rifle though. I like the iron sights, I doubt I would put a scope on one.

December 2, 2008, 07:02 PM
They are good guns, but that stock design is simply awful for recoil control, use of a scope, and slapping you upside the head. I think the Euro's like them because they are stylish, and they don't know any better.

I've had two sporters with the hogback stock, they were the only two guns I was ever happy to sell. The 8x57 whipped me worse than my .458 with an American design stock.

Dr. Tad Hussein Winslow
December 2, 2008, 07:19 PM
Sweet - a CZ550 for the price of three CZ 550s! :D J/K - beautiful rifle, go for it.

December 2, 2008, 09:03 PM
Not to bust your little bubble, but the Sako is a lot more gun than a CZ. Fit, finish, what ever you want to talk about. Is it worth the extra money, now that's something for each individual to consider, but I think so.

My Sako AIII, it's old and been hunted with a lot so I've had to refinish the stock.

December 2, 2008, 10:07 PM
+1 on the awful design of the stock. If you like the rifle get it in the version with a straight stock without so much drop at the heel.

It might look stylish but rubbing your bruised cheek sure doesnt.

December 3, 2008, 09:26 AM
Your comments are all great, thanks very much.

I will definitely think carefully about the hogsback comb. I'm not terribly worried about the recoil, since we're only talking about a .30-06 (though I note the 8x57 remark); however, I would like the option of mounting a scope properly ... I've never found that lifting my cheek off the comb contributed to accuracy!

This article ( suggests that a hogsback comb allows better recoil control ... take it for what it's worth. :scrutiny: I think it's probably fair to say that different people's experience depends a lot upon their individual physiques.

That's a great-looking carbine! Wish Sako still made them. What calibre is yours? What scope? Sako mounts, presumably?

I don't really know much about CZ rifles, and have heard mixed reviews. I've owned a CZ-75 for over 20 years, and it has proven to be a reliable firearm; on the other hand its fit and finish are best described as functional, and the accuracy mediocre; so I suspect browningguy may be correct. Sako on the other hand is well-established as a premium product. I'm not inclined to scrimp, I figure it's better to "buy quality, only cry once".

BTW, at $1,600 the Sako (equipped with single-set trigger) is 55% more than the $1,030 CZ 550FS. That's still significant, but it's not 200% more! ;) Those are local prices, yours may vary.

December 3, 2008, 12:05 PM
I have a Sako in 30-06 that my dad purchased when I was still less than 12 months old. He's taken over 40 deer with it, several elk, and some yotes. He gave it to me when I turned 18, and I've taken six deer with it and an elk since then.

I have to say, it is an amazing and accurate firearm. I love it. This firearm shoots .3 MOA with federal fusion ammo and the federal load barnes X and MRX bullets.

I will pass it onto my son as well, and I stand confident that this Sako will continue thereforth.

October 20th this year:

December 3, 2008, 02:17 PM
Wow, that's a great recommendation, for both Sako and the 30-06. 36 years of service, and still going strong!

Kinda reminds me of J.Y. Jones (One Man, One Rifle, One Land).

December 27, 2008, 02:01 PM
I picked up the Sako yesterday.

The stock seems to fit me well, although I haven't shot it yet (nor will I for a couple of months). We'll see.

The set trigger is fun, although I don't know how often I'll actually use it.

I like the fact that there isn't any stupid "Warning! Read manual before use etc etc." roll mark on the rifle.

I'll try it out with the iron sights first, but will eventually add a scope. Zeiss' Victory line is difficult to find here, so unless I can warm up to the Conquest it will probably be Swarovski or Kahles.

December 30, 2008, 11:53 PM
Please post your impressions of the rifle after you have had a chance to shoot it.
I am considering one as well, and prefer the aesthetics of the Bavarian.


March 16, 2010, 10:08 PM did you like the Bavarian stock on the Sako?

March 29, 2010, 07:03 AM
I intend to get a Bavarian in the next month or so. I chose .223 for varnmits only. I like the European design including the schnable foretip. If if shoots as good as it looks I'll be happy. Only wish I could be around using it in 30 yrs time. Good shooting.:cool:

March 29, 2010, 07:16 AM
Ooops, I just read a site where crimping the non military 223 was the topic. Unless I'm mistaken the Rem 223 doesn't need crimping, ordoes it?:banghead:

October 31, 2010, 01:22 PM
I came across this old thread, and as requested will post some brief feedback.


I haven't had any issues with the stock design. No cheek bruising or similar problems.

The rifle seems to kick about as much as any other medium-weight .30-06. If the felt recoil is any greater or less than with an American-style stock, the difference is too insignificant for me to notice.

The recoil pad is hard and not particularly thick. It is fine for a .30-06. It might not be sufficient for larger bores.

I am thinking about getting a second 85 Bavarian in .375 H&H, and may change the pad on that one. We'll see.

The schnable foretip is attractive and matches the pistol grip cap. They are both well exectuted and tastefully restrained. I suspect that a folded Harris bipod might mar the foretip, and for that reason I have not used my bipod on this rifle.


I have zero complaints with the trigger. The standard pull is crisp and feels approximately three pounds, although I have not measured it. The single-set is very easy to use, and I like it a lot.


I have been using only the fitted iron sights. They are functional and to my eye lived up to Sako's claim that they are sighted at the factory to shoot to the point of aim at 100 yds.

I am not greatly taken with the deep U-shaped rear sight. It works, but is slow to use. It also has sharp corners (much like the adjustable rear sight on, e.g., a S&W 41), which I have not yet caught on anything but still ...

IMO, the shallow V-shaped rear sight on the 85 Kodiak is a better option. It appears to me that the rear sight blades can be readily swapped, but I have not yet been able to obtain guidance from Sako on that issue.

I have recently ordered Sako's "Optilock Quickmount". This set-up is not particularly cheap (about twice the cost of standard Optilock bases and rings), but allows easy on-off (allegedly with no change in zero), and without leaving unsightly bases attached.

December 1, 2010, 01:49 AM
Reid, thanks for the update with your take on the rifle. I'm somewhat toying with one as well, but man is that a chunk of change to drop all at once.

Carries well, and is all they claim it to be on their website?

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