powder loads, primers


December 5, 2008, 09:37 PM
I am looking for some help in finding some loads for a 6.5X257 roberts rifle.Anybody got some reloading data that you could share with me.Thanks.

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Ol` Joe
December 6, 2008, 01:04 AM
The cartridge is a wildcat and data will be rough to come by as you are finding. I believe you could use starting data for the 6.5x57 as it and the 257 case is based on the 7x57, and are "similar" but I would call Hodgdon, Alliant, or the maker of the bullet you plan to use, and ask if they can offer data.

December 6, 2008, 01:32 AM
I had the same problem loading for the 6.5/257 as there is very little data. The most accurate load for my rifle - and it is not near max - is using Remington .257 Roberts brass, 129 gr Hornady Interlock, 44.5 grs IMR 4831, WLR primers. It's very accurate and bullet expansion is excellent up to 200 yds, then the bullet starts dropping too fast.

I don't normally publish powder weight as some loads are too hot for different guns, but I have loaded up to 10% higher with this powder and case head expansion was still only .0001" larger than an unfired case. This load gave the best accuracy with enough velocity that made me happy, so I stopped there.

December 6, 2008, 10:39 PM
I found the following information in Handbook for Shooters and reloaders, Vol. 1, by P. O. Ackley, Copyright 1962.

6.5 Spence Special

“This is a cartridge which Mr. George Spence, Steele, Missouri, claims to have developed; however, many others make the same claim and it is known by a multitude of other names. It is similar if not identical to the original 6.5 x 57 Mauser which has been with us for forty years or more. Regardless of the name, this cartridge is simply the .257 Roberts necked up to accept the 6.5 mm (.256) bullet, or the 7mm Mauser necked down to accept the same bullet. (The .257 Roberts and 7 x 57 Mauser are identical except neck diameter). This cartridge gained popularity in this country with the advent of a flood of 6.5 Jap Arisaka Rifles brought into this country after World War II. No ammunition was available for those rifles but they could be easily rechambered for the Spence Special. This is a good efficient, flexible cartridge and one well worth considering for target shooting and hunting.”

87 gr. Bullet
42 gr. H380 powder 2955 fs
44 H380 3110
46 H380 3225

120 gr Bullet
36 H380 2370
38 H380 2480
40 H380 2620

I have no personal experience with this cartridge, and I cannot warrant the safety of this data, and I make no claim to do so. H380 is a Hodgdon powder that is still available. There was also load data using HiVel #2, an old Hercules powder which is no longer available, so I did not include it. All of the loads for the 140 gr. bullet used HiVel #2. If you need that data, let me know. I think the listed bullet diameter, (.256) is a misprint, as the 6.5 mm is a .264 diameter bullet, but, that is what is printed in the book.

December 6, 2008, 11:18 PM
I found this data in HODGDON'S MANUAL NUMBER 23

Barrel Length: 18"
Bullet Diameter: .264
Primer size: Large Rifle
Maximum Case Length: 2.230
Trim To Length: 2.220
Case: Necked Up .257 Roberts

These are all Maximum loads of Hodgdon's 4831 powder. No starting loads were listed.
87 gr. bullet, 52.0 gr/2800 fps
120 gr bullet, 51.0/2835

Again, I make no warranty as to the safety of this data. Note that maximum loads should be used with caution. If I were going to use these loads, I would start at least 10% below them and work up.

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